It’s Not Personal : GFC Sucks!

hate dislike very much GFC. It’s a pain in my ass. I am not on blogger, I’m on wordpress. Therefore I don’t get to do all the fun GFC this and love me on that. There are a bunch of blogs that I read regularly ~ you all know who you are as I comment on your blog almost daily.

My weapon of choice ~ Bloglovin. It’s easy. I have a fun little icon on the top of my Chrome page that tells me when a blog I follow has been updated and is ready to read. I do have a blogger account for which every once in a great while I will enter a giveaway if it’s super great or just because there is no other form to follow that blog than GFC. So get to the point right?

It’s not personal but if I follow you via Bloglovin already I am updating my GFC and taking you off the list.

My reading list is triple the length that it needs to be since I’ve already seen your post for the day and sometimes I miss reading some blogs that I can only follow via GFC. So, there’s my rant for the day. I’m sorry if it offends anyone and I’m not trying to be difficult but I still read you and comment right?

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  1. So when the number of people who follow me on GFC goes down by one I'll know who it is. Excuse me while I go jump off a bridge . . .

  2. I am going to have to double check….I have blog lovin, but I think I have very few people on there so I don't even pay attention to it. I will have to make sure you are on there. I already read your blog so no biggie here.
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  3. Sarah Schultz says:

    I love BlogLovin too!

    • It's so much easier. I feel bad because people are SO about their GFC numbers. For contests I get it but I want to make sure I am making true connections ~ not just numbers based.

  4. I just got BlogLovin and so far I really like it. I still have a lot of blogs to add to it. Adding yours now :)
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    • So stoked!!! That'll make Karen from Baking In A Tornado jealous! I'm gonna tell her ~ she might just jump off that bridge after all :)

  5. Jessica Marie says:

    Ha ha ha you crack me up every single day. I do in some sense loathe GFC because it doesn't send me any sort of notification that I have a new blog follower so I can follow back. But on the same token not everyone uses Bloglovin'. But momma, you know I have every follow option on my blog, so it's all good. I won't take it personal ;)
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  6. I lost two today. Maybe one was you. I forgive you though :)

  7. I live on Bloglovin'! I don't think I could do this without that wonderful site!
    My recent post Thursday Thrill – Early Winter Outing

    • I know ~ The best part is the notifications. Nothing else does that! I wish more people would jump on the bandwagon. I feel bad because there are days I'll miss commenting on my GFC blogs because I forget. The + sign in the corner of the browser is a constant reminder!

  8. Do it, girl! I know what you mean about GFC. Honestly, I follow the ones I actually read through Bloglovin' and use that feed adn now my Google Reader is so cluttered that I ignore it most of the time. Yay Bloglovin. And for the record, I appreciate all of your lovely comments! : )
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    • Haha ~ Thanks mama! I appreciate the people that take time to comment back. It's a lot of work going through blogs and truly meaning what you say in a comment! That'll probably be another complaint I'll blog about soon. Can't wait to see the fallout from that one :)

  9. @VioletImperfect says:

    I am soooo glad you introduced me to bloglovin, I love it. Makes it so much easier to follow blogs!

  10. Oh, I don't have Bloglovin'. I've been resisting it since I just cannot have another thing that I check regularly…Although, I check your blog regularly so I guess I could get on Bloglovin' and then just check that to check on you…. hmmm… interesting. :)

    • Haha ~ You make me laugh. I tried to see if you had a profile on there but it couldn't find you . There's a lot of blogs that are on there but the owners haven't claimed them. It's no big deal ~ I can still follow them without them having claimed the blog. The feed still updates through an RSS feed or something.
      Oh well ~ I don't mind checking GFC for you :)

  11. I read this post, because I still don't really understand any of it (I'm so computer illiterate). I signed up for Bloglovin' and that's about as far as I got. It's TERRIBLE, because I'm a BLOGGER! I SHOULD understand all of this stuff. Maybe someday…
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  12. Just started using Bloglovin'! As a WP user, I couldn't use GFC. And recently, I can't even get GFC to add me as a follower – an error keeps popping up.

    • I had that issue for the longest time. I can't remember how I fixed it either. I think I took the twitter link out of my profile, changed my profile picture and then added it back. Maybe you can try it and see if it works. I'm glad you are on Bloglovin. I love reading all about the vegetables I hate eating!! Haha…

  13. Maybe I should check out Bloglovin'! Thank you for following and being such a great commentor! Love you tons!!!!

    Julie @ Naptime Review
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    • Thanks Julie ~ I got to where I am at learning from the best! You were one of the first blogs I followed! I love receiving comments and I know other people do too so I do what I can on the blogs I love :)

  14. I have to admit I'm thinking of changing over to WP and going self hosting and the one thing that scares me most is loving my lovely GFC I love following everyone on it – then I have the odd WP blog emailed to me (such as your lovely self) x

    • Haha ~ I know. What a pain in the ass I am! :)
      The great thing is I can follow you through Bloglovin so I'm a happy girl :) I really love WordPress though. So many options!

  15. I see Bloglovin a lot but don't personally use it. I need to check it out.
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  16. I so totally agree! Bloglovin is awesome!!
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  17. I like bloglovin, but I also like the Google reader, which is how I read all the blogs I'm subscribed to by GFC. I had the same problem you did, with huge lists every where. Do you know you can make folders and sort the blogs you read that way? I have a folder in both BL and GR that say subscribed by email, and one in GR that say subscribed by BL. Makes it so much easier on me. :)
    Then I have that one folder that says "READ THESE BLOGS!!" :)
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  18. Thank you for the info ~ I knew I could in Bloglovin but not Google. I guess I just got so frustrated with GFC that I didn't bother to check. Thanks for commenting!

  19. ha ha, sorry, but I love my GFC. I tried Networked Blogs, but I'm not a fan. I may have to give Blogluvin a try though.
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  20. Julia's Math says:

    Good tip. I am also on WordPress. Didn't know about the the icon on chrome. I have the app on my iPad and I like it for what that's worth.
    My recent post Six On Sunday, Version 32 (Monday Version 4)

    • You will definitely have to check out the icon on chrome … it can be a bit overwhelming if you follow a lot of people because it tells you how much you have to read but it's still very cool!