It’s a Bookworm, Scribbling, Designing Mama Kind of Lifestyle

What is up with that title you ask? Well let me tell you. It’s all about some sponsor highlights! These amazing woman have some serious talents in their own right and I would LOVE for you to get to know them better! Please say hello to the sponsors behind Raising Reagan!

I asked these lovely ladies the following questions:

1. Why are you awesome?
2. What is your New Year’s Resolution?
3. What do you see for your blog or shop in 2013?

Jen ~ The Bookworm

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Jessica ~ The Lifestylist

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Gale ~ The Scribbler

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Dara ~ The Adventurous Mama

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Kera ~ The Efficient Mama

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Leslie ~ The Crafty Mama

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Pretty great right? Any of these women would LOVE to get to know you better to…so stop on over and say hello and mention to them that I sent you! Oh and because they are all ridiculous ~ they are leaving a parting gift! CHECK THIS OUT…TWO WINNERS SPLIT THIS ALL!

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  1. The responses are great and I was smiling, then I got to the last one and laughed out loud. :)

    Happy to see those I know, and the introduction to those I don't. :) Happy weekend everyone!
    My recent post School's Out!

  2. Gosh this year is a hard one for resolutions because I'm having a baby soon so I have a feeling that my whole life is about to be turned upside down!! I think the best resolution for me to make, is to make sure that I don't sweat the small stuff. That I relax and go with the flow. I have a tendency to over think things and stress too much. I want to enjoy 2013 and all of the changes that I am blessed with.

    • That's a perfect resolution! Especially with a new baby coming…your life is going to be so awesome when little one makes an appearance!

  3. I guess everyone else wrote these super awesome long answers, I am obviously the class clown. LOL

  4. My New Year's Resolution is to get my life organized. I'm gonna focus on one thing every month and blog about it.

  5. Very cliche but my New Year's resolution is to be healthier, go to the gym more often, and continue to save up to buy our first place!

  6. Girl…you've outdone yourself again! This sponsor spotlight is AMAZING! I love how you did a "picture" write-up for each sponsor instead of writing it all out and adding the photos, etc. At lot easier and nicer looking! I love how you called me the Efficient Mama. I try to be haha :) Thanks so much for putting this together mama! xoxo
    My recent post christmas pearls of wisdom.

    • You are so welcome ~ I wanted to do something different and be unique so this is how I am going to brand my Sponsor Highlights going forward…
      Your resolution was to be more efficient so I wanted to give you positive reinforcement :)

  7. Oh thanks for hosting this and so glad to be following you. I know Kera from Nugget on a Budget talks so highly of you so it is my pleasure!!

  8. I really plan to straighten up "ME" and find a better way to go about my time management. Putting my big girl pants on. : )
    My recent post Monogramming & Faux Mercury

  9. Very cool indeed! I need to go check out all these awesome bloggers. Like right now…..
    My recent post Before and After

  10. Koren Marie says:

    Love the contest Naya! Thank you for helping me with my New Years Resolution! Love that you are always a part of my big steps in life

  11. To not make any because I never keep them :P

    But if I had to it would be to keep up with all the lovely blog friends I have made through 2012 – one which I'm sure I can manage :) <3
    My recent post January Sales

    • I love all the blog friends I have made! It's a great resolution to stay in touch and keep up with them :) SO excited to have you on board as a sponsor soon :)

  12. To stop eating take-away lol!!!!

  13. I'm going to do a post on this – i have few. But to answer the question – one is to stop procrastinating – just DO it!
    My recent post Yes, I’m still here… (Wordless Wednesday)

  14. notinjersey says:

    can't believe Leslie actually said she is awesome because she farts pixie dust, lol! you already know my resolution, yay!
    My recent post Instagram Pictures This Month

  15. Yes, the title caught my eye! And what a great first question. I think it implies that you think they are awesome, which is so sweet!
    My recent post Guns: Getting Past the Fantasy

    • Thanks Rachel! I wanted to do something different for my sponsors! I like the format I used and having the title not just be a sponsor highlight :)

  16. Enter text right here!

  17. My goal is to expand my blog and hopefully turn it into more of a business yet keep it geared to who I am. I don't want making it a business to change the content! :)
    My recent post Announcements + OHP

  18. Hmmm, my resolutions 1-3 are on my post and #4 was in there somewhere…not sure about any more :)
    My recent post Happy New Year!

  19. nice blog.


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