Throwback Thursday

Today I’m linking up with Megan from Just a Small Town Girl and Kera from Nugget on a Budget for Throwback Thursday.

My mom recently moved out of her gynormous home into another gynormous home ( she said she downsized … yeah, maybe by 300 square feet. ) The great part was that she found a bunch of old family photos and memorabilia from when I was little. She gave my brother, sister and I our own stack of photos, baby blankets and other things she had been saving for us.

Check out these throwback photos!!

Check out my dad rocking the super awesome fro and matching mustache. Baby brother was a couple days old in this picture. I was about to turn 1. Yep…you read that right!


My baby brother and I all dressed up


My 8th grade graduation ~ Proud brother and sister

 I hope you enjoyed a look back into my life! Don’t forget to enter the January Sponsor Highlights!

Make sure you head over to Megan and Kera’s blogs today to see some more Throwback features!

Throwback Thursday

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  1. Those are awesome, I like the mustache picture, I think we all have one of those in the archives somewhere. That 'stache was the happening thing! :) He still looked handsome though! You all looked good!
    My recent post The Best Part of Making Doughnuts? #WW

  2. jnine0712 says:

    Oh I loved seeing photos of you when you were growing up. Very cute idea and just love it. Thanks for sharing these here with us!! :)
    My recent post Things I Love: My Husband’s Sarcastic Humor…

    • Thank you Janine ~ it was so fun getting those pictures from my mom. You forget sometimes and it's always fun to take a trip down memory lane!

  3. Omg! You resemble Raegan sooooo much in the pics! Cutee! :)

  4. Alejandra says:

    You totally look like a slightly darker Reagan in that top picture! Very cute (:
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday

    • YES! I am so happy that everyone else sees it too … When she is next to Brian people are always saying she's a spitting image of her dad!

  5. The first picture is awesome, your Dad is cool! :)

    • Haha ~ he is pretty cool. As he has aged though you would not believe how much he and Denzel Washington look alike. It's incredible. It was awful though going through school, all my friends had a crush on my dad! LOL

  6. So fun to find these hidden moments! Love your dad's stache! ;-)
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  7. Now I want to ride over to my parents house and look through some old photos. Yours are awesome!!
    My recent post Gangsters, Killers and Thieves

  8. @VioletImperfect says:

    Love these pictures! I really need to find some from my childhood to post on the blog.

  9. NuggetOnABudget says:

    Thanks for linking up to the Throwback girl! I loved getting a glimpse into your childhood…that photo of you and your brother on your dad's lap…so precious! Your dad totally looked like he was rockin' the 80s LOL. I'll have to find some old photos of my dad in his short cut-off jean shorts and huge sunglasses for the next link up :)
    My recent post looking back on our honeymoon.

  10. Hi! I’m a new follower :) love the pics!

  11. Holy Moly!! Reagan is the spitting image of YOU! It is crazy how much she looks like you at that age! Love the flashback momma…and the stache LOL ~ xoxo, Jessica
    My recent post FREE Diapers for a Year

    • I know … I have so many pictures to choose from and I had to throw that pic of my dad up there! He's gonna kill me for that but hey … he wore it for as long as he did! Be proud papa!

  12. Just stopping by from the MBM hop and wanted to say hi. I love 80's pics of me and my dad.

    My recent post I Breastfeed and…..

  13. notinjersey says:

    my dad had a mustache like that too.
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  14. LosingIt! (@100LBC) says:

    Too cute. Great pictures.

  15. Thanks for linking up! You were an adorable child! :)

    I love your dad's look as well. I just think one day my (future) kids will look back and probably laugh at my style and look.

    • Oh yes…that is inevitable! Just think in the future our kids will probably be wearing all chrome or something crazy and wonder why we had no style! LOL.

  16. You two were so cute, I bet people always thought you were twins!
    My recent post Taking A Little Break

  17. Those pictures are awesome!

  18. Your throwback pictures are fantastic! Thanks for sharing on the Mommy Brain Mixer :)

  19. I love it when people share throwbacks! :)

  20. What a fun post!