Slim By The Summer

So my darling friend Anna from Geek Can Be Chic and I teamed up and put together a challenge for ourselves and any other bloggers that want to join in!


We are getting our weight loss on! Who’s with us? You know you want to! Anna and I wanted a little friendly competition amongst ourselves to see how many pounds we could lose by Summer! The more we talked about it the more bloggers wanted to join in! So … get to the gym, get running, pull out those dusty workout DVD’s, chase your kids and work up a sweat! Whatever you have to do.

We are using My Fitness Pal as a tool to help us track our workout goals and how many pounds we have lost. It’s a free app and if you are wanting to keep track of food and calorie intake, it does that too! Once you have an account, friend us using our emails so we can see your activity too!

  • We are going to do weekly Slim by the Summer link up posts every Monday.  There will be a theme on some weeks and other weeks it will just be weigh ins. (Don’t worry ~ you don’t have to divulge your weight to us! Good Lord let’s not get that personal!)
  • Write up a short post about what workouts you completed and what your overall weight loss was for the week or write up a post using the theme of the week.

Need some inspiration to keep going? How about this…I personally am going to send out a gift card to Starbucks for the person that lost the most weight for that week! How’s that for a reward?

So join us, won’t you? Get yourselves ready for bikini weather with Anna and Lanaya.

Search for us on My Fitness pal using these emails:

  • Anna’s Email : annarenee15{at}gmail{dot}com
  • Lanaya’s Email: contact{at}raising-reagan{dot}com
Also we have a:
Facebook group to help encourage and keep everybody accountable!
Pinterest board to help you find some great recipes and fitness tips!
Click here for the Pinterest board
Be sure to add this button to your blog if you are participating because the more the merrier!



We will start this Monday with our first link up. The theme of next week is making goals and figuring out you goal weight. 
See ya on Monday! :)

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  1. notinjersey says:

    obviously I need to do this. but I also need surgery on my stomach muscles. so…I'm not sure if I will join in or not!
    My recent post What I’ve Been Reading #9

  2. @VioletImperfect says:

    I love this!!!! :)

  3. jnine0712 says:

    Oh Lanaya this is an awesome idea and seriously need to get my butt in gear. I am not really overweight, but could stand to loss a few pounds to look good come the warmer weather. Hurricane Sandy and the holiday season really added on those few extra pounds. So, I am with you on this one.
    My recent post Finish the Sentence Friday Blog Hop #3

    • Sweet!! I am not overweight either but I wouldn't mind losing that little extra cushion! Make sure you let me know if you get on fitness pal and definitely join the Facebook group! :)

  4. I might be interested in doing this! I'm having a baby sometime in the next couple of weeks and definitely want to lose my baby weight!
    My recent post Craft Paint Organization

    • WooHoo! Time for baby! It’s a slow dance, not a sprint so there is definitely time to link up with us! Don’t forget to join the Facebook group. After I had Reagan I joined Stroller Strides and it was the best thing ever! Hope we see you!

  5. I love myfitness pal, its such an awesome app and it really works.

    • I’ll have to friend you on it! Even if you don’t want to join in the challenge you can yell at me on there to get my butt in gear if I’m slacking!! What email do you use?

  6. Love that you're starting this! I don't need to lose weight, I need to get my heart going (hate cardio) and gain some muscle so I'm not such a shrimp. I'll read your posts for motivation, though. :)

    My recent post datevitation review and giveaway!

    • Thank you Rachel ~ always good to get the heart going!! Don’t forget to join our Facebook group too for more motivation!

  7. Sarah Schultz says:

    This is awesome! Good for you girls!

  8. Who else to get motivated by than fellow bloggy friends! I was looking forward to something to inspired me to get my ass up and moving. I am joining in and have posted all the buttons and knocked the dust off "My Fitness Pal". I have always used Endomondo on my phone to track my walks and stuff but I would love to join.
    My recent post Saturday Creations Spotlighting "The Pink Momma"

  9. Woo hoo! You go, Lanaya. I love that you are using weekly posts to keep everyone connected. You are reminding me…I DO need to get to the gym!! :)
    My recent post Foodie Meets Mommy

    • Thank you Rachel ~ Come join our Facebook group too!! Would love to get motivation from you! We can encourage each other to get to the gym!

  10. I love the idea, however it's the middle of Summer here so do I need to be slim by winter or do I et an extra 6 months ( I could use it :)
    My recent post Pretty Money Boxes

  11. This is awesome! My Fitness Pal is the best app I've found for tracking food and activity. It definitely helped me shed my baby weight. I'll be following along with you on your journey to becoming an even hotter mama! :)
    My recent post 7 A.M Enfant Giveaway!

    • Sweet! Glad to have you with us! Don't forget to join the Facebook group and friend me on My Fitness pal if you are still using it :)

  12. Look at all the support, I love that! I know you'll reach your goal!
    My recent post Do You Cruise?

  13. LOVE!! So doing this! Great idea. :)
    My recent post Oh no.. already an absent blogger

  14. NuggetOnABudget says:

    Although I'd say that you look FAB already…you're awesome for starting this up mama, and even creating a FB page and Pinterest board. I'm excited to follow along :)
    My recent post i'm still alive.

    • So excited to see that you will be following along with us :) It's been a rather crappy day ~ see my Facebook status … Ugh!

  15. oooo I'm so in!! I need to lose about 10-15 pounds from having the baby in October. Ugh, the older I get the harder it gets!!!!! So excited!

    The 5th Level of Motherhood

    • I know that feeling! What used to be easy when I was in my twenties doesn't come off like it used to anymore. Boo :( But … the support from our group has been fantastic! Hope you love us!

  16. Lucero De La Tierra says:

    I really should try this. I recently took MyFitnessPal off my phone because it kept causing it to crash. . . maybe I need a new phone :(. I NEED to lose a ton (figuratively) of weight and could use the encouragement.
    My recent post Current Giveaway Events 2/22/13


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