It’s Reagan’s Birthday Every Day

Reagan has been super excited about birthdays. She loves them. It’s Reagan’s birthday every day! There has not been a day that has gone by in the past three to four weeks where it’s not her birthday. I’m not sure where it came from. I think Christmas really had her riled up and now she asks for her birthday party every day. Now that she is getting big into dress up she gets all glamoured up as a princess and declares the day her birthday!

We got to attend a couple birthday parties for her friends recently and that has just amplified the birthday craze. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter and his tea party attendees sang the Unbirthday Song. You know the one!

A couple weekends ago we took Reagan to the zoo. One of our favorite activities to do. Every few minutes she would come running up to us and screech “This is my best birthday party EVER!” Lots of emphasis on the ever. It was quite comical actually. Brian and I laughed at her every time and she loved it.

I had to do some grocery shopping and while we were checking out, Reagan had a five minute conversation with the guy about her birthday party. I felt bad because the poor man was trying to leave his station when we rolled up and then he gets sucked into toddler speak about a birthday party that won’t happen for eight more months. Try explaining to a two year old that she has to wait that long for her birthday party.

So … if you are lucky enough to see this magnificent child, be prepared to talk birthdays and parties and how every day is Reagan’s best birthday party ever!


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  1. That is so cute. I like to pretend that everyday is my birthday, too!
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  2. javeriyasayeedsiddiqui says:

    Hahahah! That's adorable! One best thing about being a kid is you can enjoy and celebrate without reasons whenever you want. *sigh* I miss those days. :(
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    • That is true ~ she does bring out the kid in me at times so I should look at it that way! {Oh and tomorrow is my post about her name :)}

  3. jnine0712 says:

    After Lily's birthday in November, she too thought everyday was her birthday for weeks on end and would even sing the song while walking around the house. Even now every once in awhile I will catch her sining "Happy Birthday!" sounds like Reagan and Lily would get along very well!! xoxo :)
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    • Yep ~ that's exactly what she does … EVERYDAY! I think Lily and Reagan would be great friends … and we can have a wine party!

  4. @VioletImperfect says:

    Aww, that is too cute. She is so precious all dolled up!

  5. Hahahaha….. that is so funny!! My Hubs celebrated his Birthday for about a month and he is…. well, I am not going to tell how old he is, but for reasons beyond my control… We were doing birthday things for him for about a month.

  6. notinjersey says:

    Simon too! He had two parties in school 2 weeks ago and when we asked whose it was he knew, but then he started saying it was his! not till august, but ok!
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  7. I have a September baby too (two of them if you count my husband ;) ). Everyday SHOULD be like a birthday, your little one's got the right idea. :D
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    • I suppose she does … Reagan's birthday is on the 10th … She is actually telling me right now that she wants a birthday party today!! LOL

  8. Karen Glarr says:

    Your daughter Reagan is so cute! I think that her celebrating her birthday is such a sweet thing. She was so excited that she wants to celebrate and have a gift every day. It makes her feel special!

  9. A girl after my own heart. :) I love birthdays too. :)

  10. Too funny and too cute!
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  11. Sing her happy birthday for me ;) I think we should all have birthdays everyday to haha!

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  12. She is just the CUTEST! That settles it – I absolutely have to have a girl.
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  13. Ha I like to celebrate my birthday for a whole month but Reagan has me beat! It is such a hard concept for a little kid to understand they need to wait a whole year for their birthday to come. Reagan looks so cute in her princess dress so why shouldnt she pretend it's her bday.
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    • You guys are all right … she is living her life like a little one should, with passion and love for everything! It can be Reagan's birthday every day!!

  14. I love that you let her celebrate everyday, she is so adorable, how could you resist?
    xoxo tiffani
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    • Agh … thank you Tiffani! She is fun and her energy can sometimes be overwhelming but that is where I am learning that it's ok to be a kid!

  15. It makes perfect sense to me. Who wouldn't want to have a birthday everyday? My daughter is just now understanding birthdays and it's EVERYONE'S birthday right now…the cat, her dolls, the stuffed animals! I was cracking up at your comparison to Alice in Wonderland. Many days, I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole with Claire!!
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  16. jnine0712 says:

    Oh I love that you linked this one up with us and still can't get over how cute Reagan is about birthdays!! :)
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