Reagan Lizabeth ~ what’s with her name?

After posting about my name last week I received a request to know more about Reagan’s name. So here it goes…

Reagan picture source

Seriously … you would think most people would go straight for that reference or even know how to spell her name. WRONG! You would not believe the variations of her name that I get. My name, Lanaya…OK, I’ll give you a pass, but Reagan, seriously? When Brian and I were talking about names for our baby I wanted one that was still not heard often but that was easy to pronounce and spell. I didn’t have that luxury growing up and I didn’t want my daughter to have to deal with that.

Well, was I ever in for a shock. Most of the time she gets called Ree-gan. When I am asked how to spell her name it takes all my willpower not to stab the person right then and there. He was a PRESIDENT people! Why is this so hard??

Her middle name is Lizabeth. Basically Elizabeth with no E. I chose this name because it is my aunt’s name; my mother’s little sister. It’s unique and it flowed with Reagan.

I chose the name Reagan because I adore Ronald Reagan. He accomplished so much in his life and he didn’t let anyone push him around. It fits her feisty personality and her clever smile. Oh … and I did not keep my baby’s name a secret. That wasn’t a big deal to me. There was no reveal or hushed whispers in dark corners. I told everyone when we realized what her name would be.

So …now you have the story behind Reagan’s name!

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  1. Love the story behind Reagan's name and to be honest, I can't see how her name would be difficult to pronounce. It would drive me a bit crazy, too. Having the name Janine, I too had lots of mispronunciations and misspellings, too. and don't even get me started about my maiden last name (long and Italian-enough said!). That is why I picked Emma and Kevin picked Lily, because we wanted names that no one could ever mess up. Seriously, people are so dumb sometimes though, but truly loved you explanation here :) :) xoxoxo!!
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  2. I like the name Reagan. My son has a Reagan in his class, too!
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  3. Reagan Lizabeth is a nice name. We have one kiddo w/a common name and the other three w/more unique ones. There's enough Dave and Matt's in the world. :)

  4. I love that the name Reagan is unique but easy to pronounce and I really love her middle name. It’s also unique and fits perfectly with her first name.

  5. OK, I confess I pronounce it the wrong way too, but then again I had no idea about the President so I guess I wouldn't get stabbed right? Lol, any how I love both the names especially Lizabeth and together they do sound superb! xo

  6. @VioletImperfect says:

    I pronounce it right. Yessss! I didn't really have to think about it though. I love love love the name Lizabeth! It is on ,y list for middle names if we should have another girl. I didn't keep Violet's name a secret either. I am horrible at keeping secrets like that.

    • I know ~ it drives me nuts to keep a secret and I am horrible at it so out with it I came. I'm glad we picked Lizabeth for her middle name. It's spunky!

  7. notinjersey says:

    I know people have a hard time spelling Reagan even when thinking of the president, so I just say people are crazy! What gets me is that I know I spell Gabbie weird. But if someone sees it written down, can't they copy how I spell it? People always comment on facebook or whatever using the wrong spelling, hello, just read how I wrote it!
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    • Haha … seriously! Especially since they see you write it. Is Gabbie spelled weird? That'show I would have spelled it had I heard it.

  8. NuggetOnABudget says:

    I love it! And I love that you named her after Ronald Reagan. He was the best President that our country has ever had. He actually made things happen and made GOOD changes! He saw what our country needed and he did it. And did it right. What a great man to name your baby after :) And I love Reagan's middle name too. It's different and I love keeping family names in the family. Sofia's middle name is Cora, which was my grandma's middle name. I can't wait until she'd old enough to tell her about her great-grandma.

    You know what else is funny? You'd think people would know how to pronounce Sofia. Just like Sophia. We get people asking us if we pronounce it So-f-ee-a or So-f-eye-a? Really?
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    • I guess you can't win anymore with names. We have gone away from traditional spellings and names so everything is up in the air now!! Oh well…thanks mama!! :)

  9. @JenJHerron says:

    I love her name! It was actually in the running for Reese, but it was already in the family, boo! and I LOVE her middle name, classic but original! nice work, mama! ;)

  10. I absolutely love her name!! That was almost my niece's middle name was my sister went with Reegan instead.

  11. caroline1t says:

    People seriously get it wrong? That's kind of funny but then again I've realized that people just don't pay attention most of the time!

  12. I love the name Reagan!! I’m surprised that people have issues with it. We’ve discussed it as a name for our third child if we were to happen to have another girl. Hubs also LOVES Ronald Reagan.

  13. spiritedlife says:

    Hahaha! I have no sympathy for you. You would think that learning my name normally at the tender age of 5, most people would know how to pronounce and spell my name, being that it's A-P-R-I-L. I've seen it spelled (in reference to me) Apryl, Apprille, Aprile, and Aprril. I once asked a customer service representative why would she ask me how to spell my name, shouldn't she at least defer to the common spelling – on the calendar. She plainly said No.

    Reagan is a great name…
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