About Lanaya & Reagan

I’m a thirty something mother and wife living in Northern California that always has something to say and generally loves life! Married for almost five years (together for 10) to my loving husband Brian who loves me unconditionally even though I’m a perfectionist by nature but hd97803392af9912719dab319a232cddaave several faults! But then…who doesn’t? I just have to constantly remind myself that it’s OK to be flawed!

I’m a true Gemini by nature…I definitely have two personalities! I am very independent and have an outgoing personality and like to befriend everyone! But I have my flaws to. I can be excessively spontaneous but indecisive and that can be a bad thing at times.

I was a career oriented woman that lived life in the fast lane in finance which came to a halt when my beautiful daughter Reagan Lizabeth was born in 2010. I had to reinvent myself to be someone that I never intended to be…a Mom! The challenges are hard but I’m learning to embrace them as motherhood has changed me for the better. I’m learning attributes like patience, acceptance and empathy.

I started my business LRB Enterprises, LLC and created Reagan’s Toy Chest because I was tired of seeing the same electronic games and toys in stores and wanted to stimulate my daughter’s imagination differently. I remember when we were young having to use our imagination to come up with during playtime. I set out to locate the best quality, American made products that I could find that would provide the youth today educational games and toys that they would love but also would promote learning!

I began blogging to showcase my successes and failures as a parent and put my thoughts on paper. I love that I am chronicling the life Reagan, Brian and I are creating together because I think it will make a fantastic gift for her one day in the future.

Interesting facts about me: I love the sound of my own typing, I don’t like to be cold, I love ketchup on tacos, I love doing laundry and cleaning the house, I hate doing the dishes, I love sports, especially football, I love to play volleyball, I ran my first half marathon in October 2012 after running for three months, I love to workout at the gym, I’m addicted to Salt & Vinegar chips, I enjoy my alone time with a good book or catching up on the DVR, I could watch The Hunt for Red October over and over, I’m a horrible loser, I think Liam Neeson is sexy, I’m very extremely competitive!

About Reagan ~

Reagan Lizabeth was born in Pennsylvania in September 2010. The blonde haired, blue eyed child that looks just like her daddy! She’s smart as a whip and is constantly surprising us with her growing knowledge and love for life! Everyone that meets Reagan states she has an amazing sparkle in her eye and you can tell how much she embraces happiness. Always smiling and eager to befriend everyone!img_0005-300x200

Reagan walked at 10 1/2 months and since then continues to live life in the fast lane! She enjoys reading books and playing outside! She loves hanging out with her extended family, especially her cousins. She loves to dance and sing and very much enjoys the gang at Sprout, especially her beloved Chica!

Reagan turned two September 10th and we get to watch all her magical changes. She is constantly saying something new every day and is learning so fast. Brian and I really have to pay attention to what we say around her now because she repeats EVERYTHING! You can read the best description of that here.

To most people she looks like a three year old because she is incredibly tall (always 98 percentile or higher.) She speaks very well and you can typically understand her when she speaks to you. She has wonderful manners and always has a smile on her face! Don’t get me wrong…she can be moody to ~ and watch out if you are in her line of sight if she is!

We love her more each day and love this beautiful chapter in our lives!

Interesting facts about Reagan: She is rarely sick, She smiles all the time, She loves to dance and sing, She LOVES Sprout and watching Angelina Ballerina, She is a fish in water and can swim the entire pool by herself, She hates asparagus, She loves artichokes, She loves doing laundry with me, She likes to pick out her clothes, She potty trained one month after her second birthday, She loves to play, She loves to take pictures of herself with the camera, She loves to laugh, She loves to remind you that she’s a big girl!