You’re The Best Mom Ever

Raising Reagan | You're The Best Mom Ever

She loves me. Most days. The troublesome threes are almost out of here and I am thankful for that. For the most part the sass and the “go fuck yourself” stares have been replaced with needing validation. “Are you happy with me mom?” Now it’s all about making mom happy and in return getting rewarded. {Read More…}

A Cute, Blonde Bob

Raising Reagan | A Cute, Blonde Bob

I’ve had it with my hair. I needed a change and I needed a drastic one. So, I opted for a cute, blonde bob. Thanks to my amazing stylist Alysha at Salon G who also gave me my cute Dr Pepper haircut back in March. She can sure cut my hair!   I’m kind of {Read More…}

Cause We Could | A Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

Raising Reagan | Cause We Could ~ A Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

Rey is getting pretty fun in front of the camera. She likes to pose differently and see herself in the finished photo when it’s all done. I always love seeing what cute little poses she comes up with or what fun props she decides would make for a cute picture. Case in point .. check out {Read More…}

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister

Raising Reagan | Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister Life has definitely dealt you a deck of cards, that’s for sure. But for one person to take that deck, grab it by the balls and make the most out of it, I couldn’t be prouder of you. It’s your 27th birthday. You’re a mother to {almost two} beautiful boys, a {Read More…}

My Shopping Tornado – Letting Go

Raising Reagan | My Shopping Tornado - Letting Go

This past weekend my mother in law was in town and Reagan was prepared to be spoiled. Like most spoiled children, they get to go a little overboard when the grandparents are in town. Going to bed later, eating more junk food, talking back and getting away with a little more attitude than is typically {Read More…}

Ask Away Friday – Round Thirty Three

Raising Reagan | Back Into A Fitness Groove

It’s America’s birthday? Who’s excited and celebrating in style?! I am so excited to swap with Tamara from Tamara Camera again! It’s a sequel to our first swap which seems like ages ago! In a way it’s kind of fitting that this swap is taking place now because during the first swap with Tamara and I, I {Read More…}

How to Choose Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

Raising Reagan | How to Choose Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

Sunglasses do more than protect your eyes against the sun’s glare – they’re also a fashion statement in their own right and can double up as prescription sunglasses if needed. The trick is getting the right sunglasses for your face size and shape, a pair that complements your features and creates balance. You can find {Read More…}

Back Into A Fitness Groove

Raising Reagan | Back Into A Fitness Groove

Gym rat, fitness junkie .. it’s all right there – in the heading of almost every “about me” there is. Though the last few months I have felt like the biggest liar because my 15 x a week gym routine withered to one or two times a week if I was lucky. Running? That received {Read More…}

Ask Away Friday Redo With DIY Mama

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Round Thirty Two

Last week I swapped questions with the beautiful Shelly of DIY Mama. Somewhere in the midst of our crazy schedules our calendars decided to hate on us and we got mixed up. So this week Shelly is answering my questions to her! If you missed last week, you’re in luck because you get to relive my answers {Read More…}

Keeping Reagan Learning During Summer

Raising Reagan | Keeping Reagan Learning During Summer

How do you keep your children learning during Summer? School is out and the last thing they want to do is attempt to retain all the knowledge they picked up over the school year. Reagan is no exception to this even though she is three. She is enrolled in an all day preschool, all year long {Read More…}