Baby Weight Blues: It’s Normal to Want Your Body Back

Raising Reagan| Baby Weight Blues: It's Normal to Want Your Body Back

You just had a baby, but you’re already looking forward to the future. Living in the moment is hard when you look at old photos of yourself, pre-baby. How do you get that body back while still managing your new life with baby? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Be Prepared To Wait {Read More…}

A New Grandparent’s Mini-Guide to Baby Ceremonies

Raising Reagan | From Baptism to Bris: A New Grandparent's Mini-Guide to Baby Ceremonies

Regardless of culture or faith, we all have our rituals and traditions when it comes to welcoming a newborn baby into the world. A baby universally brings joy to their family and the local community as a whole and perhaps more importantly of all, their birth represents an opportunity to bring the baby’s family together {Read More…}

Kids in Canada: Family Fun Ideas for Quebec City

Raising Reagan | Kids in Canada: Family Fun Ideas for Quebec City

If you travel to Canada, you will want to spend at least a day in Quebec City – although preferably more because there is so much to do. Quebec City has attractions for all ages, making it a great destination for families. Here are some of the top things to do during your family holiday {Read More…}

Safe Delivery – Everything You Need To Know About Car Seats

Raising Reagan | Safe Delivery - Everything You Need To Know About Car Seats

Traffic comes and goes, but a parent’s commitment to safety is unwavering. Before you start the car with a child inside, consider a number of safety issues and solutions. Installation Use the provided instruction manual when installing your child’s car seat. Do not rely on previous experience or intuition; baby seats vary and a range {Read More…}

Christmas Presents Dad Actually Wants This Year

Raising Reagan | Christmas Presents Dad Actually Wants This Year

I’ve been in the same situation myself. It’s Christmas Eve, the shops are closing and you have done all your last minute shopping. Except there is one person you’ve forgot. One person who is synonymous with boring, rubbish gifts – your Dad. In a moment of sheer panic you gravitate toward ye old faithful: Comedy {Read More…}

Reagan’s First 5K #RaisingARunner

Raising Reagan | Reagan's First 5K #RaisingARunner

This past weekend Reagan ran her first 5k race! Can you say proud mommy right here? Yeah .. that happened! I am raising a runner and I couldn’t be happier. Running became part of my life a couple of years ago and Reagan would always get so excited when she saw me cross the finish {Read More…}

Reagan’s 4th Birthday Shenanigans

Raising Reagan | Reagan's 4th Birthday Shenanigans

Maybe it’s the guilt of having filed for divorce less than a month before her 4th birthday. Maybe it was the fact that I was struggling to make sure that my daughter didn’t have that birthday I had when my parents told me their marriage was over. Granted I was in my teens and it {Read More…}

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wall Stickers

Raising Reagan | What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are becoming one of the most popular home and decor accessories nowadays, and they also protect the wall from unnecessary sedimentation, dust, dirt and soot, as well as pollution. Moreover, the creativity that is associated with the vinyl wall art is really quite impressive, and I am sure that most of the people {Read More…}

Happy 4th Birthday Reagan!

Raising Reagan | Happy 4th Birthday Reagan!

Four years ago yesterday my sweet baby girl was born. Happy 4th birthday Reagan! Four short years later she is a beautiful little lady going to school in Arizona. She’s been on several plane trips, has lived in three states and has two parents that love her with all their being. It was a day of {Read More…}

Starting Anew

Raising Reagan | Starting Anew

There comes a time in your life when you begin to question. Are you happy? Are you doing what you want to be doing in life? Do you get up and smile everyday? Have I grown apart from my partner? For a while now these questions have plagued me and it was getting difficult to {Read More…}