How to Help Kids Survive a Family Move

Kids are often the ones struck hardest by a family move. For that reason, you should do what you can […]

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Home Modifications for Young Adults with Special Needs

If you’re fitting out your home to provide a safe and loving space for a young person with special needs, […]

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Control Indoor Allergens to Improve Indoor Air Quality

As the seasons change, we begin to think of ways we can keep both our bodies and minds healthy. We […]

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3 Tips For Creating The Yard Of Your Family’s Dreams

As the weather is slowly starting to lean toward spring in some areas of the world, people are now beginning […]

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Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Fixer-Upper Home

Purchasing a fixer-upper can be the coolest thing you’ve ever done or the worst decision you’ve ever made.  The goal […]

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Home Re-Design in 2019: A Guide

A home is a special place for many people, given that you turn to it for comfort and it’s seen […]

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Improvements for Your Home that Can Last a Lifetime

If you’re going to improve your home anyway, doesn’t it make sense to do things that could potentially last a […]

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Why Mile-Ex is Becoming Popular with Baby Boomers

Mile Ex is located right smack in between the Mile End and Parc-Ex, which helps explain the name of this […]

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moving homes

4 Important Steps to Take Before Moving Homes

Moving homes can be a big deal and take up a significant amount of your time. Whether you’re downsizing, leasing, […]

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3 Tips For Helping Your Kids Cope With A Move

While moving to a new city or even just to a new home can be a challenge for anyone, it […]

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