Back To School Recipes for the Busiest Moms

Raising Reagan | Back to School Recipes for the Busiest Moms

The school supplies are out and Back to School shopping has commenced. It’s official! The kids are going back to school!! Another year to help their little minds grow! Hi, I’m Jaren from Diary of a Recipe Collector. Lanaya has so graciously allowed me to share an amazing round up with you guys. Whether you {Read More…}

Firefly = Good! A Southern Cocktail

Raising Reagan | Firefly = Good! A Southern Cocktail

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a cocktail post for y’all. Oh yes .. the y’all is coming out because I was just in South Carolina and I’ve decided to bring back a little Southern cocktail with me so you can enjoy! Who’s heard of Firefly? No .. not the little lightening bugs {Read More…}

Homemade Churros

Raising Reagan | Homemade Churros {Thanks to This Workman Life}

I have a special treat {no, really — it’s a treat!} Courtesy of a great sponsor and friend to Raising Reagan, Dani from This Workman Life! Dani is sharing with you her super simple recipe for homemade churros! It was so easy that the night I received it in my inbox to share with all {Read More…}

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Raising Reagan | Butternut Squash Lasagna

Hello Lanaya’s readers! I’m Holly and I blog over at Back Home Again about my family’s adventures and our attempts to live a crunchy, sustainable life. I’m so excited to be able to share one of my creations that I made recently, butternut squash lasagna. I have an abundance of butternut squash soup in my {Read More…}

Top 4 Mocktails to Serve at Your Next Party {Guest Post}

Raising Reagan | Top 4 Mocktails to Serve at Your Next Party {Guest Post}

Is it your spouse’s birthday next month and you are planning to give him a surprise birthday party? Then you must be ready with the invitations, and decide on the variety of drinks and food. It is a great idea to serve your guests only mocktails and some exotic food items. Mocktails are the colorful {Read More…}

Fall Cocktails {Guest Post}

Raising Reagan | Fall Cocktails {Guest Post}

I am so excited to reintroduce you to Dara of Not in Jersey. You have seen her here on the blog before. Today she has whipped up a truly fantastic guest post for you that is well, right up my alley! It’s all about Fall Cocktails! Who wants one? Take it away Dara! Hi, it’s {Read More…}

Mojito with Mint Infused Simple Syrup

Raising Reagan | Mojito with Mint Infused Simple Syrup

As you could probably tell from my post today Mojitos Are Delicious! Oh .. and I’m a little bit of an alcoholic when on a cross country trip with no child to care for. I have a new affinity for the Cuban drink and I have the best recipe for you. The key ingredient? Mint {Read More…}

4th of July Hypnotiq Margarita

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Happy 4th of July! What better way to spend this festive red white and blue themed holiday drinking a BLUE margarita! Want to really impress the folks at your BBQ this year? This is the drink to round out all your hard work and patriotic decor! It’s fun, sassy and has the perfect combination of {Read More…}

Code Pink Cocktail

Raising Reagan: Code Pink Cocktail

My sister’s boyfriend did it … he was the first person to get me to try whiskey! I have never thought I would be a fan of the “hard stuff” but I have to admit ~ I’m kind of digging it. I am told that it helps if you start off with a premium brand {Read More…}

The Irish Latina

Raising Reagan: The Irish Latina

Need a fun cocktail to put you on your derriere? It’s straight liquor so be cautious of how much you drink. It’s a bit sweet but a good time! I chose the name The Irish Latina because of the ingredients. A little Irish, a little caramel … The Irish Latina Ingredients: 1.25 oz Smirnoff Kissed {Read More…}