It’s All Showers For Reagan

So in another bold move for independence Reagan has decided that she is no longer into baths. She wants to […]

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Tricks to eat less (without skipping meals)

1. Putting ice cubes in your drinks forces the body to heat up, so you burn more calories . 2. […]

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Viral Exanthem … What?

The past couple of days Reagan has had these strange looking bumps on the back of her legs and on […]

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My Social Butterfly

Reagan is a happy kid. She squeals in delight at being around new people and will strike up a conversation […]

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4 things you should know if you are a novice runner

Going for a run. That’s your new challenge. The desire you arrive late, but finally arrive. It was written, sooner […]

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Do you want to lose weight?

Slimming, toning, reduce pain, disconnect, reduce stress … Although active life, do sport, will make your life a little bit […]

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boat trip

4th of July Wrap Up

4th of July was a blast for my family this year. We are back in California among some of our […]

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Decalogue on child hyperactivity

The ADHD is becoming increasingly important among the population, but sometimes the information appearing on it are not entirely certain […]

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Children’s food allergies

More and more children have allergies of all kinds, also food allergies. The reason for the increase in allergies among […]

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Test to see if your child is hyperactive

Each day the number of children diagnosed with ADHD and is currently one of the most common psychiatric problems in […]

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