18 More Years and You’re Good …

Raising Reagan | 18 More Years and You're Good ...

I’m not exactly sure when I became an alcoholic … but I’m pretty sure it started once Reagan’s attitude started becoming more prevalent. So I like to check out new drinks and fun new recipes. Have you seen my recipes category? Yeah .. mostly cocktails. Some damn good ones too! I highly recommend trying them {Read More…}

Who Punched the Leprechaun?

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St. Patrick’s Day … agh, the Luck of the Irish! Everyone is Irish on March 17th! On this day we celebrate a holiday that involves four leaf clovers, wearing green, eating lots of food and drinking a LOT of alcohol! For my contribution to St. Patrick’s Day I am giving you a fun punch to {Read More…}

Rum and Pomegranate Izze


Today seems like a good day to have a cocktail after the little one goes to sleep. If you read today’s blog post you know that I am having one of those days. Check the refrigerator and liquor cabinet for ingredients and figure out what to come up with that is still perfect for 101 {Read More…}

The Hottie


We are big fans of the show Bar Rescue. John Taffer goes in and rescues struggling bars from their dismal decisions, revamps them with a fresh look, new menu items and new cocktails. Last night we watched an episode of a struggling tavern in Maryland with a pirate theme. Yikes, pirate themed bar? Not a {Read More…}

Tropical Ecstasy

Tropical Ecstasy

I’m pretty sure the name says it all. This drink is a fun summer drink that will remind you of being out in the Caribbean again. Tropical Ecstasy Ingredients: 1 oz vodka 1 oz Blue Curacao 1 oz coconut milk, sweetened 1 oz Midori Directions: Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake vigorously. Strain {Read More…}

The Sidecar


I figured I would give you a cocktail that is a bit more elegant and impressive to drink than ordering a standard margarita or daquiri. When you are out with the girls and want to drink a more sophisticated cocktail…check this out. Very prohibition era and sexy! The Sidecar Ingredients: 1 oz. Cognac 1 oz.¬†Orange {Read More…}

Tropical Hooter

Tropical Hooter

Need to feel like your on vacation but don’t have the ability to jet off to the South Pacific? Try this delightful cocktail that will have you dreaming of swinging in a hammock on the beach in no time! Tropical Hooter Ingredients: 1 oz Midori Melon Liqueur 1 oz Malibu Coconut Rum 2 oz cranberry {Read More…}

Baileys Brownie Sundae

Baileys Brownie Sundae
photo from the-baileys-lounge.baileys.com

I must be on a Baileys kick lately because my recipe from Friday had Baileys Irish Cream in it too! I guess I got too much of it at Christmas this past year and needed to find some creative ways to drink it…but then again, can you have too much Baileys? Baileys Brownie Sundae Ingredients: {Read More…}

Baileys & Coffee With A Twist

Baileys & Coffee with a Twist
photo courtesy veganlove.tumblr.com

A classic drink with a twist…frozen coffee cubes added to Baileys Irish Cream! A friend of mine found this recipe on Pinterest and tweeted it to me and we came up with a little deviation (as always!) The original recipe called for almond milk but we made a Baileys substitution. A marriage made in alcohol {Read More…}