Reagan’s 4th Birthday Shenanigans

Raising Reagan | Reagan's 4th Birthday Shenanigans

Maybe it’s the guilt of having filed for divorce less than a month before her 4th birthday. Maybe it was the fact that I was struggling to make sure that my daughter didn’t have that birthday I had when my parents told me their marriage was over. Granted I was in my teens and it {Read More…}

Happy 4th Birthday Reagan!

Raising Reagan | Happy 4th Birthday Reagan!

Four years ago yesterday my sweet baby girl was born. Happy 4th birthday Reagan! Four short years later she is a beautiful little lady going to school in Arizona. She’s been on several plane trips, has lived in three states and has two parents that love her with all their being. It was a day of {Read More…}

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister

Raising Reagan | Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister Life has definitely dealt you a deck of cards, that’s for sure. But for one person to take that deck, grab it by the balls and make the most out of it, I couldn’t be prouder of you. It’s your 27th birthday. You’re a mother to {almost two} beautiful boys, a {Read More…}

Disney Princess-Themed Birthday Party Ideas {Guest Post}

Raising Reagan | Disney Princess-Themed Birthday Party Ideas {Guest Post}

When it comes to young girls and throwing a birthday party for your daughter, it comes down to balance. What I mean by that is correctly balancing all aspects of the party – foods and snacks, games, crafts, and present-opening time. The goal is not to overextend the time allotted for each planned activity, but {Read More…}

Boats, Bikinis and a Birthday

Thank you Slim by the Summer challenge for allowing me to rock my new mint green bikini!!

Thank you everyone for the warm birthday wishes this past weekend! My family and I celebrated with an amazing group of friends out at Don Pedro Lake. We boarded a houseboat and had some fun! I got to celebrate with friends we hadn’t seen in a while and we spent the whole trip tanning, boating, {Read More…}

Happy Birthday to ME!

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Round Thirty

It’s my 33rd birthday today and I am probably in a drunken stupor right about now on a houseboat living it up! Happy birthday to ME! I’m about to inhale some gynormous {no calories of course} piece of birthday cake and then try not to break my neck wakeboarding! Getting my tan on and rocking {Read More…}

It’s a Tiffany Birthday Giveaway

Tiffany Necklace

What happens when this little girl ( She was REALLY excited about that robe!) And this little girl (She has the BEST hair!) Grow up, start blogs, find each other’s blogs, become  Blog BFFs and THEN  discover that their birthdays are just a day apart? They decided to celebrate it together by giving YOU a {Read More…}

It’s Reagan’s Birthday Every Day

Raising Reagan: It's Reagan's Birthday Every Day

Reagan has been super excited about birthdays. She loves them. It’s Reagan’s birthday every day! There has not been a day that has gone by in the past three to four weeks where it’s not her birthday. I’m not sure where it came from. I think Christmas really had her riled up and now she {Read More…}

A Birthday Party For Ellie

photo 2

Reagan has been two for all of a week and lately her favorite new play time activity is to throw birthday parties for her “babies.” I had an entirely different post to write this morning based on my latest finished book Fifty Shades of Grey, (yep…I did it, I read it too) but when I {Read More…}

Happy 2nd Birthday Reagan!

Yum! Birthday Cake!!

Today is Reagan’s second birthday! My baby is no longer a baby! She is a full blown toddler with a full blown personality, attitude and independent demeanor. I can’t believe how quickly two years came and went. It seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital and wondering what the hell came {Read More…}