A Gray Hair? WTF …

Raising Reagan | A Gray Hair .. WTF?

So .. a couple of days ago I was studying my weathered face in the mirror when the light caught what appeared to be a gray hair seeping out of my curly locks. Could it be? That’s not possible! WTF!? A gray hair!? Say it isn’t so. One week before my 34th birthday and I {Read More…}

An Unplugged Christmas

Raising Reagan | An Unplugged Christmas

I did it … I unplugged from the blog for almost an entire week. It was truly difficult as I wanted to rip open my laptop and attempt to answer the hundreds of emails sitting in my inbox. It didn’t help that every once in a while we would get cell reception at which point {Read More…}

The Winds of Change

Being Robots

The winds have been blowing pretty steadily here in Northern California. I’m not a fan of wind. It blows my curls around which ultimately ends up sticking to my glossed lips and then spreads the gloss to my Ray Bans. Rude. Wind go away, come again some other day. But its incessant need to disrupt {Read More…}

Join My Family!

Raising Reagan: Join My Family!

  Reagan and I would like for you to join our family! For the month of April we are holding a Sponsor Sale! Just for you! I absolutely love working with sponsors and I work hard to promote you! This month I am offering all sponsors 30% off any ad size with the promo code: {Read More…}

Throwback Thursday

Raising Reagan: Throwback Thursday

Today I’m linking up with Megan from Just a Small Town Girl and Kera from Nugget on a Budget for Throwback Thursday. My mom recently moved out of her gynormous home into another gynormous home ( she said she downsized … yeah, maybe by 300 square feet. ) The great part was that she found {Read More…}

We Bought A Car

2013 Subaru Legacy Limited

Well ~ we did it…We finally gave Brian’s grandmother’s car back to her and purchased a new car for Brian. Our first ever brand new, right off the dealership lot car! So excited! Let me hook you up with some background… October 2011 …Brian loses his job that he’s had for the past eleven years {Read More…}

My Plan to Save Money in 2013


Hello all your lovely readers of Raising Reagan! I’m Kera and I blog over at Nugget On A Budget. You may have seen me mentioned around Lanaya’s blog a few times. Since she’s my bestie, I tend to stop by this place a lot And today I’m super excited {and honored} to be guest posting {Read More…}

Holidays Recap

Raising Reagan: Holidays Recap

It’s amazing what having a little one in the house will do to you at Christmas time. The magic you can actually see when that child comes rushing down the stairs to see what Santa brought them while she was sleeping. It’s electric. The squeal of delight and the bright smile makes the two hours {Read More…}

Happy New Year


Happy New Year   from the Raising Reagan family! Since we all defied the odds and survived through the Mayan prediction and the world ending I am going to make some New Year’s Resolutions!Rarely do I ever make them but this year just feels different than most so, here it goes…* Love so much it {Read More…}

Merry Christmas

Raising Reagan | Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Raising Reagan Family! ♥ Have a happy, and safe holiday ♥