Raising Reagan | Transitions

When you are little, you can think of nothing but growing up. You want to be older so you have more freedoms. You want to be older so you can drive your first car and flirt with breaking curfews, stay up past a scheduled bedtime, purchase your first case of beer {legally of course.} These {Read More…}

A Southern Belle, A Wedding and a Birthday

Raising Reagan | A Southern Belle, A Wedding and a Birthday

This past week I have been enjoying the hot, sticky weather of South Carolina. Seriously .. the second I stepped off the plane, my hair went instant Chia Pet mode. For the love of the curls … holy hell! But it was all worth it to be a Southern Belle for the week, celebrating a {Read More…}

Ask Away Friday – Round Twenty Five

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Round Twenty Five

It’s Friday! Thank goodness! It’s been a really long week and can I just say, AMEN to the weekend! I’m excited because for this round of Ask Away Friday I get to swap questions with one of my best blog and real life friends! Yep, April from 100lb Countdown and I have actually met each {Read More…}

Because Friends Are Awesome

Raising Reagan | Because Friends Are Awesome

There comes a time in your blogging life when you realize that you have made some amazing connections with true friends. Such is true of a group of us who have literally seen each other through a lot in our blogging career, personal and professional lives and more. I am so honored to have made {Read More…}

I’m Back in Philly

Dinner at Sullivans

Phone rings and Nicole’s blood pressure skyrocketed to 143/91. She’s in the hospital waiting to hear the results from her blood work. Are we going to be introducing baby Cooper into the world early? For now it’s a waiting game. Some of you know that my plan was to fly back to Philadelphia on the {Read More…}

Old School Blogging – Five Things

aston martin vanquish

In a blogging world we come into contact with people every day that we create relationships with. Some of those relationships grow so strong that you literally become lifelong friends. You have a desire to meet these people in real life because you know so much about them. You have watched their children grow up {Read More…}

The Truth About Me

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Round Three - Lanaya's Profile Picture

I’m an obsessive compulsive and I have a need to be perfect. Having a child has kicked my ass because everything I thought would ever be important to me is different. It’s made me realize that certain truths about me are borderline narcissistic but you know … I’m pretty much OK with it. So, do {Read More…}

I Was Named in the Top 50 Mommy Bloggers!


Today you can also find me over at Sarah’s place ~¬†All Things Blogs! Go say Hi! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I am so honored! #41 in the Top 50 Mommy Bloggers! I have only been blogging since the end of June and am overjoyed by the support and friends I have made {Read More…}

Happy New Year


Happy New Year   from the Raising Reagan family! Since we all defied the odds and survived through the Mayan prediction and the world ending I am going to make some New Year’s Resolutions!Rarely do I ever make them but this year just feels different than most so, here it goes…* Love so much it {Read More…}

My Bloggy Love Miss Jo and Co

Check this out...

Here’s a fun story… Little did I know that when I started blogging I would be meeting fellow bloggers in my own area. I was reading my favorite blogs via Bloglovin (seriously the only way to get a great feed of blogs you follow) and stopped on Stefani from Miss Jo and Co. I had {Read More…}