Cause We Could | A Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

Raising Reagan | Cause We Could ~ A Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

Rey is getting pretty fun in front of the camera. She likes to pose differently and see herself in the finished photo when it’s all done. I always love seeing what cute little poses she comes up with or what fun props she decides would make for a cute picture. Case in point .. check out {Read More…}

How To Turn Up The Creativity On Your Workouts

Raising Reagan | How To Turn Up The Creativity On Your Workouts

You love working out, but you’re getting bored with your current routine. If things don’t change, you might go crazy. Plus, you don’t want to give up working out because it’s healthy. So, what is an endurance athlete to do? Try mixing things up a bit. Throw In Sprints If you’re not doing Tabata sprints, {Read More…}

Booty Shakin’ Zumba Lover

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I’m a booty shakin’ Zumba lover! It’s true … I caught the fever. I started my first Zumba class about two months ago and I am hooked. I now go three days a week and I absolutely love the fact that I can do something with these hips of mine! This week’s theme for Slim {Read More…}

What Fun Means Now

Raising Reagan: Becoming A Parent

This was taken off a friend’s Facebook wall and then re-posted to Raising Reagan’s Facebook wall. Teresa over at Nanahood reached out to me and asked me to join her link for Thursday’s thoughts. I knew that this had to be shared! It is SO true! Those are my Thursday Thoughts.  

Love a Happy Girl

Raising Reagan: Love a Happy Girl

Reagan is such a happy girl as of late. She and I have had so much fun the past couple of weeks. I think she honestly loves me now! Maybe it’s the warmer weather but we are getting out of the house and playing. I absolutely heart this little girl! It’s pure bliss! ♠ DISCLOSURE ♠ At {Read More…}

Random Facts Christmas Style

christmas tree

Have you ever been curious about how some holiday traditions came to be? Well..I’m kind of a random fact nut job and love learning fun things. My friend Leslie from Violet Imperfection secretly hopes someone stops her on the street one day asking her a random question that she knows the answer to and then {Read More…}

Girls Sports Day Out

Naya & Allyson

This past Sunday my girlfriend Allyson decided we deserved a much needed girls day out! Because of both of our loves for all things NFL and because my wonderful husband was willing to let us hoard the season tickets for the day we took off for Oakland. I know, the Raiders! Ugh! Horrible team…and I {Read More…}

To Feel Like A Kid Again

glow sticks

Glow sticks are fun! My nephew received a package of glow stick necklaces for my sister’s housewarming party this past weekend. Sure, originally they were supposed to be for Aiden. Before we adults got ahold of them he and Reagan were playing with them in the bathtub. After we got ahold of them the kids {Read More…}

Yoga And A Dance


Reagan is a mini me! She loves to imitate and she loves to try new things. The past couple of days I have been hobbling around with sore muscles after running my half marathon so I will find myself stretching in the middle of doing laundry, doing dishes or watching TV. Nothing feels better than {Read More…}

Marathon Insanity Update

Urban Cow Half Marathon

Some of my fellow bloggers have been asking about an update on my recent venture into running a ½ marathon in October. I’ll admit for someone that hates (or should I say hated) running I am pleasantly surprised at my progress. My best friend sent me over a training schedule that will prepare us in {Read More…}