Slim by the Summer Week 7

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Welcome to Week 7 of the Slim by the Summer Health & Fitness Challenge IN VIDEO! You can join us too! We have a Facebook page, Pinterest board and a weekly link up that deals with a different theme each week. If you missed any of the past link ups you can click on the following links to {Read More…}

Slim By the Summer Week 2

Raising Reagan: Girl Look at that Body ... I Workout!

Good morning health and fitness afficionados! Anna and I are so thrilled with the turnout and response we got from all of our blogger friends that wanted to be a part of a solution to help us all get Slim by the Summer! If this is your first time hearing about please JOIN US! We {Read More…}

Gotta Get Up and Try

Raising Reagan: Gotta Get Up and Try

Today marks the completion of my first week in the Slim by the Summer fitness challenge! I am so proud that I have come together with Anna from Geek can be Chic to start up a group that includes some motivational women that are all doing something to stay healthy! Over the past week I {Read More…}

Slim by the Summer Link Up & Goals

Raising Reagan: Girl Look at that Body ... I Workout!

Lanaya from Raising Reagan and I super excited to  kick off week one of our Slim by the Summer challenge! We have 14 ladies in the Facebook group already and hoping to get some more people to join us.Join the Slim by the Summer Facebook group!Click here to join  Also, we have a Pinterest board {Read More…}

Girl Look At That Body…I Workout

Raising Reagan: Girl look at that body ... I Workout!

Yep … to workout!  Before I ran my half marathon last October I was working out five days a week, sometimes two classes a day and running five days a week. It felt amazing. I had a goal to get to and I was determined to do it. See, I had set a goal for {Read More…}

Slim By The Summer

Raising Reagan: Girl Look at that Body ... I Workout!

So my darling friend Anna from Geek Can Be Chic and I teamed up and put together a challenge for ourselves and any other bloggers that want to join in!   We are getting our weight loss on! Who’s with us? You know you want to! Anna and I wanted a little friendly competition amongst {Read More…}

Good Parent, Bad Parent

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Round Sixteen

Every parent will tell you that you have to find a middle ground when it comes to disciplining your child. Discipline is a necessary part to parenting. Not a single person has a perfect child even though we all like to believe it could be so. There is a reason why the universe has opposites {Read More…}