Slim by the Summer Week 18

Raising Reagan: Slim by the Summer Week 18

It’s the last week before finals! All of our hard work and dedication to Slim by the Summer is paying off! It has been a long almost five months but many of us have hit goals we didn’t think were possible in the beginning. Having said that, we all still face challenges. It is so {Read More…}

But I’m On Vacation

Raising Reagan: But I'm On Vacation

It’s no lie! I love to eat! Eating makes me happy. I modeled out of high school and in college. I was always the girl who ate the other girl’s food because they refused to eat for fear it would go straight to their waistline. I stayed skinny, I worked out but I ate! I {Read More…}

Slim by the Summer Week 4

Raising Reagan: Slim by the Summer Week 4

Can you believe it? We are into our fourth week of the Slim by the Summer Fitness and Health Challenge. We have been rocking our fitness goals and watching the pounds slide! With over 30 members and the participant list growing each week, the motivation and encouragement is coming on strong! Join us, won’t you? {Read More…}

Naya’s Snaptini

Raising Reagan: Naya's Snaptini

This week our challenge for Slim by the Summer is to share a favorite healthy recipe! To stay with my theme of yummy cocktails for mama {as most of my recipes tend to be ♥} I am sharing Naya’s Snaptini! It’s a martini that still lets you snap your pants after you drink it! I hope {Read More…}

Skinny Sugar Cookies { ♥ Pamela}

skinny sugar cookies

Hello there! Thank you, Lanaya for having me share a post today!  I am Pamela the lovely behind Pamela’s Heavenly Treats. I love sharing healthy and yummy desserts, mainly cupcakes and cookies!  I would love to have you stop by and say hello!   Since its almost Christmas, I have been baking non stop, so I {Read More…}

Strawberry Honey Greek Yogurt

Strawberry Honey Greek Yogurt

My girlfriend Jake first made this super simple snack for me after we finished a four mile trail run. It’s not a recipe, rather a blend of three ingredients that is delicious, healthy and has the perfect sweet to sour ratio I crave using Greek yogurt, honey and fresh strawberries. I have never jumped on {Read More…}

Baked Cheese Crisps

Baked Parmesan Cheese Crisps

Sometimes carrot sticks and celery sticks just aren’t going to cut it. The great thing about baked cheese crisps is that you can customize them to your liking and change your recipe each time with a new cheese flavor and and adding some spices. You can make them a fat free or low fat snack {Read More…}

Independence Day Fruit Kabobs

Independence Day Fruit Kabobs

This year we are going healthy on the Fourth of July snacks with a little help from Independence Day Fruit Kabobs. Idea? Can you believe it came from Pinterest! Probably Not! Four total ingredients and you can make them with your kids (watch the pointy end of the kabob sticks!) Ingredients: Fresh Strawberries Fresh Bananas {Read More…}