You’re The Best Mom Ever

Raising Reagan | You're The Best Mom Ever

She loves me. Most days. The troublesome threes are almost out of here and I am thankful for that. For the most part the sass and the “go fuck yourself” stares have been replaced with needing validation. “Are you happy with me mom?” Now it’s all about making mom happy and in return getting rewarded. {Read More…}

Happy Third Birthday Reagan

Raising Reagan | Happy 4th Birthday Reagan!

My darling little girl … Today you turn three. In your world you have lived so much life already, yet there is so much more to explore. Hang on to all these moment baby girl because in an instant they will be just that, fleeting moments of your childhood. Where has the time gone? It {Read More…}

Threatening The Love

Reagan and Sam

The love has been threatened. Reagan’s boyfriend Sam is no longer working at the gym because he is off to school in a couple of weeks. I guess in a way it’s a good thing that Sam is leaving … my husband can finally put the guns back in their safes and not walk around {Read More…}

I ♥ Valentine’s Sponsor Highlights

Valentine's Sponsor Highlights

Meet my February Sponsors! In the spirit of Valentine’s day we are a little lovey around the blog in February. I ♥ Valentine’s Sponsors! Enjoy the highlights and don’t foget to enter the awesome giveaway at the end! I asked my lovelies the following three questions ~ Valentine’s Style ♥ Are you a romantic or would you prefer {Read More…}

Love a Happy Girl

Raising Reagan: Love a Happy Girl

Reagan is such a happy girl as of late. She and I have had so much fun the past couple of weeks. I think she honestly loves me now! Maybe it’s the warmer weather but we are getting out of the house and playing. I absolutely heart this little girl! It’s pure bliss! ♠ DISCLOSURE ♠ At {Read More…}

My Bloggy Love Miss Jo and Co

Check this out...

Here’s a fun story… Little did I know that when I started blogging I would be meeting fellow bloggers in my own area. I was reading my favorite blogs via Bloglovin (seriously the only way to get a great feed of blogs you follow) and stopped on Stefani from Miss Jo and Co. I had {Read More…}

I LOVE River Otters

river otter 1

Last week Reagan and I had a mother daughter day at the zoo. Brian needed to study for his upcoming exams and I figured getting Rey out of the house would give him some privacy. It’s been interesting trying to explain to Rey that daddy is working and not home (all the while he’s upstairs.) {Read More…}

Grandparents Live For This

Grandparents Live For This

Once again we were out of town this weekend. My dad was throwing his annual BBQ for his friends and this was the first year we were able to attend since we had moved back from the East coast. Let me tell you, his parties…make a frat party look like a trip to Disneyland. Yikes! {Read More…}

My Baby Sister Is All Grown Up

Naya & Boo

There is always a time in any siblings life where the relationship is a tumultuous one. My parents had my brother and I very young and well, we were accidents. My baby sister on the other hand was planned and we knew it. The age difference between my sister Michelle and I is seven years. {Read More…}

Mimicking Behavior

Painters Palette

Lately I started noticing Reagan beginning to imitate my every move and repeat almost everything that I say. During the annular eclipse I was sitting on the brick wall in our front yard and crossed my leg one over the other. Rey came down and sat next to me and proceeded to cross her legs {Read More…}