Parenting Done Right: Video Game Nostalgia Meets Life Skills for Kids

Raising Reagan | Parenting Done Right: Video Game Nostalgia Meets Life Skills for Kids {Guest Post}

When you have kids, you may be keen for them to discover some of the things that you enjoyed so much when you were younger. This could include video games that you played, such as classics like Mario and Tetris. But rather than just providing a nostalgic treat for you, there can be other benefits {Read More…}

Even Princesses Get Time Out Too

Raising Reagan | Even Princesses Get Time Out Too

She’s a princess. I tried my damndest to make sure that didn’t happen. Thanks a lot Disney. Dammit! This kid, she’s a princess lovin’ DIVA! She has more dress up clothes than the princesses that work at Disneyland. Still, even among all that cuteness, this princess still gets time out too. Being a princess doesn’t {Read More…}

Ask Away Friday – Round Twenty One

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Round Twenty One

This week I am swapping with a mama that needs no introduction! I’m swapping questions with Rabia of The Lieber Family. She is the mother of three and has a fantastic meltdown story in the Mother of All Meltdowns collaboration. Besides blogging for a number of years she keeps herself quite busy! Check out her {Read More…}

Pretty Little Liar

Raising Reagan | Back to the Corporate Grind - Letting Go

At what point in a child’s mind does a switch flip and they all the sudden become this sneaky, manipulative, LYING being? What the hell? How do they learn this fast that they can try to avoid things with a simple misstatement of the facts or just flat out lying? I am not happy about {Read More…}

Mommy Needs Advice … Got Any?

Raising Reagan | Mommy Needs Advice ... Got Any?

This mommy needs some advice. It’s been a rough couple of weeks between Reagan and myself. We are not exactly seeing eye to eye as of late. Take a look at my latest vlog cry for help and see what I mean. Then, share some advice with me. Got any?   **Disclosure — this post was {Read More…}

Virtues Taught By A Toddler

Momma & Reagan

This morning I went for my run and thought about how much I had accomplished in the past year for myself. Having a child is one of the most life altering events a person will ever experience and for a lot of people that changes them for the better. For me it was about setting {Read More…}

Terrible Twos Are Inbound

Reagan in Tahoe

We are three months away from Reagan’s second birthday and I am beginning to worry about the “terrible twos.” Everybody knows about them and there are so many scary stories. It makes me want to run for the hills as I am not very good with having a child act up in public or decide {Read More…}

Wagon Love


Ever since we’ve gotten her new Fold It & Go Wagon she has been obsessed…demanding to go the park and get outdoors because she gets to ride around in style with a shade cover to protect her from the sun and has her own designated pockets for her juice cup.

Unplug your Toddler


“Honey…who is Elmo?” She’s pointing furiously at the iPad and demanding Elmo. Yes, it’s true. My iPad has now become the property of my 20 month old child and been nicknamed Elmo; mostly due to the apps on there where Elmo teaches her about ABC’s and 123’s.