How I Unpotty Trained My Son

sara potty

Hi Raising Reagan readers!  I’m so excited that Lanaya is allowing me to take over her blog and share my experience with potty training my son.   Just to clarify my story I have a 3 year old son that we nicknamed Bear.  I tend to call him Little Bear and that is how he is known {Read More…}

Potty Wars

potty wars

Proud Mama right here! Reagan is 99% potty trained! She is one month past her second birthday! We became very diligent about putting her in “big girl panties” and bribing her with M&M’s. Honestly I wasn’t sure I was going to survive the potty training stage. Yeah, yeah…lucky right? She’s two and some parents have {Read More…}

It’s All Showers For Reagan

Mr. Lizard going "potty"

So in another bold move for independence Reagan has decided that she is no longer into baths. She wants to take showers because showers are for big girls and baths are for babies according to the new two year old. I must say all these changes the week that my child turns two is really {Read More…}

A Potty Chart For Reagan


Potty training has been a hot topic for me as of late since my darling, wonderful, angelic, amazing…ok you get it. I’m trying to remind myself that no matter what obstacles parenting throws our way we still love our children unconditionally. Ok, moving on. Brian and I decided that maybe a potty chart would do {Read More…}

Elmo’s Going Potty


This morning on the way to Reagan’s daycare Reagan informed me that Elmo’s going potty. What? I turned around and looked and she had her Elmo doll crouched over the cup holder on her carseat. It was one of the funniest things I had seen. She was making Elmo go potty, in the cup holder {Read More…}

So Over Potty Training


At what point do most parents just throw their hands up and say “FINE! Just pee in your diaper!?” That’s me today. I am SO OVER POTTY TRAINING! I honestly am not sure I am going to survive this stage. Unfortunately for me I am a perfectionist and would rather do everything myself but this {Read More…}