Even Princesses Get Time Out Too

Raising Reagan | Even Princesses Get Time Out Too

She’s a princess. I tried my damndest to make sure that didn’t happen. Thanks a lot Disney. Dammit! This kid, she’s a princess lovin’ DIVA! She has more dress up clothes than the princesses that work at Disneyland. Still, even among all that cuteness, this princess still gets time out too. Being a princess doesn’t {Read More…}

I’m Not A Baby – Letting Go

Raising Reagan | I'm Not A Baby - Letting Go

Um … it’s March? Really? Where the hell has the first quarter of this year gone. Do you remember where it went? I will say the one thing about being back to work full time is that it makes the weeks go by so much quicker. The scary part of that is before I know {Read More…}

I’m Flying First Class – Letting Go

Raising Reagan | I'm Flying First Class - Letting Go

This past weekend Reagan and Brian flew back to California to visit with his family and his great aunt who turned 90! What’s even better for Reagan than seeing all her family and getting spoiled all weekend by grandparents? She got to fly first class! You read it write … first class! Two weeks ago, {Read More…}

Ask Away Friday – Round Twenty Two

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Round Sixteen

This week I am swapping with Christy from Uplifting Families. Christy’s site is dedicated to providing daily encouragement for real families. She has several how to’s for parents with learning children and all kinds of fun activities to do with your kids. Definitely be sure and check out her variety of subjects! Take a look {Read More…}

Girls and Their High {um…Broken} Heels – Letting Go

Raising Reagan | Girls and Their High {Um ...Broken} Heels

My darling daughter. What can I say? I love that you enjoy my closet and want to play dress up in mommy’s best heels. I love that you are fulfilling those dreams I had while I was pregnant with you of you walking around in my heels and owning the world. The sweet blue eyes {Read More…}

Pretty Little Liar

Raising Reagan | Back to the Corporate Grind - Letting Go

At what point in a child’s mind does a switch flip and they all the sudden become this sneaky, manipulative, LYING being? What the hell? How do they learn this fast that they can try to avoid things with a simple misstatement of the facts or just flat out lying? I am not happy about {Read More…}

A Hairstylist is Born

Raising Reagan | A Hairstylist is Born

Well ladies and gentlemen, a hairstylist is born! Reagan has decided to give herself a little haircut. I picked her up from preschool yesterday and Miss Jen looks at me the second I walk in with a perplexed face. “I need to talk to you a minute.” Oh God … what did she do? This {Read More…}

It’s a Girl!

Raising Reagan | It's A Girl

Brian caved. I’ve wanted to get a real pet for Reagan for a long time. {No offense fishy … but you aren’t exactly user friendly.} In all honesty, I also wanted a pet for me. There goes that whole selfish thing once again. So with a little convincing to Brian that I would be responsible {Read More…}

Reagan’s First Hockey Game

Raising Reagan | Reagan's First Hockey Game

We took Reagan to her first live sporting event; her first hockey game! It was a huge success. The Philadelphia Flyers were in town playing the home team Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday and Brian had gotten me tickets for Christmas. Merry Christmas to me! My beloved Flyers won and Reagan was extremely good the whole {Read More…}

An Unplugged Christmas

Raising Reagan | An Unplugged Christmas

I did it … I unplugged from the blog for almost an entire week. It was truly difficult as I wanted to rip open my laptop and attempt to answer the hundreds of emails sitting in my inbox. It didn’t help that every once in a while we would get cell reception at which point {Read More…}