Concept Learning
Child Development

What is Advanced Concept Learning?

Concept learning research has undergone several changes over the years. It has gone from dealing with logical combinations of individual features to probabilistic features. Those features are now considered more complex and require advanced learning methods. The goal of modern concept learning research is to improve the learning process. Let’s look at the field’s history …

hair extension
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What You Should Know Before Buying Hair Extensions

There are several things to consider before buying hair extensions. For example, how many grams of hair extensions do I need, or is synthetic hair less heat prone than human hair? This means frequent salon visits to maintain the style. In addition, synthetic hair costs more than human hair. These issues make natural hair an excellent …

Senior Parent
Parenting & Family

3 Signs that Your Senior Parent Should No Longer Live Alone

We do not all age at the same rate, but unfortunately, it is a universal inevitability, nevertheless. When age catches up, even the fittest seniors need assistance to live well. So, how does one find out if their old parent(s)need assisted living conditions to live better lives? There are several signs that anyone paying attention …

Commercial Kitchen
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How To Operate a Commercial Kitchen

Anyone who works in a commercial kitchen can tell you it’s like no other workplace. The fast-paced environment, constant noise, and stress of meeting tight production timelines are all part of the job. Fortunately, with the right strategies and techniques, you can become an even more efficient operator to thrive in this challenging environment. Whether …