Child Development

Homeschooling incentives to reward and encourage your little learners

There are some days when procrastination hits hard and concentrating is an alien concept. And when you’re a parent trying your best to homeschool your kids, it can often feel like you’re swimming against the tide. Maybe they’re distracted, perhaps they’re bored, they don’t understand or they’re too tired to comprehend why ‘Katy has 7 …

Kids Quarantine
Child Development

3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Busy During Quarantine

While not all places are still under quarantine, as long as the coronavirus is still present, it’s still wise to try to maintain social distance from people who may be infected. And because you can’t always know if someone is infected with COVID-19, it’s probably best to continue steering clear of those that you don’t …

home security

Top Security Innovations for the Home

The advancement of home security technology has been parallel to the development of the home since ancient times. From the domestication of the dog to act as a guard to the latest smart home security systems, humans have utilized technology to keep their families and possessions safe. There is a dazzling variety of high-tech security …