4 things you should know if you are a novice runner


Going for a run. That’s your new challenge. The desire you arrive late, but finally arrive. It was written, sooner or later you had to fall. Do you think your city tour to beat shoe? This fever, which is not so, because it perpetuates in time, have unwritten rules mandatory.

You already take time running (and think this Decalogue is not for you)? Check out, you never know if you’re doing all that well.

What you need to know:

These are your domains.

Sign the consent there, there and there, too. Yes. You’re part of an elite, of a tribe, congratulations, you are a runner. You will not give a card (unless you point you to a club) but social effects is as if you had. The runners greet when crossed in their careers (yes, even training), are encouraged, are recommended and empathetic look. A runner is a friend, a brother.

Do not jog, you do running.

Maybe someday you escape that prehistoric term ” race ” does not matter, but do not get. The only important thing is that never, ever what apodes “footing”. Get update.

Pick out all the organizational chart.

A runner calls another runner. That is, in many situations “run” will be a topic of unity and talk a resource that will help a lot. But watch out, you have to learn to differentiate the ‘runner’ structure. It’s simple: there are runners of postureo (to these the fast fighters), los ‘pro’ (very useful, ask your questions), which range from ‘pro’ and are not (ignore them) and the ‘detodalavida’. Yes, those who were running when nobody did and, then, were misunderstood social (athletically speaking). Respect.

Do not try venirte up.

Perhaps your references are Usain Bolt (if you do not know who is Google it or accuse you of being a runner of postureo) or even the very Forrest Gump (which Stride!). Okay, maybe someday you achieve your marks, but not the first day that you get the net. Running is progressive. You will evolve (also quite fast) as you go practicing.

Now, yes, the commandments:

You do with a core team with two essential elements: mesh (or shorts) and running shoes (the name ‘running’ is important).

Will heat up before running. Yes, running a little bit to start running, so hard, but necessary.

You’re not going to ‘pro’ without being one. Because you only get not to get tips that can really bring you things (they believe they already know everything) and because your recommendations can make someone suffers an injury.

Will combine perfectly your kit, okay, (not required to give up your style) but if you sign up to any race, is prohibited Brand ‘little something’ day ‘D’. It ‘s not the day. Grave error.

No makeup (go who go running in your group). The skin eliminates toxins, sweat, no need to clog.

Do not get confused on paper film. It’s an urban legend that runs around (yes, it’s also runner). You will sweat more, yes, but not thin. What you’re doing is losing liquid. Extra gramitos that the recover as soon as you drink water.

Will you create a habit? Not worth day in and day out a hundred no. Nor overtraining. Experts say that with 3 days a week (interleaved) will be a runner TOP.

Will you go changing travel? If the body becomes accustomed, habituated, your training will not be effective.

Thou shalt not go from zero to a hundred, or do a race or a marathon (or half) to ‘because I’m worth it’. You have to prepare for it. Not more visit the doctor to do a checkup before you start running.

Will stretch is important, you do sport you do. At the end you always have to stretch. Avoid injuries, overloading … superimportante: stretch!

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