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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family Camping

This summer get inspired to add a camping adventure to your plans with your family in Australia. Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and many are popular family camping locations.

With lots of great places to explore, here’s a list of why your kids will love an overnight adventure:

Camping Is Perfect Trip for the Entire Family
Chances are your family are all of different ages and agreeing on where to go on vacation can become a difficult task. Children and teenagers will likely vote on different places.

Luckily, Australia has an abundance of gorgeous beaches and national parks that have camping opportunities.

It can be a family camping trip and still allow those who are older to separate themselves for a part of the time. You get the best of both worlds in Australia.

With a camping trip, it is easy for the entire family to go on a kid friendly trip. It is ideal for all family members, regardless of their ages. The length of the trip can be lengthened or shortened based on your kids personalities. It could last a day or even a week.

Family Bonding Time 
There is no better way to bond with the family than having everyone together in close proximity.

Camping allows you to partake in activities that you would not be able to do at home. There are also opportunities for team work and to build co-operation when setting up your camping gear for instance. There are no distractions in sight without technology.

Even those who are really addicted to technology will eventually succumb to their surroundings.

Without being constantly connected to social media, you will be forced to connect with not only your family, but nature.

Cook and Eat Non-Prepared Meals 
You will be able to cook and prepare every meal together.

Children are used to going to get fast food or microwaving a frozen meal when parents do not cook.

They will learn the value of a hot dinner and learn that not everyone has the luxury.

You can go as far as going fishing and bringing your catch to the campsite or fire up the grill with a BBQ.

It is a perfect opportunity to eat burgers, grilled fish, or hot dogs.

Children will love sitting by the campfire and roasting marshmallows for dessert.

As the saying goes nothing tastes as delicious than the food you cook and make yourself outdoors.

Learning Experience with Teachable Moments in Nature
Provide teachable moments throughout your trip.

You will likely be given plenty of opportunities to teach your kids about nature or some sort of hands on skill that will help them later in life.

It is simpler to explain to your children the importance of recycling using real life examples and lessons. The real learning happens outside of a classroom not inside a classroom. There will be lots of new experiences and sights for everyone in the family to enjoy.

During the day, on your hikes you and your kids will see animals, insects, and plants in their natural habitats.

As the night approaches, during night-time walks different species will appear. You will experience nature like you have never before.

No Interruptions, Rules, or Schedules
Usually at home, children have bedtimes and must follow set chores and routines daily.

It is not often that you are given the chance to sit back and let time fly without caring.

You will be able to enjoy the fresh air and simply relax. It is a time in which everyone can forget about school, responsibilities, and work.

With nothing in particular it is easy to be spontaneous. Anything can occur without much planning or thought.

You can stay up and star gaze or watch the sunrise. Adventure awaits your family and children love that.

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