Mother's Day

How to Impress your mother in this Mother’s Day

Our mothers undoubtedly deserve the best things in life that we can offer them. A brief trip down the memory lane will only strengthen the bond between us and our mothers especially when we recall all the countless sacrifices she’s had to make for our sake.

Although mothers are one of the most important and most influential people in our lives, it would be grossly unfair to say most of us repay their affection and care over the years in full. While no one should wait for a single day to make their mother feel special, Mother’s Day offers a truly tremendous opportunity to make up for those unreturned missed calls and unpaid visits that have arisen due to everyday work and stress in our lives.  This year, you can do much better by using our lists of top things that matter to moms and get a valuable insight on how to make mama feel special this Mother’s Day.

  1. Spend the day with her

Perhaps the single most important thing that any child can do with their mother is to offer them the invaluable company and spending a full day with them. As we grow up, we tend to grow distant and distant from our parents owing to work commitments, projects and personal careers. If your regular check-up routine involves swinging by the grab a cup of coffee, this is the year to turn it around.

There are a lot of ideas on what to do for a full day, but our top picks involve going for a picnic, taking mom out to an expensive dinner or attending an event that matters to her. If you prefer to stay indoors, indulge her with quality company while she watches those soap operas that you don’t really like or just help out in the kitchen while she’s making some wickedly delicious recipes. The goal is to show her that you can compromise for her and do the things she loves with her.

  1. Bring the family together

Mothers are nurturers and if there’s one thing they will never get tired of, it’s seeing the whole family together. Depending on your family size and where everyone is situated, you can elect to organize a family lunch or dinner where you rendezvous with your siblings and parents to celebrate the person that has given you life.

If you want to make it even better, it would a great idea to remain tight-lipped till the day itself. This will truly be a pleasant surprise.

  1. Write a letter

The world has gone so techy that we’ve all forgotten what a good ol’ fashion pen and paper write up means to us. Irrespective of if you are available or indisposed, writing a letter and penning heart-felt emotions will go a long way in making your mom feel special. This shouldn’t be hard for you to do. You don’t have to be poetic either. Just write a powerful piece that highlights your mom and the role she has played in your life with all sincerity. Remind her of the funny moments that you both shared and throw some humour in about how she spanked you a couple of times for crashing her car. Try to use the word “mom” more in your letter than her first name. This will resonate a true emotional connection. Be sure to add a box of wine and some other gifts to accompany your written words.

  1. Take her to the Spa and then the salon

This one always works. Women love care and attention and there’s nowhere that does it better than a professional beauty spa. At prices fair on your pockets, you get to indulge your mother in a pampering, nerve-relaxing and stress-ridding massage, if she elects to get some manicure and pedicure done, so be it.

To make the experience more fulfilling, book the spa for yourself, your wife, your sister, a couple of friends and any other relative available for the experience. That way, you get to bring the family together and indulge everyone while putting mama at the centre of attraction.

If you end your spa session in time, head to the salon and see what’s new that she may like while giving her the opportunity to socialize with a couple of other women.

  1. A weekend getaway

Whenever getaways come to mind, we instantly think about our wives and lovers. Well, this time, its Mother’s Day.

Listen carefully and select a location that you know your mom has always wanted to visit or somewhere she would definitely love and make plans.

Since you’ve probably had a lot of new memories created without your mom, now is the time to bring her into the picture. To make the experience even better, consider planning a family getaway with your wife, kids, siblings and parents. This would present the perfect opportunity for her to link with her grandkids and make new memories.

If you are not able to make the trip on your own, sort out the expenses and send your parents a ticket to go enjoy themselves.

  1. Have a lengthy phone conversation

If time and place do not permit you to be with your family this Mother’s Day, a phone call may still be one of the most thoughtful ways to connect and make your mom feel special. You may be wondering how this is different from the everyday calls you make once in a while, but taking the initiative to talk to her and explain how much she means to you and your appreciation will definitely be more appreciated. If you can, call her multiple times at random time intervals to tell her one thing per hour that you’re grateful for, she’ll be thrilled, and you’d be surprised how much it actually means to her to hear it from you.

  1. Buy a gift

Nothing says I love you more than an expensive gift, right? Well, not exactly, but its close.

Hit the store and look through a wide catalogue of gifts for mothers and pick out a special item that you’re sure she’d want. Popular gifts that always make an impression include: a foot massager, a makeup box, facial cleansing products and cosmetics, a kitchen apron, a book, some measuring cups, her favourite glass of wine and even an amazon prime subscription.

  1. Find an old friend of hers and re-connect them

There’s got to be someone that she hasn’t seen in years. A smart way to inquire is to ask about some of her old folks and try to get a perspective of who she’d love to see. Of course, she won’t suspect your inner Sherlock Holmes to come to play but she’d be thrilled when she sees you walk in with her friend from college.

  1. Take her to a concert or cinema she’d love

If you have a sister, ask her about your mom’s favourite show if you don’t know it. And if she’s big on movies, head out to a cinema and give her a captivating movie on display to watch. A ballet, an opera, musical concerts or talk shows may also be her thing, if she connects with the music of the new generation.

  1. Try out that hotel she’s been eyeing

Still about going places, you can indulge your mom by making dinner reservations at one of the hotels she’s never been to but talks about. Again, surprise is the key here. Be sure to have her favourite wine on fleek and make some jolly good toast.

  1. Send her a video

If your mom is tech-savvy and a social media person, now might be the time to send her an Instagram video where you tell her about all the things she means to you and why you’re glad to be her child. A YouTube post will even blow her out of the water the more.

  1. A DIY gift

Well, we don’t know what you’d choose to make, but a DIY package from you to her will surely bring out all the smiles and emotions you could wish for. If you are an expert in a handiwork, you could sew your mom a dress and if you’re one with machines, now may be the time to service her car and other electronics.

  1. Give a gift that keeps giving

Whether it’s her favourite magazine, a monthly grocery basket or a wine of the month collection, gifts like these will make sure that your mom feels like every day is Mother’s Day and you won’t ever be distant from her memory.

Bottom line

No matter what you elect to do, where you decide to go or what you conclude on buying, the essence of this Mother’s Day celebration is to remind yourself and your mother how much she matters to you. Depending on your mom’s personality, simplicity and availability may be all that matters to you, but spoiling her with gifts and surprises will also make a loud statement. And lastly, don’t make the fathers jealous (LOL)

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