How to Capture Those Early Months With the Perfect Keepsake

As the old saying goes, they really do grow up so fast. It can be hard to believe how quickly your children transform from those precious weeks as a newborn baby to a playful toddler and child, brimming with their own personality. To retain a little of that special time, you might want to create some keepsakes to capture those memories for the future. Read on for some lovely ideas to inspire you.

Turn favorite clothes into something special

You might have favorite outfits that you wore throughout your pregnancy or those early weeks or precious little items your baby soon outgrew. Instead of letting them gather dust at the back of your storage, you can easily turn them into a special item to treasure and reuse.

Take a look at t-shirt quilts, where you can collect old t-shirts and have them transformed into a warm and cozy new blanket. It’s the perfect way of keeping those special memories close to you or for your child while still being practical and useful. You can also turn old baby clothes into a patchwork toy or cuddly animal and create a snuggly companion to treasure.

Create a keepsake box

Having a baby keepsake collection doesn’t need to be complicated or costly – the most important thing about it is that it should capture and reflect the moments that meant the most to you. There are all kinds of items that can be put inside a keepsake box, and this can often be quite a personal decision, as the most seemingly trivial moments may be filled with meaning for some.

Some suggestions of the kind of items you may like to include are a copy of an ultrasound picture, a hospital wristband, or their first lock of hair. You can often find specialty items to store things like hair locks carefully and safely, and they can be wonderful to look back on years later. You might also want to store the gifts or cards you may have been given.

Get creative with some art

Making your own art with your baby is a fun and playful way of creating some memories to treasure later on, and there are all kinds of ways of doing this. You may want to have a traditional footprint cast, where their feet may be lightly dipped in a material such as plaster to create a three-dimensional replica of their tiny toes. You can also do something similar at home by creating handprints or footprints on a piece of paper or fabric with non-toxic paint. Or, if you’d like to let your kids,when they are old enough to have a go themselves, you can get some card or paper and let them easily make patterns and create shapes and produce a truly unique piece of art for you to keep afterward. It is the perfect activity to do together, and if you do one every year, you will have a wonderful collection to look back on, seeing how much they have grown.

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