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Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected For Termites

Termites cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes across the US every year. They consume wood and many homes are wood-framed, making them an easy target. The biggest issue is that termites live in colonies and can slip in and out of your home without being noticed. This is helped by their size and the fact that they generally stay away from humans.

Once the termites have entered, they will build their nest and start multiplying. At first, the damage caused won’t be noticeable. But, over a period of time, they will do an increasing amount of damage and you are likely to notice.

The bottom line is that termite damage can cost you thousands while an inspection will cost you a few hundred dollars. It’s also more convenient to have an inspection than to have termite treatment. You should check out here to find your local specialist and get your home inspected.

Prevention measures

A termite inspection can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills and all you have to do is check here to find your local specialist.

But, it can also help to take preventative measures, these will reduce the likelihood of a termite invasion.

  • Repair Damage

Any part of your home that has wood in can be targeted by termites. That means if the wood is exposed it is a more attractive and obvious target. Regularly check your home to ensure that there are no wooden beams exposed, such as in roof spaces. If you find any, fix them immediately.

  • Concrete Around Your Home

Many termite invasions start around your home. The termites tunnel through the soil at the edge of your property and enter your foundations. They then have space to move and plenty of wood to eat.

The good news is you can block this access point by making sure you have a layer of concrete a couple of inches deep and six inches wide. This should connect directly to the house walls making it much harder for termites to enter.

  • Ditch cardboard

One of the biggest steps you can take to avoid attracting termites is to eliminate all cardboard waste quickly. That means placing it in sealed bags or bins as far away as possible from your home.

Cardboard contains cellulose which is what termites eat, and why they enjoy wood. Having it around your home is effectively the same as inviting them to dinner.

  • Check Moisture Levels

Most types of termites need to stay moist to survive. They are therefore attracted to houses with higher moisture levels. Take a moisture reading of your home. If it’s high you’ll want to find out why. It could be moisture rising through the soil, a leak inside your home, or several other possibilities Locating the issue and resolving it will lower the moisture content and make your home less appealing to termites.

  • Regular Inspections

As mentioned, regular inspections are essential. They may not prevent the termites from entering your home but they will ensure you know about the issue as early as possible and can eliminate them.

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