5 Reasons to sport the Skort in 2017


For those of you who may never have heard the word, or seen them worn, a ‘Skort’ isn’t that difficult to work out. Simply put together the words ‘short’ and ‘skirt’, and there you have it. In more detail, a skort is a garment that may somewhat resemble a skirt, but has divided legs that gives the wearer the ability to be more active. These became fashionable back in the 1970’s, and have made a big comeback as of late. This actual form of clothing has a history going back to the wearing of something called ‘culottes.’

Origins – Culottes

Originally, this word was applied to refer to trousers worn by men. Women’s fashion appears to have borrowed the word in the 1800s, when women began wearing culottes so that they could ride horses astride rather than side saddle. The split skirt design was perfect for riding safely while preserving one’s modesty.

5 Reasons Why to Sport a Skort in 2017

  1. Traditionally the skort is a fairly short piece of female attire, offering the coolness of wearing either a skirt, but with all the benefits of more modest coverage provided by shorts. You can see skorts being worn by more and more gentlewomen involved in sports, such as tennis, volleyball and even hiking.
  1. A skort can be made from a whole range of materials, although because most women wear them for modesty, they are often made from a thick fabric, rather than sheer. A skort these days is usually pleated, with a hidden side pocket. From a humble black skort to other brighter colours, more and more females are finding them the preferred method of clothing, especially during the summer months.
  1. Many women like the ease and freedom of wearing a skort because of the fact that it reveals less of the female figure than does a pair of shorts. The skort also manages to hide any perceived figure faults, and retains more of the feminine than shorts. After all, most respectable females have no desire to display their “assets!”
  1. A skort gives women who would otherwise feel restricted to wear skirts, the opportunity to be more physically active. The full coverage they present is more unassuming than a skirt, because a skort is not prone to flip up with intense physical activity or a spry wind. offer a wide range of top quality, stylish and practical school sports skorts in six different colours.
  1. A skort can transition from a functional piece of female clothing, to a stylish one. How many other forms of clothing can do just that? Having the ability to transform itself from one to the other is the envy of most other pieces of clothing!


Oddly enough, a number of females are somewhat hesitant to wear a skort at first, but after trying it on, some often wonder why anyone would ever wear a skirt! Especially for sports!


The Vitality of Games

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In the event that you have thought of it as and you have set you wish to embrace Clash of Clans Hack, in the first place, of all, you may get the chance to understand a solid supply to exchange it. Guarantee the connection you exchange is up so far which you will have the capacity to trust it. When you have found a solid downloading join, exchange the Clash of Clans Hack and Cheats apparatus and start it. Associate your gadget inside the pc wherever you have downloaded the hack, and tap on identify gadget. Once the gadget is discovered, you may basically get the chance to include what rate coins, elixirs and pearls you truly need to appreciate the amusement…

Lots are undoubtedly of cellular actions that are offered out there within the Google Play Shop or maybe the Apple Shop. Among both the greatest downloadable of this application game might be the Turmoil of Clans game. Super cell launched the game in 2012 which is created for both Android. This game is definitely an online multiplayer game. The game wants capabilities and planning to generate, and you will appreciate occasionally even the single-player game or the multiplayer.

The game’s first manner is always to create a help procedure for that household. You are necessary to utilize downtown planning your neighborhood to obtain this completed. By creating a city that’s tightly spaced meaning to strengthen your safety system. In comparison with protecting a town that is spread all around the location protecting for instance city is straightforward. Furthermore, it’s likewise smart that you simply include your selection for much more weapons and an enhanced assistance system. When you are restricted within the number of tools you can include for the group, the activity provides you with the advantage whenever you advance of presenting more resources for that additional in one stage. Moreover, in addition you have to choose guns that are efficient you could utilize to strike your competitors. And that means you should choose weapons which cannot be compound to use for such conditions.


Tips for Bringing Kids to a Chinese Restaurant

As any parent knows, taking kids to a restaurant can be challenging. Being in a new environment and possibly feeling overstimulated are just two factors that can contribute to unpredictable behavior. Dining with children in a restaurant with cuisine and customs from another culture can be especially daunting. The tips below can help.

Brush Up on Chinese Etiquette Rules

Americans who routinely eat Chinese food often eat at restaurants that offer Westernized versions of it. Because of this, they may be unaware of breeching certain standards of etiquette when they visit an authentic Chinese restaurant either here or in China. It is especially important for parents to understand these traditions so they can teach their children to be respectful of other cultures.

Since many Chinese restaurants close earlier than Americans are used to, sitting down to dinner at an earlier time is a good idea. For parents bringing young children to a restaurant, this is a good habit to get into anyways. Some other etiquette tips to keep in mind include:

  • One person should place the order for the entire party. This same person normally pays the tab, but that is up to the individual diners to decide.
  • American tourists in China should take the time to familiarize themselves with regional cuisine differences. Menus in true Chinese restaurants are often set up to display the area’s specialty first.
  • Chinese food is served family style except for rice. If children are unfamiliar with this, parents should take the opportunity to demonstrate how to pass food to other diners and wait their turn for a helping.

These are only a handful of situations when manners might become an issue. Travelers would be wise to study the region they are visiting for more in-depth information.

Make the Most of the Time Spent Waiting for Food

After one person places the group order, the children in the party are likely to get restless waiting for food to arrive. This is a good time for parents to explain what chopsticks are and how to use them. Looking around the restaurant and playing a game of make-believe with the Chinese decorations is a good way to pass the time as long as it’s done respectfully. Introducing kids to the concept of fortune cookies and zodiac signs are additional ways to keep them occupied until it is time to eat. The younger the child, the more unrealistic the expectation for him or her to sit quietly while adults talk.

Best Practices for Ordering Chinese Food for Kids

With children who have never eaten Chinese food before, it’s best for parents to ease them into the flavor and texture. Eggs rolls, wonton soup, egg drop soup, and steamed dumplings tend to make good appetizers for kids because of the bright colors and the fun of dipping the dumplings in sauce. Any type of noodles is a good choice for the main dish, especially for young people who like spaghetti. Sauces and cut-up vegetables go over well as part of the main dish also. Fortune cookies make excellent desert since they are low in calories and sugar.

If parents respect their child’s schedule and understand his or her normal food preferences, lunch or dinner out at a Chinese restaurant should go well.


5 Ways the Sun Directly Affects Your Skin

The sun, the beautiful sun, what would we do without it?  The sun usually gets a bad rap for having only negative effects on our health, when actually, it has many positive effects. It plays a major role in the health of our skin and can determine how quickly our skin ages, can cause dark spots and in certain cases can even skin cancer. There are good and bad benefits to the sun. Let’s take a look at 5 ways the sun affects us directly.

1 – Mood Enhancing

The great thing about sunlight is that it is a totally free mood enhancer. Why do people go on holiday to sunny places? When the body receives sunlight, serotonin created in the body increases. Serotonin is known as the body’s “happy” hormone, and is essential to mood enhancement and makes us feel happier!

2 – Vitamin D

Sunlight’s best known benefit is how it boosts the body’s supply of vitamin D. Most deficiencies of vitamin D can be connected to a lack of sun exposure. Vitamin D also helps the absorption of calcium in the bones. However, it is not necessary to get a tan in order to receive the proper amount of vitamin D that your body requires.

3 – Cataracts

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens that will hinder a person’s vision. Cataracts can form in the eyes of people who have had extended exposure to sunlight. Most UV light from the sun enters the eyes through the lens and can irritate or potentially damage them. You can prevent cataracts by either wearing sunglasses while outside or a hat that has a wide brim or cap with a peak. House window tinting in Perth is another good idea of lessening the sun’s impact.

4 – Sun Burns

Sunburn is widely known as one of the most negative side effects of too much sun exposure, and is why people in sunny climes tend to stay out of the sun. If you are living in W. Australia, check out  affordable house window tinting by Rayban Window Tinting for the very best out there in the tinting industry. The symptoms of sunburn do not usually appear until around 4 hours after the sun exposure has occurred. This can worsen around 24-36 hours after exposure.

Commonplace Symptoms of Sunburn are:

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Tender skin
  • Blisters
  • Nausea

Severe burns, a fever and severe pain or blisters that are filled with liquid as a result of sunburn require urgent attention from a medical professional.

5 – Wrinkles

Most wrinkles are natural due to the aging of our skin, but high UV exposure can and does cause wrinkles to form by weakening collagen and fibres in the skin. Nonetheless, there are numerous remedies for wrinkling, including cutting back on tanning and giving skin nourishment with the daily use of moisturizer.

The sun, love it or hate it, it’s been there a long, long time and as an old proverb says “Sunshine all the time maketh a desert.” Don’t you become a desert!


Great Expectations: Giving Your Dog a Name to Live Up to

When we were small, picking a pet’s name was easy. Not allowed to have a dog, at 11-years-old I named my pet parakeet Perdita (Perdy for short) after the mama Dalmatian in 101 Dalmatians, it was the best I could do with what I was given. Now as an I adult I realize that I could have done better by that pet bird, and shouldn’t have named her after something I wanted to have instead.

The Name Game

We all make fun of people who name their pets (and even their children) ridiculous names. Do we understand ourselves why some names work and some don’t? Think about it, does the name Brutus serve a muscular and stout pit bull very well in the real world? No, it doesn’t. Pit bulls already have to fight the negative stigma of being cold-blooded killers, naming him after a literal backstabber isn’t going to help the cause. Here’s a list of 30 dog names that’ll look good on a dog collar with name plate and expound the true, beautiful spirit of your pup.

  1. Cosmo: Used to describe the world and universe.
  1. Cricket: Always offering a pleasant chirp, crickets play lovely nature songs. If your pup communicates through sound and there is a constant state of noise, he’s a little cricket!
  1. Crockett: Derivative of the French croquet meaning ‘to hook.’
  1. Cy: As defined by the Urban Dictionary, Cy is the meaning of someone who is “one-of-a-kind.”
  1. Dante: Named for the great Italian poet, Dante is a name befitting the smart adventurer.
  1. Davey: Playful take on the name David, meaning “king.”
  1. Davos: After the reformed smuggler turned Hand of the King in Game of Thrones.
  1. Devo: Named for the popular rock group Devo. If your pup is an energetic ball of fur, Devo is his name-o.
  1. Dingo: A wild dog that roams Australia. Cute but fierce when they need to be Dingos protect the pack.
  1. Dino: Named for the loveable purple fictional snorkasaurus, Dino welcomed his master with gusto and love every time he walked through the door.
  1. Dobby: Named for the loyal and brave fictional house elf Dobby of the Harry Potter series, Dobby would be a dog who loves his human family wholly and unconditionally.
  1. Doc: Short for ‘doctor.’
  1. Dottie: Nickname to Dorothea or Dorothy.
  1. Emmett: A popular British surname, Emmett means ‘Entire.’
  1. Evie: Hebrew, meaning life, living, lovely.
  1. Fergus: Strong Scottish name meaning choice, vigor and force.
  1. Fleur: French for ‘flower.’
  1. Flint: Material used to start fire. Flint is a dog with a spark for life!
  1. Floyd: To mean ‘gray’ or ‘’gray-haired.’ If your pup has an old soul, the name Floyd will help to express his maturity.
  1. Ford: The shallow, safe area to cross a river. Ford is reliable.
  1. Freya: From the Old Norse meaning ‘Lady.’
  1. Frieda: From the Old Norse meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘beloved.’
  1. Gale: A forceful wind.
  1. Gilly: An attendant of athletic hunting. Gilly would be an ideal name for the Labrador hunting dog.
  1. Greta: Swedish for ‘Pearl.’
  1. Godot: The name off an important (but off-stage) character from Samuel Beckett’s world-renowned play “Waiting for Godot.”
  1. Gromit: Of Wallace and Gromit fame, the name Gromit is associated with a sweet, hard-working and endearing pet dog.
  1. Guinness: Enjoy rabble rousing with your pup? Name him after the deliciously bubbly Guinness drink.
  1. Hans: German for ‘Gift from God.’
  1. Harlow: A common English surname meaning ‘Army.’

Naming your newest family member is a privilege, and should be treated as such. Give the pooch a name to proud of and one he’ll be remembered for.


What is the Right Dog for You?

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience. They are intelligent, loving, fun and very loyal, making them a great addition to your life. Owning a dog brings many benefits, and recent studies show that they are especially good for children.

Owning a dog is a long-term commitment

However, it is important to remember that owning a dog is a big responsibility. After all, you are going to have to care for your pet for 15 years, maybe more. Therefore, it is important to be realistic about what is involved in introducing a dog into your home, and be ready for everything involved.

You need to ask yourself if you will be physically able to carry on exercising a dog as you age, and your family responsibilities change. It is also important to consider whether you have a sufficient income to allow you to pay for food, and things like vet fees and vaccinations. If you are not sure you can make these long-term commitments, it is far better to adopt an older animal, instead of getting a puppy.

If you do decide that you are able to take on a dog you still need to make sure that you choose one that is suitable for your family. A good breeder, like Douglas Hall Kennels, will always discuss this with you before you choose a puppy. Honest breeders are careful to ensure that people do not go home with a little dog that grows into one that they cannot handle, or afford to look after.

Where you live

They will check that you have enough space to bring up a dog, and look after him or her in adulthood. If you do not have much room, the last thing you need is a big dog, but there are plenty of smaller breeds available, which may be a good fit for you and your family.

The character of a dog

If you have small children, the character of the puppy you choose is especially important. You will have to train your dog to behave properly. In addition, you will need to teach your kids how to behave with pets. This is the case regardless of what breed you choose.

However, some types of dogs are more suitable for families than others are. Some cope better with the chaos of family life than others do. Bulldogs, beagles and boxers are all patient and calm dogs that work well for many families.

However, if you are very active family, you may be better off with a more energetic dog that can run around all day without getting tired out, for example a Labrador or golden retriever. You will need a dog that has the ability to keep up, and live at a fast pace.

You have to think about the energy of the dog, and how they will fit in with your family. If you are not sure what I mean by that, you can find out more on this page. It is written by Cesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer, and he goes into far more depth than I can here.

So, to sum up you need a dog that you can afford to keep, as well as one that you can take care of, and have the space for. Most importantly, you need to look for a dog that will fit in with the way your family lives.


Entertainment Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune – All It Takes Is an iPhone

smartphone using

It seems as though the harder we work, the less money we have to do on things that are just plain fun. Most workers are on a tight budget with little to no disposable income and what there is left after paying all those monthlies is pitiful. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing watching the same programs over and over on Sky, why not look around for some other activities that are fun but don’t cost a small fortune. All it takes is that iPhone 7 and a bit of creative thinking. There’s more fun to be had with that iPhone than you can imagine.

Leaf Peeping – It’s Free, Isn’t It?

Those who love the outdoors might want to take a stroll now that autumn is here. With all the brilliant colours just about to be at their peak, this is the time of year to get out the camera, grab a picnic basket and head to the nearest park. Many would-be professional photographers are no longer wannabes but are now full-fledged freelancers with impressive gigs because they captured autumn colours at their finest. Not only is it free to roam about with that iPhone 7 but the camera is well worth the cost when you can capture nature at her finest.

A New Generation of Gaming

So you work extra hours just to keep your mobile plan and the latest iPhone because of all the really cool features it has. Why not take up gaming? You can access tons of free apps here at the iTunes store and use them whilst on the train to and from work or even on those nights when there’s nothing to do, everyone’s already busy and you’re bored out of your mind. In fact, many of the games you can play are multi-player platforms like Sun Bingo and a great way to meet other gamers from the UK and abroad. It may not be the same as throwing the ball around a bit at the local park, but a whole lot less tiring and many, many more places to play!

Need a Bit More Exercise? Put That Smartphone to Work!

Whilst not exactly a game in the traditional sense of the word, you can also spend hours and hours playing Pokémon Go and get in that much needed exercise at the same time. Pokémon deserves a whole new category of fun (and cheap) things to do because it falls somewhere in between an exercise regimen and a digital game. In fact, the latest buzz is in just how many star-struck lovers met whilst traversing the neighbourhood searching out those Poké balls. Who would have ever believed that Pokémon was actually cupid in disguise? Guess he must be if all those reports are true!

YouTube Hobbies Galore

Then there’s the old faithful king of how-to’s, YouTube. What about that hobby you have been meaning to take up but haven’t the faintest notion where or even how to start? It doesn’t matter what you want to learn to do or how in-depth you want to go, if it can be done, there’s a YouTube video to show you how. From knitting to building drones, any hobby you want to take up just for the fun of it has step-by-step video instructions that will walk you through without paying the first pound to join a class. You’re already paying for that iPhone so let it earn its keep!

Keeping up with Local Events

Another great way to find fun things to do that are either free or very low cost is to join a mailing list for events in your area. These are emailed or Tweeted directly to your iPhone so that you are always up on the latest events even before the news hits the stands. There’s always something going on from a free concert at the local university to discounted tickets to a local festival. You won’t know unless you keep informed so do a bit of searching around and when you find that events feed, you’ll know it’s the one to join.

No one has ever said that iPhones come cheaply but if you are a little creative and ready to experiment a bit you’ll surely find ways to stay entertained with the only cost being monthlies on the iPhone and plan. So, you’re on a budget – who isn’t? With your iPhone in hand you can find plenty to do so stop moping around and put those thumbs to work. If there’s something to do, your iPhone will find it.


Tips to Throw a Tantalizing Taco Party

Whether you’re planning to have a party on Taco Tuesday, or you’re going to go ahead and make it a Taco Saturday, these parties inspired by Mexican fare are a favorite among hosts and guests alike. Throwing a taco party is fun and festive, and it is also an easy way to manage the food.

Below are some tips to throw the best taco party your guests have ever seen.

Delicious But Simple Appetizers

Appetizers are great to have at almost any party because they give your guests something to nibble on while they’re just getting to know everyone. The perfect appetizers for a taco party? A guacamole bar. Make several different kinds of guacamole and offer your guests different chips as well. It’s incredibly simple but delicious.

Create Elegant Options

Just because you’re having a taco-themed party doesn’t mean you can’t offer your guests world-class fare, and you can do this and still keep it relatively simple at the same time. Taco parties are great because it gives your guests the opportunity to choose the items they like, and it’s primarily a DIY dinner option. Think outside the box of the traditional taco toppings like ground beef and cheese. Mix it up by offering items like chorizo, fresh sliced radish, pork, pineapple, or shrimp. If you go with these kinds of ingredients, your taco party will instantly feel more sophisticated. Really want to wow your guests? Think about making your own homemade tortillas. What’s ideal about many of the items you might use for a taco party, such as braised meats, is that it can be made in a slow cooker, so you’re not scrambling to get everything finished right before the party.

Choose a Bright Color Palette

According to Party Swizzle, it’s a good idea to add lots of bold, bright colors in terms of your decorations. A bar area is a great place to really go out all out with your festive color palette. It’s also a good idea to create visual interest through the use of items of varying heights. Juxtapose the bright colors of your decorations with some natural items, such as rattan placements, or use a simple, fresh, white tablecloth to make your table settings pop. You can also save money and stick with the Mexican theme by using colorful paper flowers as opposed to real floral arrangements.

The Drinks

When you think taco party, the margarita is probably the first beverage that comes to mind, but you can experiment here. Depending on the season you might consider different types of margaritas, such as a watermelon option, or a lime and jalapeño version. Offer variations of both spicy and sweet drinks so there’s something for everyone. If you want to make things simple for yourself during the party so you can spend time enjoying your guests, go ahead and rim the glasses and have everyone serve themselves from pitchers.

A taco party is a fun themed event to throw, and it can range from feeling festive and even a bit silly, to chic and sophisticated, depending upon the type of tacos you serve, your drinks, and the overall décor you opt for.


Gifts New Parents will Truly Appreciate

Visiting new parents and their little bundle of joy for the first time is an honor. You’re excited to see them and take part in these precious early moments of their child’s life, and of course, you want to bring a gift. So how do you choose a gift for new parents? They may be swimming in baby shower gifts, or have doting grandparents just waiting to provide everything they need and more. But, there are items that will truly make their lives easier, or just make them feel good as they battle sleepless nights and shower-less days.

Here are a few gift ideas that new parents will truly appreciate. (Hint: none of them are for baby).

Bring on the Food

Between nappy changes, bathing baby, swaddling and snuggling, new parents don’t often have time to plan out and prepare nutritious meals. This is where you can come in – offer to bring them a home-cooked meal or provide them with a frozen lasagna and salad in a bag, with a great baguette on the side. Having a meal ready at hand can really be a lifesaver in the early days. Also, don’t forget about snacks. Nursing mums consume a few extra calories, and need extra-hydration, and dad will need some extra stamina during this time too.

Soft Robes and Slippers

In the first few weeks they’ll be spending plenty of time at home, so why not help them feel as comfortable as possible? A soft robe, slippers, maybe a memory foam pillow; all of these can help them really snuggle in and enjoy their time with their new baby.

Invigorating Beauty and Bath Products

Sometimes it can mean the world to new parents just to be able to slip away for a little alone time and have a nice bath or shower. Make bath time all the more luxurious with a refreshing, all-natural face or body scrub or a lavish lotion and shower gel. You can even bring mum a new mascara and lip gloss to help her feel like herself again. Just keep in mind that most new parents won’t want to put anything on with heavy artificial fragrances, as they need to ensure baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction.

Good coffee, wine or beer

Even new parents will need to let loose a little, or at least indulge in a fine morning espresso. Put together a little new-parent gift basket with a bottle of wine, two good beers or a pound of freshly roasted coffee and mugs, along with some sweet or savoury treats. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and recognition that they’re still people too.

Help Around the House

Be a friend by stopping by to mow the lawn, help with laundry, mop the floors, take the dog for a walk, or do any other necessary household task that may be a challenge for them at the moment. There’s nothing quite like giving your time and energy to help out. You can also offer to babysit, although they may not quite be ready to leave baby for the first time.

Choosing a gift for new parents is really about being thoughtful and considering what will be most helpful, or most comforting and enjoyable during this special time of life.


How to Choose the Right Hair Styling Tools

When it comes to styling your hair, the products that you use play a huge part in contributing to your final look. Tools such as hair flat irons, hair dryers, and curling tongs are all used regularly by millions of women around the world in their quest to get the perfect hairstyle. But, when it comes to making sure that your hair is always looking its best, it’s vital to be aware that not all hair styling tools are created equal. If you’re shopping for a new set of flat irons or some heated curlers to help you achieve the looks that you want, it’s important to know what to consider so that you are in with a better chance of making the right choice.

Right Hair Styling
Royalty free photo

Heated Styling Tools

When buying heated styling tools for your hair, it’s a good idea to invest in a tool which is designed to produce the best results without causing too much heat damage. Although when you use heated styling tools such as flat irons or curling tongs it’s vital to always spray your hair first with a heat protection solution, the actual tool that you’re using can also have an effect on your hair. Because of this, it’s a good idea to read reviews, such as reviews for the best flat irons, and opt for products which are made by a reputable brand.

Your Hair Type

When choosing styling tools and products for your hair, it’s also important to take your own hair type into consideration. For example, if you have very curly hair and are looking for a good flat iron which you can use to straighten it, you will need to find a product which is suitable to use on big, curly hair. On the other hand, if you have fine, straight hair and are looking for a product to curl it with, opting for a smaller curling wand or tongs can produce better results. Certain hair styling product manufacturers make products that are specifically designed for various hair types, so be sure to keep your eye out for these.


Hair styling tools and products can cost you either a little or a lot, depending on the types of tools and the brands that you go for. When it comes to buying styling tools such as curlers and flat irons for your hair, it can be tempting to buy the cheapest product on offer in order to save money. However, you should also take into consideration the fact that you will need to look after the condition of your hair over time. Hair styling tools which are very cheap are often too good to be true – they may be able to style your hair, but are more likely to damage it over a period of time. Because of this, treating yourself by investing in a good quality hair styling tool is the best option!

When choosing styling tools for your hair, making sure to consider the type of styles that you want, your hair type, and that your hair is protected from damage is vital.

Shopping Wedding

8 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Buy an Engagement Ring

Shopping is definitely not a man’s game. For one, most of them don’t have the meticulousness of a woman when it comes to purchasing items. Two, most of them just don’t have the woman’s shopping instincts or patience. But shopping needs not be complicated for men, especially when they are guided by the right questions.

If you’ve been thinking of sweeping your lady off her feet, kneeling down before her and holding out a diamond engagement ring will surely do the trick. But before you do that, make sure to choose the right ring that will perfectly fit in that much-coveted finger. Here are 8 questions to guide you in your selection process:

  1. How much is your budget?

Setting a budget is like setting the boundaries of a basketball court. This way, you’ll know how far you can dribble your money for an engagement ring. If you’re unsure of your price range, a 1940’s ad suggested a budget that is equal to two months of your salary. But if you’re uncomfortable spending that much, you can definitely lower it to your convenient price range. However, if you have enough savings to spend on an expensive ring, then invest on it. Remember that wedding rings hold symbolic and lifetime values. But this should not cause you to jeopardize your financial stability. Determining a price range that you’re comfortable with will make this shopping experience more rewarding. Once you’ve determined your budget, it would be easier to explore available options that could maximize your hard-earned money.


  1. Where should you buy the ring?

Once you’ve set your price range, list the possible jewellers whom you will be trading with. Choosing the right jewellery store is central to finding the right ring for you. Don’t worry; you won’t need to go to Mount Doom in Mordor to have your ring forged. However, keep in mind that buying a jewellery is not like buying a grocery item in a nearby store. This means to say that finding a jeweller you can trust is imperative. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when determining the right jewellery shop:

  1. Is the company established and has credentials?
  2. Do they offer a wide variety of services?
  3. Is the jeweller knowledgeable?
  4. Do they handle diamond certification and appraisal?
  5. Does the jeweller listen to your needs?

Basically, you have to ask yourself if the jewellery shop could be trusted. Checking their valid third-party certifications and verifications will further help you ensure their authenticity. Asking the right questions and having a sense of trust with the jeweller will make your shopping experience more convenient. You can also seek the advice of you friends, family or any trusted person. Better yet, bring them with you when scouting for an engagement ring.

  1. What is her ring size?

Most men overlook the size of their partner’s ring finger. In order to avoid the humiliation of sliding a smaller or a bigger ring on your girlfriend’s finger, find out her ring size. If you want to maintain the element of surprise in your proposal, you can try these subtle tricks:


  1. Sneak away one of her rings when she’s not looking and bring it to the jewellery shop to have the ring sized for you immediately
  2. Use a pen and a paper to trace the size of one of her rings
  3. Ask her friends or family
  4. Enlist a friend who will ask your girlfriend to try on her engagement ring

If the ring still doesn’t fit, you need not be anxious. Take the ring back to the jeweller and have it resized (though you may have to pay extra for this). Nevertheless, the best and easiest way to know her ring size is by asking her directly.

  1. Which style should you choose?

Every woman is unique. Thus, it is imperative to research the style of your partner to determine the perfect ring design that will best reflect her personality. Important factors to consider when choosing a particular style are setting, stone shape and cutting style.


Here are some personality tips that you may find helpful in finding out your girlfriend’s style:


Gentle. If your girlfriend reflects this personality, e.g., she loves animals, children, and elderly people and has really long patience, a simple yet elegant design might be the perfect ring for her.


Artsy. If you’ve fallen in love with a woman who is passionate for arts, theatre, literature, and music, choosing a uniquely designed ring may suit her perfectly. The ring needs not be huge or expensive. But it should be interesting enough to capture her imagination.


Bold. If your girlfriend is the type of woman who speaks her mind and enjoys being the center of everyone’s attention, then you should probably choose a ring that will reflect her outstanding personality. Choosing larger settings and stones, like sapphires and rubies, usually captures their attention.


Classic. If your partner usually dons on a classy little black dress or a white blouse or a high fashion bag, chances are she’s a classic woman. Choosing a simple yet elegant design (e.g., a sparkling round cut diamond) will do you just fine. Remember that these women choose substance over trends.


Fashion-forward. If your girlfriend is the type who goes with the most current fashion trend, choosing a modern yet sophisticated design may be your best option.


Dramatic. For men with passionate and fiery partners, choosing a flashy but elegant design will bring smiles to your bride-to-be’s face. You may choose resplendent stones such as a princess cut diamond.


Eclectic. Bubbly and energetic women have a unique style of their own. If your girlfriend is this type of woman, choosing a unique design that would appeal to her many distinct styles will surely impress her. You may go for a vintage design with a romantic touch.


Whatever style you choose, remember that nothing touches a woman’s heart more than a thoughtful man.


  1. Should you go for a diamond?

Engagements are one of the most memorable moments in a woman’s life, and choosing a diamond engagement ring may take your relationship to the next level. However, while engagement rings are considered investments, not all women are impressed with a diamond. It’s best to research your girlfriend’s preference. Perhaps there’s a certain stone that she likes more than a diamond. Most importantly, check if a diamond ring will fit in your budget. Following are notes that you might want to ponder before buying a diamond ring:


Pro: A diamond ring is the quintessential symbol of purity and elegance. Plus, the circular shape of the ring is a metaphor for everlasting love. Buying your girlfriend a diamond ring may give her a sense of being special and treasured.


Con: Buying a diamond ring is costly, and putting a lot of financial pressure on the purchaser will not build the couple’s relationship. If buying a diamond causes a lot of financial restraints in your life, the Internet is available for you to research on other classy alternatives.


  1. What are the 4C’s?

If you’ve decided on buying a diamond engagement ring, studying the 4 C’s is as important as studying for a class exam. After all, you don’t want to waste your money on the wrong diamond. The 4 C’s stand for cut, carat, clarity and color.


Cut. This refers to the angles and proportions of the stone, rather than to the shape of the diamond. A cutter determines a diamond’s cut, which gives the diamond its sparkle.


Carat. The carat refers to the weight of the diamond. The heavier the stone, the more it will weigh on your budget.


Clarity. Clarity determines the diamond’s perfection. The clearer it is, the fewer imperfections it has, and thus the more expensive it will be. Diamonds also have inclusions that affect their clarity. Fewer inclusions suggest better quality.


Color. Diamonds have a variety of colors. Colorless diamonds are the rarest, and thus the most expensive, while white color diamonds are the most common. To determine the right color for your partner, check her style preference.


  1. Which metal should you choose for the engagement band?

Choosing the right metal will enhance the overall design of your engagement ring. Platinum is the most durable, yet the most expensive, metal option. But you could go for a cheaper, yet similar look, by choosing a white gold. Rose gold and yellow gold are also stunning choices which are friendly to your budget. But always keep in mind your fiancé’s style before deciding on which metal to go with your gemstone.


  1. What are the warranty and return/exchange policies?

Before you get overwhelmed by all the different cuts, styles, stones and metals for your perfect engagement ring, be sure to be a well-informed and wise buyer. Always check the jeweller’s warranty and return/exchange policies as accidents can happen.


Finding the right engagement ring for your partner can exhaust you even before you propose to her. But the trip will surely be worth it, especially when she finally screams, “Yes, I will!!!” However, while this journey can be both exciting and scary, you should probably ask this last question first before you even think of buying an engagement ring: Have you really found the right girl?


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