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Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Office Environment

Recent studies on the benefits of plants have led researchers to some very compelling results. They concluded that plants in the working environment increased productivity, creativity, lowered absenteeism, and a host of other positives. Perhaps it’s an innate desire inherited from our ancestors who spent so much more time in the wild than we do today.

It’s common knowledge plants are good for people. They cleanse the air we breath turning carbon dioxide back into oxygen. They add beauty to any nook or cranny, even an office cubicle. Looking at them gives a feeling of fresh air and outdoor fields and gardens. Now more than ever the trend is for office managers and employees to fill their working spaces with plants. You can even get services from indoor plant hire companies like Gaddys office plant hire who specialise in tailored packages for the work environment.

If this sounds interesting and you’re considering adding plants to your work place, here are some factors to consider for before choosing your plants.


Plants best suited for the office are those that require low light. If these plants were found in the wild, they would be the ones at the bottom of the forest floor below a canopy of trees. They will have large leaves that allow them to capture light and grow. Remember also that just because you have several sunny windows in the office that doesn’t mean plants that require a higher level of sunlight will do well. It’s best to stick with low-light varieties.


When choosing your office plants consider their growth rate. You will do better to choose ones that grow slowly. Fast-growing plants likely need maintenance such as pruning and frequent watering. You also have to take space into consideration. You don’t want plants from one space or cubicle intruding on another or becoming a nuisance. Good office plants are those that need infrequent watering and low maintenance.


Consider the appearance of the plants you choose. Make sure they enhance the office rather than distract. Some blooming plants only stay pretty for a short time. They will likely need more light than the office provides. Blooms eventually dry up and shed. Following are some good choices for office plants.

Philodendrons: With hundreds of species, philodendrons have large oval or spear-shaped leaves. They are broken down into two major groups: climbing, or vining, and solitary, or non-climbing.

Pothos: These flowering plants have long-lasting blooms and large green leaves. They adapt amazingly to an indoor environment.

Nephthytis: This plant has attractive green and white leaves that are usually arrow-shaped. If you choose this plant, make sure to let people know they are toxic to animals. This is not a good choice if a coworker has a service or emotional support animal.

Succulents: These plants will work well in an office with plenty of natural light. The thick, fleshy leaves retain water well. Do not overwater succulents.

Ferns: Ferns are lovely and do well in low light. Keep in mind that they need consistent moisture and humidity to thrive.

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How to Turn Your Garden into a Paradise

When life gets busy and you hardly have a spare moment to yourself, it’s easy to forget about your garden. Even homes with large back-yards filled with potential can be neglected and left to overgrow. Mowing the lawn might be about all you can muster the energy for, and growing too many plants would mean having to rethink your mower route. However, taking care of your garden can transform it into your secret sanctuary.

The effort of letting it blossom will fade from your memory once you’re relaxing in your very own paradise. It doesn’t have to be difficult – here are some ideas to give you inspiration on turning your own garden into a back-yard piece of paradise.

One: Get Growing

The first and probably most important step to turning your garden into a peaceful, beautiful place to relax is to start growing plants. Flood your garden with greenery and flowers – even trees, if you like, and notice the tranquility that quickly follows. The process of tending to other lives and spending time outdoors is extremely beneficial for your mental health and gives you time to breathe.

Gardening is an excellent activity for taking your mind off other issues in life as it provides a physical distraction that doesn’t require too much energy. Soon, you might even feel as if the act of gardening itself is what soothes you most, but if not, press on until you see the final results. A gorgeous garden can make anybody happy. Choose plants that suit your lifestyle and tastes. For example, if you are rarely at home, then it’s best to find plants that require little attention and will survive on their own for long periods unattended. If you live in a climate that doesn’t allow you to grow your favorite plant, try using simple and affordable hoop house frames to create a dedicated spot for your greenery to grow. It’s important that you do your research and learn about what each of your plants require from you. Some are extremely low-maintenance while others demand nuanced and complicated treatment. Just find the balance of what you’re hoping to achieve and what you are willing to put into it. Either way, filling your yard with plants will give it a blooming, luscious appeal that you won’t be able to resist.

Two: Water Features

There’s nothing quite like the relaxing sensation that comes with the sound of trickling water. When people imagine tranquility, there is often a pond or waterfall in their mind’s eye. You can have this in your very own garden by examining the layout of your plot and finding out which water feature would work best. Rockeries can provide the right angles and depth for a small waterfall and ponds are great for animal lovers who want to adopt some beautiful fish. Even if your yard isn’t very big, a small fountain can make such a difference to how you see your garden. Invest in some comfortable patio furniture or lawn chairs to enjoy your garden as another room entirely. There’s something deeply satisfying about being able to lounge in the privacy of your own slice of heaven, especially if there’s an element of visual interest such as an elegant water feature.

Three: Encourage Animals

When most people think of nature and the outdoors, they picture animals. Classical, romantic imagery often depicts places of extreme beauty as being filled with all kinds of animal life as well as plants. Entice little visitors to your garden for an added sense of harmony. Birdfeeders attract all sorts of flying guests who wouldn’t usually allow you to see their plumage up close. Ponds invite frogs who can eat the pesky flies while providing some gentle background croaking for increased atmosphere. Certain plants are known for attracting butterflies, dragonflies, bees and other beautiful insects. Of course, protect your plants appropriately from pests such as aphids and slugs. Enjoy your garden by sharing it with all sorts of life, both flora and fauna.

The great thing about gardens is that clutter becomes abundance and beauty. Spending time in an idyllic back-yard will ease your mind and soothe your soul, all while bringing new life into the world. Start by choosing the kinds of plants you think you can look after with the least changes to your lifestyle. Learn about the techniques and equipment you might need to plant them in your garden. Add some interest to your yard by installing a water feature, such as a pond or fountain. Feel more alive by spending time with nature and indulge in the luxury that is a gorgeous garden.

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Are You Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Spaces?

If done in the right way, a garden revamp can breathe a new lease of life into your property and add serious value. There are a myriad of different ways to optimize your garden but many of them, such as installing a swimming pool or re-landscaping the terrain, can cost too much money for the frugal home improver. Here is a list of the best ways to improve your garden without breaking the bank.

  1. Turf Wars

Grassy areas are delightful, but if not maintained properly they can make your house look drab and unfinished. Are there large patches of yellowing grass? Look into products that might help to boost the morale of your withering lawn. Sprinkler systems can ensure that throughout the long summer months your thirsty grass remains hydrated. Perhaps you are having problems with pesky creatures such as moles digging up large swathes of grass? While it may seem unnecessary, if you do not address the problem it will only get worse.

  1. Fences and Borders

Nothing detracts from the appearance of your house like a broken, chainlink fence or the absence of a fence altogether. A simple way to boost the appearance of your home is to maintain a well structured fence. Whether you are going for a traditional white picket affair, or a large wood panelled divider, spending a little money at the borders of your property will pay off. If you do decide to install a new wooden fence, make sure you preserve it correctly so it lasts for years to come.

  1. Flower Beds

A well maintained flower bed adds enormous appeal to any garden. But fear not, you don’t have to be a green God or Goddess to inject some color into your property. You can buy mature plants to save growing them from seed if you are in a rush to get your garden together. If you do have a bit of time, read up about what to plant and when. You may even find yourself a new hobby.

  1. Outdoor Cooking facilities

Nothing is better than a place to cook outside, it provides you with somewhere to entertain and, if you choose the right product, it can really create a wonderful ambience in your garden. If you are looking for something slightly different to the standard barbecue check out A freestanding pizza oven or grill adds a great deal of aesthetic appeal to any garden, with the benefit that it can be moved from house to house should you move.

  1. Storage

Any effort you expend renovating your garden can be undone if you fail to keep it tidy. To maximize the aesthetic appeal of your yard, make the most out of any sheds or storage facilities you have. Inflatables are great fun, but when you have finished with them be sure to pack them down and store them. Similarly, gardening tools are best contained somewhere away from the eye of any potential visitor. Tidiness alone cannot add value to your property but without it, any money spent is potentially wasted.

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Glowsticks in the Bathtub

Glowsticks in the Bathtub

As parents it’s always challenging to find something new and exciting for your child. One of the lessons we are taught young is to have a routine to help us accomplish tasks. Well, when you have a curious toddler, routine…doesn’t cut it. For us routines are still very important but there are some areas where we can break routine to give her new experiences.

The other night I was cleaning up our laundry room and found a box of glowsticks that I had been hoarding since we lived in Pennsylvania. I thought it would be fun to break a couple out and throw them in the bathtub with Reagan with the lights turned out. There is something cool about glowsticks. Ever since Ed Harris dropped to the bottom of the ocean floor in the movie Abyss with glowsticks I became obsessed with them. (In truth I think I’m just obsessed with Ed Harris but still.)

I didn’t let Brian in on the plan so he was just as startled as Reagan when I turned out the lights in the bathroom. Our upstairs bathroom is windowless and when the lights go out it is dark. The green and blue glow of the glowsticks immediately sparked interest in Reagan.

“Whoa, what’s that?” she squealed in delight.

“Mama brought you glowsticks for the tub, cool!” Brian answered her.

Reagan started giggling and reached out her hand for the glowsticks. She was utterly impressed buy how pretty it was. “Pretty,” she kept saying over and over. Who knew that a couple glowsticks in the bathtub would make her so happy? She twirled them around and dunked them underwater. She threw them from one end of the tub to another. She had such a blast. She already loves playing in the tub but this brought her tub experience to a whole new high.

When it was time to take her out and get her ready for bed she clung to her new found loves. She insisted that she take them with her to bed. We gave in to her demands and laughed as we watched her on the monitor making the glowsticks fly across her face in the dark room. After she had passed out I went into her room, took the glowsticks from her grasp and placed them on the dresser. It was priceless that something so small could mean so much to a toddler. I highly recommend it!