How to Have More Body Confidence as You Age

Body confidence issues can affect anyone at any age, but it’s more likely that you may run into self-esteem issues as a reaction to the many signs of aging and changes in your body as you reach your later years. Age should never be a detrimental factor in your own confidence, as you have the right to feel happy and full of self-esteem no matter the period of your life.

Here’s how you can better find your own body confidence later in life.

Find Your Style

There’s no reason that you can’t wear whatever you feel happy in, no matter your age, but as your body shape changes, it may be that your style also needs to account for that when aging. What matters most is finding a style that you feel most confident in and one which suits your body shape. You need to adjust your style in line with your changing needs, so it’s important always to keep your wardrobe essentials updated as the years go on.

It might be that you need more supportive shoes, more comfortable underwear, or anything which adapts to your changing needs. Always make sure you’re comfortable, and confidence will then more easily be attained without compromising on style.

Adapt Your Fitness Routine

Whatever body confidence issues you’re having in regard to aging, make sure your fitness routine is tailored to tackle that. If you want to retain your flexibility and healthy joints, try stretching and exercises like yoga. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, make sure you have a high-intensity exercise plan. Staying active will always help to boost your confidence.

Consider Cosmetic Procedures

If you’re really having issues with certain aspects of your body that can’t be rectified through natural means, or perhaps you’re simply drawn to the appeal of cosmetic improvement, there are many procedures you can look into to build your confidence. You always have the option of speaking to medical professionals for advice regarding the right procedure for you, whether it’s to tackle sagging skin, dark lines, or other issues.

If your self-esteem is lacking in relation to your sex life, there are also procedures that can build your confidence and improve your experience, such as Barbie Labiaplasty provided by experts like David Ghozland, M.D.

Switch Up Your Skincare

One area which can change the most significantly when you grow older is your skin. You need to adapt your skincare routine for your skin’s changing needs, and this doesn’t just mean tackling clear signs of aging. Your skin may need extra moisturization, care, and attention to always look its best. Make sure all your products are tailored for both your skin type and skin age.

Additionally, experiment with your makeup routine or skincare products to get a look that best boosts your own confidence. You’re never too old for bold, bright colors or a natural, youthful glow.

Change Your Hair

Signs of aging can appear most obviously with your hair, as gray hairs or lack of luster can develop later in life (or even early in life!). The right hairstyle and color can not only have you looking ten years younger but help you to feel more at peace with your own appearance. Experiment with colors that work best for your own style and skin tone, and have fun with it!


Overcoming Winter Aches and Pains

When the temperature drops, many of us find that those everyday aches and pains that come with a busy lifestyle seem to worsen. When it’s cold, we’reat greater risk of joint pain. This can mean that conditions like arthritis are much worse in wintertime and that general aches and pains, like those that we feel after a long day on our feet or big workout, are more severe and more prolonged. While these aches and pains are perfectly normal, they certainly aren’t pleasant. When you are incredibly achy, you might not feel as though you can enjoy your everyday activities, and even simple tasks like moving around your home can make your joints ache. The good news is, there’s plenty that you can do to reduce winter aches and pains, helping you to enjoy the season.

Keep Warm

We ache more in wintertime, so it’s only reasonable that these aches would be reduced if we could stay warm. Being cold increases stiffness in your body, making it harder to move. Keep yourself warm, and you can reduce any stiffness and discomfort in your joints. Keeping warm can also improve your mood, meaning that you are more likely to exercise and maintain a healthy weight, which will always be good for your body.

Stay Active

If it’s cold outdoors, you might not fancy going for a run. While it’s fine to skip outdoor workouts when the weather is bad (although you certainly don’t need to –winter runs can be very beneficial),you should still try to keep moving as much as possible, as staying still increases stiffness and limits blood flow. Try practicing yoga or other gentle workouts at home or a local health centre.

Find Natural Pain Relief

Pain medication is excellent and can be very effective, but it just numbs the pain, and you don’t want to rely on it all winter.

Try natural pain relief options to make your pain more manageable, and help you enjoy winter. Many people find that getting extra vitamin D reduces pain and inflammation. You might also find benefit in Natural Hemp CBD Oil found at sites like The Hemp Oil Company, as well as massage and heat therapy. Something as simple as a soak in a bath can relieve tension, reduce aches, and boost blood flow to affected areas.

Always Warm-Up and Cool Down

If you exercise in the winter, especially outdoors, where your body will start the workout cold, it’s more important than ever that you warm-up and cool down. This boosts your circulation, stretches your muscles, reduces the risk of injury, and limits aches that you feel the day after.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is your body’s chance to recover. Getting plenty of deep sleep gives your muscles and joints a chance to rest and restore, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

You might think that winter aches and pains are just a normal part of getting older (that has perhaps taken hold a little sooner than you might have liked), but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Take care of yourself, keep warm, get plenty of rest, and see your doctor if you are worried about any pains that you may be feeling.


What exactly is asbestos and what does it do to us?

While many of us have heard of asbestos and lots of us know that it is dangerous, not everyone understands exactly what it is and what it can do to people’s health. Let’s start by explaining what asbestos is and why it was so popular to use in the building industry.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to a group of minerals that are made from microscopic fibres and these fibres are fire and heat resistant, which is what made it such a popular material to work with. Another important characteristic of asbestos is that it does not conduct electricity, adding to its appeal to use in various types of construction work.

However, asbestos poses a huge risk to people’s health and whenever renovating work is undertaken on a property that contains asbestos, it is vital to ensure that the workers are experienced and qualified to do the work. Professional renovations can be organised through reputable companies that are experienced in handling asbestos and the reason why this is so important is that when asbestos is disturbed, the small fibres get released into the air and this is when they can become trapped inside people’s lungs – causing numerous health problems.

Common Illnesses

Some of the most common illnesses that are caused by inhaling the fibres in asbestos include:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Various problems with the lungs

As asbestos is dangerous when the fibres are disturbed, people are often blissfully unaware of the dangers that asbestos can pose until something like renovation work needs to be done. It is important to find a company that specialises in building development services and handling asbestos if any work needs to be done on an older building and before they begin, they will look into a number of things, such as when the building was constructed.

Where is Asbestos?

Then they will carry out professional asbestos testing to see if it is present and below are the most common places where asbestos will be found:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • For insulating boilers, hot water pipes and steam pipes
  • In clutch pads and brake shoes

It was commonly used to strengthen plastics, for fireproofing properties and for sound absorption, and its numerous uses show just how prevalent it can be from anywhere from an older building to a ship or a car.

How Dangerous is Dangerous?

When asbestos is released into the air – typically during renovation work – how harmful the effects will be on someone’s health will depend on the following factors:

  • How much asbestos there is
  • How long they were exposed to it
  • How it was consumed (i.e. breathing in, eating it, drinking it etc.)

It is vital to use a SERS expert asbestos consultant to find out more about what asbestos is and how to handle it safely and the best way to ensure everyone is safe around asbestos is to employ an expert team to do the construction work.


Nootropic Supplements to Increase Your Brain Power

With the busy and hectic life that you need today, it really should be no surprise to you that you face moments where you struggle with focus, memory and concentration. It gets harder and harder each day for you to follow through on all that you need to do from morning until night. So many people today spend so much time trying to multitask because they have so much to do that very often you may find that you are not getting nearly as much done and done well as you really need to. If there were only a way that you could increase your brain’s natural ability to focus and concentrate, it would help you immensely. With all of the advances made in recent years in technology and medicine, there is a way for this to happen. You can make use of nootropic supplements to help you increase your brain power so you can function better each day.

Improve the Function of Your Brain

Nootropics are natural elements and substances that are designed to specifically enhance your brain’s natural ability to focus and concentrate so that it can increase to greater levels than you are seeing right now. There are a number of different nootropics you will find today and they are generally made up of a variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, plant extracts a number of ways. Nootropic elements that are known to work well include substances like vinpocetine, Huperzine-A, phosphatidylserine, bacopa, L-Tyrosine and many others. Many of the products you find for sale use these nootropics in combination with one another, forming “stacks” that can be highly effective for you.

What the Supplements Do

All of the nootropics, in way or another, work to enhance your brain’s ability to focus, concentrate and function. They can help to enhance the blood flow to the brain so that you can have greater levels of energy and stabilize your mood so you feel less stress. This increase in blood flow can also help you to focus better on the tasks you are working on so you can concentrate the way you need to so you can get everything accomplished. Supplements also help to enhance the neurotransmitters in your brain so that the flow of information to your brain and nervous system is more efficient and effective for you, allowing you to have a better memory, think more clearly and make better decisions.

With so many different products for sale today, it makes sense that you would want to read a nootropic supplement review so you can see if a particular product is effective or not. When you want to learn more about a product like OptiMind, take the time to read an OptiMind review at Brain Enhancement Advisor. Brain Enhancement Advisor can provide you with all of the insight you are looking for from a product review so you can learn just how effective it can be for you, what ingredients it uses and how well the product has tested with others.


Find Natural Supplements to Help Memory

Everyone would like to be able to have a better memory or have their brain function at an optimal level more often. In the fast-paced world that you live in today it seems very easy to let information just slide by, to forget facts or appointments or just not be able to concentrate as well as you would like to each day. While you may find it frustrating when this happens to you, you should know that there are steps that you can take to change all of that. Changing your dietary habits, getting more exercise and sleeping better can help to contribute to you having a better memory and the ability to focus better. You may also want to look into using a natural supplement to support memory to get the added boost you may need.

Getting Help the Natural Way

There are lots of different products for sale today that will promise you increase in your focus, concentration and memory skills, so weeding through all of the information to find the top brain pills can seem like a chore sometimes. However, if you want to find something that is truly effective you are going to want to take the time to do it. Make sure you look at the ingredients being used in any supplement that you are considering. Many products today make use of all kinds of chemicals, synthetics and other elements that you may not want to introduce to your body. These chemicals can often have negative side effects and health effects for you, particularly if you may be sensitive to them. You are much better off looking at supplements made from natural ingredients so you can get help in a safer manner.

A Natural Boost to Memory

Products that use natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant extracts, herbs, essential oils and the like are going to be much better for you to take. Very often these are ingredients that have been used for hundreds or even thousands of years by people around the world to get just the benefits you are looking for. When these natural ingredients are all put together in a particular product you are able to get the health benefits and memory boost that you are looking for without the fear of side effects or allergic reactions that are common with many synthetic or manmade ingredients today.

Taking natural supplements are going to be a much better way for you to go if you want to get quality help in boosting your concentration and memory. In order to find some of the best brain supplements used today that use natural ingredients you are going to want to read reviews that you can find at Smart Pill Guide. Smart Pill Guide takes a close look at all of the top-selling products on the market today so you can find out all of the important details, how well a product works and what customers think of it so you can make an informed decision for yourself.


The Best Fitness Programs for the Whole Family

Getting the whole family to exercise together can be quite a challenge, especially if you have kids who can’t seem to get away from their video games or computers. The best technique to do this successfully is to introduce fitness programs that everyone can enjoy. Once you make your regular exercise routine fun and engaging, everyone will enjoy doing them. Start out slowly and get the family used to exercising together, then turn it into a habit.

For those who are new at this, here are a few fitness programs that are good for the whole family.

Jogging and Calisthenics

Jogging and doing calisthenics as a group is fun and can bring your family closer as a unit. Jogging and calisthenic exercises are great for shedding some excess fat and building some muscles. The best thing about these exercises is that they don’t require any equipment. You can do them with your family in a public park or field.


Yoga is an exercise program that can make a person both mentally fit and internally healthy because it focuses more on the internal strength of the body as opposed to the external strength. Breathing is heavily emphasized in yoga as yoga practitioners believe that the only way to control the body and keep it fit is through proper breathing and slow movements. You can enroll your whole family in a yoga class and share the experience to your neighbors.

Dance Classes

If you come from a family that likes to dance, then all of you can enroll in dance classes. Dancing is great for fitness because it can improve your cardiovascular functions and make your body more flexible. Dancing is also fun and is something that the whole family can enjoy together.

Martial Arts

If your family likes to do something really strenuous, then a martial arts class is the best program to enroll in. Not only can martial arts keep you fit, but it can also be a therapeutic activity. The best thing about this activity is that it allows the whole family to practice together. Some great martial arts programs to take up would be Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Judo.

Gym Time

You could also enroll your whole family in a gym and attend it as a group. You can get better rates if you do so. Each of you can have a different program, depending on your health condition and body type. A personal training assistant will be assisting each of your family members in getting used to a customized exercise program. After that, all of you can work out together.

When you exercise as a family, you have to first discuss which exercise program all of you can enjoy first. Then, you can come up with a plausible workout schedule. However, once you’ve created a fitness program schedule for the family, you must make sure that everyone will follow it diligently. Otherwise, all will be in vain.


Slim By The Summer

So my darling friend Anna from Geek Can Be Chic and I teamed up and put together a challenge for ourselves and any other bloggers that want to join in!

We are getting our weight loss on! Who’s with us? You know you want to! Anna and I wanted a little friendly competition amongst ourselves to see how many pounds we could lose by Summer! The more we talked about it the more bloggers wanted to join in! So … get to the gym, get running, pull out those dusty workout DVD’s, chase your kids and work up a sweat! Whatever you have to do.

sliml by summer

We are using My Fitness Pal as a tool to help us track our workout goals and how many pounds we have lost. It’s a free app and if you are wanting to keep track of food and calorie intake, it does that too! Once you have an account, friend us using our emails so we can see your activity too!

  • We are going to do weekly Slim by the Summer link up posts every Monday.  There will be a theme on some weeks and other weeks it will just be weigh ins. (Don’t worry ~ you don’t have to divulge your weight to us! Good Lord let’s not get that personal!)
  • Write up a short post about what workouts you completed and what your overall weight loss was for the week or write up a post using the theme of the week.

Need some inspiration to keep going? How about this…I personally am going to send out a gift card to Starbucks for the person that lost the most weight for that week! How’s that for a reward?

So join us, won’t you? Get yourselves ready for bikini weather with Anna and Lanaya.


Marathon Bound – Insanity Has Entered the Building


Now let’s not get too crazy. We will start small and work our way up. I for one, hate running! I don’t know what I’m thinking but I know that it’s a goal I want to set for myself. Going to the gym five days a week for the past six months has really amped me up for wanting to teach my daughter a way of life, a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t get a huge dose of watching my parents work out when I was growing up. My dad was athletic and we enjoyed playing basketball, baseball and swimming as a family but it was never a day to day thing and wasn’t ingrained into our lives.

After I had Reagan and my husband and I had made the choice that I would stay home with the baby I needed to find an outlet that would enable me to still have adult time. My girlfriend told me about Stroller Strides and said it had saved her life. I looked up the group closest to me when we lived in Pennsylvania and found the best group of women. Our instructor Rosemary literally turned around my entire perspective on working out and enjoying it!

In six months I had lost 15 pounds and started to tone my body and I enjoyed it! It was fitness for mom and fun for baby. I’ve never worked out so hard in my life! It’s not a bunch of moms pushing and running with a stroller. It’s a full body boot camp and it is tough! Reagan loved it too! She could play with the other kids and we would incorporate the babies into our workouts to make it even tougher. I made some wonderful friendships and I knew at that moment I was going to survive mommyhood. Not only because I was meeting friends and getting out of the house but because I was doing something for myself that I’d always wanted to do but never knew where to start.

After Brian and I moved back home to California with Reagan I needed to find something that was going to keep me moving. Reagan was getting too big for her stroller or rather decided she didn’t want to sit in it for an hour anymore so I joined a gym! I found classes that I could go to and take advantage of the day care at the gym. For the past six months I fell in love with going to the gym. I lost another 15 pounds, toned my muscles and fell in love with Pilates! I have really embraced being healthy, eating healthy as a family and I love to work out. So what’s with the latest epiphany? A goal, nothing more. Something to reach for an attain. Something for me. Something to pass onto my daughter and show her that she can do anything she puts her mind to. My goal is to run a 1/2 marathon in December.

So as I embark on my newly found journey and laugh at myself for hating all things running I smile at my courage and welcome it! If you find yourself in a position that you just need a someone to kick you in the ass and get you started, reach out to me and we will do it together! It will be a journey for all of us!


4 things you should know if you are a novice runner


Going for a run. That’s your new challenge. The desire you arrive late, but finally arrive. It was written, sooner or later you had to fall. Do you think your city tour to beat shoe? This fever, which is not so, because it perpetuates in time, have unwritten rules mandatory.

You already take time running (and think this Decalogue is not for you)? Check out, you never know if you’re doing all that well.

What you need to know:

These are your domains.

Sign the consent there, there and there, too. Yes. You’re part of an elite, of a tribe, congratulations, you are a runner. You will not give a card (unless you point you to a club) but social effects is as if you had. The runners greet when crossed in their careers (yes, even training), are encouraged, are recommended and empathetic look. A runner is a friend, a brother.

Do not jog, you do running.

Maybe someday you escape that prehistoric term ” race ” does not matter, but do not get. The only important thing is that never, ever what apodes “footing”. Get update.

Pick out all the organizational chart.

A runner calls another runner. That is, in many situations “run” will be a topic of unity and talk a resource that will help a lot. But watch out, you have to learn to differentiate the ‘runner’ structure. It’s simple: there are runners of postureo (to these the fast fighters), los ‘pro’ (very useful, ask your questions), which range from ‘pro’ and are not (ignore them) and the ‘detodalavida’. Yes, those who were running when nobody did and, then, were misunderstood social (athletically speaking). Respect.

Do not try venirte up.

Perhaps your references are Usain Bolt (if you do not know who is Google it or accuse you of being a runner of postureo) or even the very Forrest Gump (which Stride!). Okay, maybe someday you achieve your marks, but not the first day that you get the net. Running is progressive. You will evolve (also quite fast) as you go practicing.

Now, yes, the commandments:

You do with a core team with two essential elements: mesh (or shorts) and running shoes (the name ‘running’ is important).

Will heat up before running. Yes, running a little bit to start running, so hard, but necessary.

You’re not going to ‘pro’ without being one. Because you only get not to get tips that can really bring you things (they believe they already know everything) and because your recommendations can make someone suffers an injury.

Will combine perfectly your kit, okay, (not required to give up your style) but if you sign up to any race, is prohibited Brand ‘little something’ day ‘D’. It ‘s not the day. Grave error.

No makeup (go who go running in your group). The skin eliminates toxins, sweat, no need to clog.

Do not get confused on paper film. It’s an urban legend that runs around (yes, it’s also runner). You will sweat more, yes, but not thin. What you’re doing is losing liquid. Extra gramitos that the recover as soon as you drink water.

Will you create a habit? Not worth day in and day out a hundred no. Nor overtraining. Experts say that with 3 days a week (interleaved) will be a runner TOP.

Will you go changing travel? If the body becomes accustomed, habituated, your training will not be effective.

Thou shalt not go from zero to a hundred, or do a race or a marathon (or half) to ‘because I’m worth it’. You have to prepare for it. Not more visit the doctor to do a checkup before you start running.

Will stretch is important, you do sport you do. At the end you always have to stretch. Avoid injuries, overloading … superimportante: stretch!


Do you want to lose weight?

 lose weight

Slimming, toning, reduce pain, disconnect, reduce stress … Although active life, do sport, will make your life a little bit of all these things, choose the exercise you choose, it is true that each routine has as its point strong one (s) feature (s) specific (s). What is your goal? We help you choose the most suitable for you.

Slim down

Your goal is to burn calories. To do this you have to choose sports with a high caloric expenditure and some strength (to tone and keep your metabolism). What’s your sport? The king of the moment: the running, also spinning.

The aerobic work is assured. It is important that you alternate different rhythms, your body does not get used. In the case of running, set yourself day light running and resistance, and others of sprints and speed. If you opt for spinning, playing with the load, duration of efforts and your different work areas.


Back Into A Fitness Groove

Back Into A Fitness Groove

Gym rat, fitness junkie .. it’s all right there – in the heading of almost every “about me” there is. Though the last few months I have felt like the biggest liar because my 15 x a week gym routine withered to one or two times a week if I was lucky. Running? That received a huge shove to the back burner. And I could feel it. I was hating everything about not being into my fitness routine. But now, I am back into a fitness groove and it feels good.

I’m not sure what happened, or really what spawned the necessity to say enough is enough. Happy Me means Workout Me has to return and it has to do it quickly. I was already up every morning at 5am, whether I wanted to or not – damn Arizona sun and heat! So, why not make the most of it? I kept telling myself it was too hot to run outside. We are hitting 90 degree temps by 8am and the last thing I feel like doing is running. Thankfully that beautiful pool in my back yard comes in quite handy. I said screw it and started jumping in and doing laps in the morning. Yet, something was still lacking.

Friday morning, I woke up at my usual 5am and decided it was time to dust off the running shoes and start training. This laziness had to go. It was time to get back into what I started loving about running in the first place. The thump of my feet on the pavement, the cool {er … warm} breeze in my face and the steady beating of my chest to the ultra loud music blaring in my ears.

Montana is now seven months old and it was time to see if she could tackle three miles. I didn’t want to kill her on her first run. The first mile was like running with a kid with ADD. Look at that leaf, check out this grass, shit, is that a car? What do I do? Let’s run on this side, no, how about this side. I wanted to cry at first but then she got into a rhythm and the next two miles were fierce.

The best part about running every morning again that early is the fact that I jump straight into the pool when we get home and cool off. The pool doesn’t feel quite like bath water and it’s a refreshing end to a grueling session. After 15-20 laps I feel good about myself and by 6:15 I’m ready to shower and start my day.

Being back into a fitness groove is just what the doctor ordered. I was feeling overwhelmed with no escape outlet. Thank you God for giving me feet and a long stretch of road to let out my release.