Overcoming Winter Aches and Pains

When the temperature drops, many of us find that those everyday aches and pains that come with a busy lifestyle seem to worsen. When it’s cold, we’reat greater risk of joint pain. This can mean that conditions like arthritis are much worse in wintertime and that general aches and pains, like those that we feel after a long day on our feet or big workout, are more severe and more prolonged. While these aches and pains are perfectly normal, they certainly aren’t pleasant. When you are incredibly achy, you might not feel as though you can enjoy your everyday activities, and even simple tasks like moving around your home can make your joints ache. The good news is, there’s plenty that you can do to reduce winter aches and pains, helping you to enjoy the season.

Keep Warm

We ache more in wintertime, so it’s only reasonable that these aches would be reduced if we could stay warm. Being cold increases stiffness in your body, making it harder to move. Keep yourself warm, and you can reduce any stiffness and discomfort in your joints. Keeping warm can also improve your mood, meaning that you are more likely to exercise and maintain a healthy weight, which will always be good for your body.

Stay Active

If it’s cold outdoors, you might not fancy going for a run. While it’s fine to skip outdoor workouts when the weather is bad (although you certainly don’t need to –winter runs can be very beneficial),you should still try to keep moving as much as possible, as staying still increases stiffness and limits blood flow. Try practicing yoga or other gentle workouts at home or a local health centre.

Find Natural Pain Relief

Pain medication is excellent and can be very effective, but it just numbs the pain, and you don’t want to rely on it all winter.

Try natural pain relief options to make your pain more manageable, and help you enjoy winter. Many people find that getting extra vitamin D reduces pain and inflammation. You might also find benefit in Natural Hemp CBD Oil found at sites like The Hemp Oil Company, as well as massage and heat therapy. Something as simple as a soak in a bath can relieve tension, reduce aches, and boost blood flow to affected areas.

Always Warm-Up and Cool Down

If you exercise in the winter, especially outdoors, where your body will start the workout cold, it’s more important than ever that you warm-up and cool down. This boosts your circulation, stretches your muscles, reduces the risk of injury, and limits aches that you feel the day after.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is your body’s chance to recover. Getting plenty of deep sleep gives your muscles and joints a chance to rest and restore, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

You might think that winter aches and pains are just a normal part of getting older (that has perhaps taken hold a little sooner than you might have liked), but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Take care of yourself, keep warm, get plenty of rest, and see your doctor if you are worried about any pains that you may be feeling.

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