Do you want to lose weight?

 lose weight

Slimming, toning, reduce pain, disconnect, reduce stress … Although active life, do sport, will make your life a little bit of all these things, choose the exercise you choose, it is true that each routine has as its point strong one (s) feature (s) specific (s). What is your goal? We help you choose the most suitable for you.

Slim down

Your goal is to burn calories. To do this you have to choose sports with a high caloric expenditure and some strength (to tone and keep your metabolism). What’s your sport? The king of the moment: the running, also spinning.

The aerobic work is assured. It is important that you alternate different rhythms, your body does not get used. In the case of running, set yourself day light running and resistance, and others of sprints and speed. If you opt for spinning, playing with the load, duration of efforts and your different work areas.

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