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4th of July Wrap Up

boat trip

4th of July was a blast for my family this year. We are back in California among some of our closest friends and we got to spend the holiday with them like we used to in years past. Before we all grew up and had families we would go out to Don Pedro Lake every year on a houseboat that our friends owned; The Lynar Liner. We would bake in the sun all day, drink, wakeboard, jet ski, drink some more, go tubing, swim, drink..I’m sure you see a pattern here!

Since we were in Philly the past six years we hadn’t been on the houseboat trip so we were really looking forward to it this year. Let me tell it ever different now! Most all of us have families now that consist of at least one child. The youngest on board the Lynar Liner this year was 3 month old Colton (cutest life jacket I have ever seen.)  Four of the kids were under the age of three including Reagan and then there were a couple middle age children.

When your’e docked in a cove with nothing but water surrounding all four sides you become a little paranoid with that many little ones on board; constantly scanning for your child to make sure they didn’t wander out beyond the child gate keeping them all corralled into a safe area. If you read my post yesterday I”m Raising A Fish you know that is very difficult for me to keep Reagan out of the water as she constantly wants to go swimming! Our lazy houseboat days turned into more than a few meltdowns because they all had the same area to share and play in and with toddlers that can be a bit cumbersome at times. Tomorrow I’ll go into some details in my blog about holding multi-kid events in close quarters. Yikes!

Catching Some Wake

Overall it was such a successful trip. We got to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen, some in eight years! The kids had a blast at the fireworks show. I tell you it was the longest fireworks I had been to in a long time. Lake Don Pedro really knows how to put on a good show. Reagan was so excited the first time on the boat. She threw up her hands and squealed at how fast we were going. She knew that putting her life jacket on meant she was going to get into the water and that always made her happy. She had so much fun playing with the other kids, especially her new best bud Kaylie. I know it will be an annual trip that we will enjoy doing as a family and will be remembered by Reagan forever.

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