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Decalogue on child hyperactivity

child hyperactivity

The ADHD is becoming increasingly important among the population, but sometimes the information appearing on it are not entirely certain and may be confusing or misleading.

The aim of this Decalogue we have developed, is to break with prejudices and demystify opinions, in order to improve the general knowledge that people have about this disorder: only 4% of individuals respond correctly when asked about what is ADHD.

10 most unknown aspects of hyperactive children

The ADHD have a neurological origin

New diagnostic techniques based on brain mapping have identified the main areas of the brain affected by the disorder: the pre-frontal cortex, basal ganglia, anterior cingulate cortex and parietal.

The ADHD affects both children and adults

It is estimated that about 7% of children in Spain suffer from this disorder and if not treated properly and do not improve symptoms, adults also suffer. In fact, in 50% of cases the symptoms persist into adulthood.

There are differences between boys and girls

To begin, children are 4 times more likely to have ADHD than girls. In addition, the symptoms are different in each case: while hyperactivity is the predominant symptom in them, the lack of attention is the most common in them. This makes detection in girls as the most problematic symptom that creates the environment is not hyperactivity and inattention.

The 20% of school failure is associated with ADHD

Because of the difficulty to memorize and focus attention, approximately 20% of these children have complications in math, reading comprehension and writing.

Es an infra disorder diagnosed

ADHD experiencing a situation of infra diagnosis, since only 2.5% of children are diagnosed, 7% are estimated to suffer. As a result, only 1% of those affected receive treatment.

The Attention Deficit Disorder is chronic

ADHD is a chronic disorder. However, yes they can improve and reduce the symptoms to the point that not limit the daily life of the sufferer. To do this, the best way to improve the behavior of these children is conducting a multidisciplinary treatment, including pharmacological, psychotherapeutic with the child but especially with families and new techniques such as neurofeedback and neurostimulation.

The ADHD can appear associated diseases

Two out of three children who come to the consultations Disorder Attention Deficit also have other disorders that sometimes confused with ADHD, such as Oppositional / Defiant Disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (TC) or Tourette syndrome.

There two children with ADHD in each class

This disorder accounts for 50% of the clinical population of child and adolescent psychiatry. By affecting many children of school age, it is estimated that ADHD is between 4 and 7% of presence at school , equivalent to 1 or 2 children per classroom.

The ADHD symptoms appear before age 7

Predictive behaviors of ADHD usually appear before age 7 and at least have to have a presence in two areas of the child’s life, for example, at home and at school. The main symptoms of this disorder are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

A disorder affecting the household

A child with ADHD at home increases the most frequent conflicts, eg siblings: 46% of children with ADHD have poor relationships with siblings, a figure that drops to 26% if neither has the disorder.

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