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4 Things No One Tells You About Having Kids

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most exciting transitions that you can go through.  When you go from being an individual only looking after your individual needs to becoming a caretaker for a child who will depend entirely on you, it can be transformative in ways you never imagined.

Along with these profound new roles as a human, however, can also come a few more things that not everyone tells you about before you have kids.  Not sure what you may not have been told yet about parenting?  Here are some of the things you may not know about what happens when you become a parent.

Your House Will Never Feel Big Enough

When you start a family and your little baby only takes up the space occupied in their crib, finding a home for all of you is a relatively simple task.  However, after a few years, when your little one starts rolling, then crawling, then walking, the reality of how much space they take up starts to set in.

Along with their mobile little presences also comes a lot of stuff.  Stuff like diapers, toys, highchairs, books, and tiny little lego pieces that always end up on the floor and may be one of the most painful things to step on in modern civilization.

Even the biggest of houses can start to feel too small when you’re sharing the space will a little one.  There will always be toys spilling into places you’d rather not have toys, and you’ll always be stepping over each other a bit.

You’ll Know The Title Of Every Disney Movie Ever

If you never knew the titles of every Disney movie dating back to black and white film days, then you certainly will now.   Along with every character, lyric, and probably at least 65% of the script.

Your child will never be satisfied with seeing a film just once.  Yes, their favorite cartoons will be requested five to six times a day on average.  And sometimes, as a parent, when you need to get laundry done or vacuum up legos, you’re willing to put on Pocahontas for the 57th time this week just to be able to get it done.

It’s All Worth It

As a new parent, you may find yourself flipping through the pages of baby books and parenting guides looking at all of the stages you have to go through like sleep regressions and teething.  However, as challenging as it all can be during the early years, they aren’t tiny cavemen forever.

Soon they will be walking talking real humans who you share a deep connection with.  You’ll look back on all the explosive diapers and tantrums and smile.  It will all have been worth it.

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