Baby Weight Blues: It’s Normal to Want Your Body Back

Raising Reagan| Baby Weight Blues: It's Normal to Want Your Body Back

You just had a baby, but you’re already looking forward to the future. Living in the moment is hard when you look at old photos of yourself, pre-baby. How do you get that body back while still managing your new life with baby? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Be Prepared To Wait {Read More…}

Reagan’s First 5K #RaisingARunner

Raising Reagan | Reagan's First 5K #RaisingARunner

This past weekend Reagan ran her first 5k race! Can you say proud mommy right here? Yeah .. that happened! I am raising a runner and I couldn’t be happier. Running became part of my life a couple of years ago and Reagan would always get so excited when she saw me cross the finish {Read More…}

Back Into A Fitness Groove

Raising Reagan | Back Into A Fitness Groove

Gym rat, fitness junkie .. it’s all right there – in the heading of almost every “about me” there is. Though the last few months I have felt like the biggest liar because my 15 x a week gym routine withered to one or two times a week if I was lucky. Running? That received {Read More…}

Sound Body, Sound Mind

Raising Reagan | Sound Body, Sound Mind

I definitely know when I am back in a workout routine. My body feels better, my mind feels more alert, I’m happier. I guess the old adage sound body, sound mind actually does ring true. Do you ever notice you just feel off when you aren’t working out? Grumpy, sluggish? I know I do and {Read More…}

Getting My Vibe On

Raising Reagan | Getting My Vibe On

My schedule is CRAZY! It’s not even fair anymore. Since I started going back to work full time, I have tried to figure out what is going to give. That has been no easy task. I feel like I’m neglecting my family if I blog, I’m neglecting my blog and blog family if I’m studying {Read More…}

Ask Away Friday

Raising Reagan | Ask Away Friday - Be Yourself

I was asked to jump into the Ask Away Friday series this week with Brittnei over at Homemaking With Style. It is a series that allows bloggers to divulge information about themselves that they may or may not not necessarily blog about. Of course I was excited to jump in with her because as most {Read More…}

She’s Still a Beast

cartwheel success

While I was in Philly I looked up my old fem Nazi {said with the utmost love!} Rosemary. Ro is the owner of the Stroller Strides of Downingtown group and you have seen me refer to her several times in my fitness journey. Ro was the one who started it all for me after I {Read More…}

Planks … Love Them or Hate Them?

Raising Reagan | Planks ... Love Them or Hate Them?

Planks. Just the mere mention of the isometric exercise and some people go running for the hills. In fact here is my idea of the perfect plank … Unfortunately these planks do nothing for me so I resort to kicking my ass at the gym eleven times a week. Back in January some ladies and {Read More…}

Slim by the Summer Finale

Raising Reagan: Slim by the Summer Finale

We are the champions! We kicked the Slim by the Summer health and fitness challenge in the teeth! And it feels GOOD! Over the past 19 weeks, these amazing women have come together and forged a bond to better their health and fitness! It has been a journey of ups and downs but all in {Read More…}

I Kicked That Fitness Challenge in the ASS!

Raising Reagan: I Kicked That Fitness Challenge in the Ass

That’s me people! I am a certified ass kicker. As in I kicked the Slim by the Summer challenge in the ass! Back in January a group of women came together and we encouraged each other through a Facebook group and weekly posts covering all areas of our challenge. Missed any of it?? See that {Read More…}