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8 Incredible Health Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Dance Classes

Many of us have memories of heading to tap, jazz, or ballet classes as little girls, and want the same for our children. While we hope it will be a great way for them to make friends, have fun, and get some of their abundant energy out, there are actually a ton of other incredible benefits, too. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in dance classes, read on to find out why you should!

1.    Provides a Great Opportunity to Make Friends Outside of School

School can be tough, even for the brightest and most extroverted of children. We can all remember a time in our school lives when our friendship group abandoned us or a best friend moved away, and we felt alone and vulnerable. Unfortunately, there will likely be a time for your child, too, and so having friends at dance class means they have others to turn to.

2.    Boosts Self Esteem

If you’ve ever taken a dance class yourself, you’ll know the feeling of confidence you get when you get all the steps right. For children, dance classes can provide the perfect place to try new things and gain confidence doing something they love. It’s also a great way to increase their physical self-awareness so they can excel in other sports.

3.    Increases Fitness

Dancing can be a strenuous activity, but unlike other forms of exercise, you’ll never see a dancer dancing their heart out with an expression that says they’d rather be anywhere else in the world! Dancing is f-u-n, which is why it’s such an incredible form of exercise. Your child won’t even know they’re burning calories and increasing their fitness, they’ll just be grooving to the music!

4.    It Gives Non-Academic Kids a Chance to Shine

Some of us struggle with certain subjects more than others, and if your child shows a flair for moving their body, you should absolutely enroll them in dance and gymnastics classes. It may be the place they truly excel, and it can even help them gain critical learning skills that can help them perform better in the classroom, too. You can try gymnastics in Aurora for your Childs better fitness development.

5.    Dancing is a Creative Outlet

Dancing is not just about learning the steps – it’s about relaxing into a state of flow and letting the music guide your movements. With the rise of jazz in the 1920s, young people finally shrugged off the stiff ballroom movements of the 19th century. Nowadays, dancing is about creativity and art, so give your child that outlet.

6.    It’s a Great Opportunity to Try on New Identities

Every dancer started with one form of dance, such as jazz or ballet, but many take several different dance classes or find their favorite form of dance later down the line. This allows them to try on new ways of moving and dressing so they can experiment and find the things they love early.

7.    Improves Flexibility

Not only does dancing improve your child’s flexibility, but it can last for decades if they continue to stay active. Many dancers continue to be able to do the splits and bend in ways an inactive person takes years to master. People with a high level of flexibility enjoy better posture, better muscle tone, and have a decreased risk of injury.

8. It’s a Mood Booster

Life is full of ups and downs, but getting that blood flowing and moving to great music will get the endorphins (AKA the happy hormone!) pumping so your child will feel much brighter and happier when they leave class than when they arrived.

So grab your child their first pair of jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or tap shoes, and find a class to enroll them in near you. They’ll make a ton of friends, have plenty of fun, and increase their physical and mental wellness to boot!

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