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A Guide to Teaching Kids the True Spirit of Christmas

Even if you are not religious, this does not mean that Christmas is without meaning to you and your family. It is important to teach your kids the true spirit of Christmas before they get swept away by the excitement of presents, Santa, and the Christmas tree. To make sure that your kids can learn to give, share, and show compassion this season, here are some of the top actions that you can take from when they are at a young age.

Make Donations to Charity

The Christmas spirit gives and shows compassion, and the best way to help your kids learn this is to get them involved with giving donations to charity. For instance, you should explain that some people cannot enjoy Christmas in the same way that they do and that they can help make their Christmas special by donating money, clothes, and toys to certain charities. Another way to get your holiday giving started is to swap presents for donations, asking your child which charity they would like to donate to, or helping them to choose a charity to donate to on behalf of someone else.

Discuss What Christmas Means to Them

Christmas has a different meaning to everyone though, and it is important that you can allow your kids to think of and understand these meanings for themselves. Then, in order to focus on the meaning and true spirit of Christmas, you should host discussions about Christmas with them regularly. The perfect place to do this is around the dinner table, where every member of your family can pitch in and give differing perspectives. This will teach your child that the holiday season is about much more than receiving the latest toy or video game.

Look at Christmas Books, DVDs, and Videos

A fun way to show your children the spirit of Christmas is to invest in festive-themed books that explore its different meanings and contain moral and ethical lessons for your kids. You can also invest in movies and DVDs, which can help your kids to understand the festival without them even realizing that they are learning. You might also be able to find Youtube videos that focus on the importance of sharing, gratitude, and kindness over the festive period.

Give Them a Part to Play

However, kids are unlikely to learn about the true spirit of Christmas if the only activity that they can get involved with is the present opening on the day itself. Then, you should try to find events in your local community that have been arranged for children, with many hosting Christmas plays, carol services, hamper-making, and activity days, which can help your kids to contribute to the local community and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Call Their Grandparents The importance of family cannot be understated at Christmastime, and so you should ask your kids whether they would like to visit or call family members that they have not seen for a while. You might also ask them to start projects, such as free coloring pages and baking, which they can gift to them.

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