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4 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean With Kids

Keeping your home clean can be challenging enough living on your own. When you throw kids into the mix, it can be more difficult than ever to keep the chaos at bay. Since children are known for being less than tidy creatures, it can be a tough job keeping your house anything but cluttered.

Some frustrated parents find themselves giving up altogether when their cleaning efforts are drowned by toys in a matter of seconds. Yet, despite how challenging it can be to keep a home tidy with little ones around, it’s not impossible. 

Read on to learn about some of the best tricks for managing to keep a clean home with kids.

Create Designated Food and Drink Areas

Letting your child wander around aimlessly with whatever food and drink they please is sure to end in stains and spills. It’s a good idea to create areas of your home that are for food and drink only. Ideally, these areas should have flooring that is easily wiped off and doesn’t stain. In other words, carpeted areas or light-colored future is probably not the best place for your kids to enjoy eating and drinking.

Strategically Place Baskets 

One of the biggest reasons why kids are so messy is because they tend to scatter their toys all over the place. After a while, your home starts to look like a cluttered pile of their belongings. Rather than taking the time to carefully pick everything up and put it back in its place five times a day, place it all in baskets.

A quick sweep of your home just to get things out of the way is much more efficient. At the end of the day, when everyone has finished playing, they can take the items in the baskets and put them away where they belong.

Buy Less Stuff

A lot of parents complain about their homes being full of their kids’ stuff, yet they continue to buy more of it. It’s in your best interest to stop buying so much if you want less lying around. It’s really that simple.

Try to avoid being tempted to buy unnecessary gifts unless it’s specifically someone’s birthday or a holiday. The truth is that children don’t need that many toys. Encourage them to use the toys they already have by cycling putting toys away.  When you pull them out again, they’ll feel like they have new ones!

Teach Them To Clean Their Rooms

One of the biggest reasons your children are so messy is because you’re allowing them to be!

Rather than cleaning up their toys for them, teach them to start cleaning their messes from a young age. Believe it or not, children are much more capable of cleaning than you think they are!

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