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Surviving Education: 3 Things Your Child Needs to Thrive

School is a necessary evil for children all over the planet and if you asked the majority of them, they would just delete the necessary part. Nevertheless, children who reside in the United States are required to begin attending school by their 6th birthday.

We, as parents, hope and pray for the success of our little ones all the way through high school, but there is always a debate on what they actually need to survive. The conversation over common core education is enough to make even the most intelligent parent dizzy and frustrated.

Below are three habits that must be a part of your kiddo’s life no matter what the controversy, if he/she is to survive the education system.

Good Attendance Habits

Ok. We all have those days. You know. Those days when you dread going to work more than the dentist. However, we also know that if we miss too many days, we are likely to lose our job. When we are absent, it costs the company money and puts a heavier workload on our co-workers.

Our children need to understand that. One of the best ways we can do that is to make sure they make it to school on a regular basis. This will get them in the habit of owning the responsibility of a job later on down the road. Besides, when they miss days at school, they miss lessons. This puts them behind and in a hurry to catch up.

That hurry up and get it done mentality almost always makes sure they don’t retain the material. If they make the intelligent choice to get help from the teacher, that usually places extra work in their arena. Most don’t mind if your child was genuinely sick.

If they pass up the help, which most do, then they are left with a gap in that particular subject. As most subjects build on the previous lesson, that could mean trouble in future lessons and grades.

Great Sleep

Everyone knows how important sleep is. Yet, we inundate our children with afterschool programs and sports that continually push the limits. There are games on school nights and practices that can be as long as 2.5 hours long.

That’s not even counting church-sponsored events, hanging out with friends, and visiting family. The modern family is always on the go. Understandably, many feel that this is just how life is. With that said, you could be causing your youngins to miss out on reaching their potential in the classroom, which is one of the main things that pave the way for a successful future.

Your child needs their sleep and the younger they are, the more sleep they need. Studies show even your teenager needs at least 9.25 hours of sleep every night. Most only get around 7. A lack of this precious commodity will leave your child struggling to focus in class and unable to retain what they are taught.

It will also leave them more susceptible to germs, which could lead to unwanted absences and set them up for a battle with childhood obesity, as well. Set a solid bedtime routine and do your best to make follow it consistently.

Healthy Food

With all the buzz surrounding former first lady Obama’s healthy school lunch program, it is obvious this topic needs some attention. Our children definitely need healthy food. They need it for growth, focus, and overall health.

However, in a country that doesn’t place very strict eating rules on our children at home, it is simply an unattainable goal to get them to switch over at school. For example, Obama’s plan forced all the schools to trade white bread for a very bland wheat version.

Even children who eat wheat at home avoided it along with most other options for the “healthy” school lunch program. Many children who had invested in school lunch before began bringing their lunch to school. The number of lunch bags in cubbies went up exponentially. On the other hand, there are the families who simply can not afford to send a lunch with their child every day of the week.

The majority of those children just went without until they got home. It is a proven scientific fact that even adults have trouble focusing on an empty stomach. So, healthy food, here, may not mean kale and wheat. Sometimes, you might have to compromise with a turkey sandwich and Cheetos. Make sure your child eats.

Want to create the most conducive environment for your child to thrive in at school? If nothing else, follow these three tips regularly.

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