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5 Tips for Highlighting Artwork within the Home

Art can add a burst of life and personality into a room, which can create a beautiful interior style. Good lighting can, therefore, maximize the effect of artwork in interior design. Read our top tips on the many ways you can highlight artwork within the home.

Natural Light

Nothing quite beats natural light for highlighting a stunning work of art by a talented artist. Replace heavy drapes with light curtains to encourage as much natural light to enter a room as possible, so visitors can experience the artwork in all its glory.

Wall Lights

The best way to illuminate one single work of art is with wall lights, which can draw a visitor’s attention to the piece. You can even match the wall light’s design to complement the artwork’s frame, and vice versa, so they both stand out for all the right reasons.

You can also buy wall lamps online in a range of different styles. For example, wall sconces can be perfectly positioned next to a colorful work of art. Yet, you can also shine a light directly above the piece with modern wall spotlights or uplights.

Accent Lights

Ceiling fixtures are another great way to illuminate a stunning work of art. You can opt for recessed or surface-mounted designs that complement an interior, and you can even adjust the direction of the light, so it highlights most of the art.

We recommend adjusting the light to a 30-degree angle, so it hits the artwork’s center. Try to avoid placing the light at ten degrees, or it may result in the light hitting the wall, which could cast a shadow below the frame. Also, avoid pointing the ceiling lights at 45-degrees to prevent a reflective glare.

Track Lighting

Track lighting offers a minimalist design that can look great in almost any room, which is why they can be an ideal choice for illuminating artwork. From track lighting heads to track pendant lighting, there is an option to suit your needs and style. They are similar in performance to ceiling accent lights, but they are often a little more flexible and are much easier to install, which means they can also be removed with ease.

The Right Lights

It is important to remember that light can damage art in the long-term, so it should only be illuminated when you want to showcase works to your guests. However, if you want to light up artwork continually, we recommend avoiding halogen lights, which can burn away the material over time. You can also add UV filters to the lights, or you can invest in LED bulbs that emit next to no heat and no harmful UV. This tip is certainly important if you want to illuminate an original work of art, as it can improve its longevity.

Do you have any helpful tips for illuminating art within the home? We would love to hear from you. Share your advice in the comment section below.

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