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How to Keep Your Garden Safe and Secure

You may not have considered it, but your garden contains a lot of valuable equipment that could easily be stolen. Not only do you have the lawnmower, but all your tools, furniture barbecue, and other things.

That is why it is important that your garden is safe and secure from theft. You should secure your garden to prevent unwanted people getting access to the house from your garden as they won’t be observed.


Investing in good storage is important if you have a lot of expensive equipment. It doesn’t matter what type you buy, it can be wood, metal or plastic, but you need to get the strongest you can afford.

It is also vital that you use strong locks to secure your storage so that no-one can enter it. There is little point in buying storage if you are going to leave it open.

The same goes for the shed; you need to make sure that it is locked securely and that it is still in good condition. Although a wooden shed might not seem a great deterrent, it still takes the time to get inside, especially with a good lock.


Your garden gate along with your fences should be strong and unbroken. You should regularly check their condition, especially after a storm, to make sure there are no breaks. If you do find damage, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Another good precaution is to fit at least one strong lock to your garden gate. You should buy the best one that you can afford so that it remains solid.


One of the best ways to deter thieves is to have good outdoor lighting. You can get high quality outdoor light fixtures that are weather proof and provide superior brightness. Automatic ones are the best because they will illuminate the garden if someone walks in to it.

If you have a side entrance to your garden, then install a light there as well. The more you can illuminate the dark area of your garden; the less likely thieves will hang around.

Leave Walls and Fences Clutter Free

You may have a nice strong wall or fence, but if you have bins or other things up against them, then someone could easily climb over it. Make sure you keep all your bins and other garden items such as benches away from where someone could use it for the wrong reasons.

You can grow roses or other plants with thorns near your fence; this will deter anyone from climbing over the fence to get to your home.

Be a Good Neighbor

If you have neighbors near to you, agree with them that you will all look out for each other’s houses and gardens. If you see anything suspicious, then you can call the authorities, this is especially helpful for when you are away on holiday.

Having good security measures in your garden are important to maintain the safety and security of your belongings.

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