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A Potty Chart For Reagan

Potty training has been a hot topic for me as of late since my darling, wonderful, angelic, amazing…ok you get it. I’m trying to remind myself that no matter what obstacles parenting throws our way we still love our children unconditionally. Ok, moving on. Brian and I decided that maybe a potty chart would do the trick for Reagan! She had a tangible item that she could see her progress and be rewarded.

babby potty

Reagan loves stickers! It’s stickers all day long, every day if we let her. I made the choice of giving her a package of stickers one afternoon. Brian decided to play with her and within five minutes she unloaded the entire package of stickers onto every visible surface of his body. It was hilarious! So..there is my ammunition! A sticker potty chart. She would get to put a sticker on it every time she went, and as punishment pull a sticker off if she went in her pull ups or panties.

It was fun making a chart. We shopped for the items together, bought the stickers she chose which were awesome because they are reward stickers that say Awesome! Good Job! Excellent! Perfect for me. Praise in a sticker to amplify praise from mom and dad! We picked out her favorite characters like Angelina Ballerina, Caillou and Minnie Mouse. It was a very exciting experience to see what all the commotion was about when I pulled out the scissors to start cutting.

Once it was completed we all walked into the bathroom and hung up her potty chart. We explained to Reagan if she went on the potty she would get to put the sticker on her chart. If she went in her pull up she was going to have to take a sticker off and we would have to throw it away. You should have seen her face. No stickers in the garbage for her!

Within three minutes she used the potty and made use of her new potty chart! Hooray! For the love of God please let this work! Potty training is hell for an obsessive compulsive such as myself and if this gets me through it Hooray!

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