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Encourage Your Child’s Curiosity

If you want your child to learn more, the best way would be to encourage their curiosity. Curiosity is the eagerness to discover, figure things out and explore. Luckily, the pressure isn’t only on us as parents to “make” our children curious, as research shows that every child has an internal curiosity or desire to learn. This internal desire will motivate them to look for new experiences and can lead to them attaining greater success over the long run. What more can a parent ask for than their children being successful, healthy and happy? Click here for more

info on how to manage your child’s health and overall well-being.

Every child comes into this world with curiosity and a drive to figure out how things that surround them work:

  • Newborn babies follow faces, interesting objects and sounds with their eyes.
  • Eight-month-old babies rattle and shake anything they can get hold of and then put the object into their mouth to figure out what it can do.
  • Two-year-olds put their dolls into a stroller and walk around with it to figure out how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes.

Even though every child is born with curiosity and a desire to figure out how the world works – us as parents can still encourage or discourage their natural desire. Here are a few tips on how you can nurture your child’s curiosity.

Show Interest In Everything Around You

When you walk around outside make sure to wonder aloud about the sky, the trees, and the stars. It is also important that your child sees how you pursue things that you love and find intriguing.

Encourage Your Child’s Natural Interests

Children really learn a lot through activities that interest them and that capture their imagination and attention. If your child shows interest in animals, for example, make sure to get him his own puppy or let him make contact with your friends’ dogs on a regular base.  Alternatively, you can read him books or show him videos about dogs.

If your child seems to enjoy playing with balls, introduce her to different ball sizes and make sure to play a ball game every so often. Here are a few fun ball game ideas to play with your toddler.

Answer Questions and Find Answers

If your child asks you a question, before you answer, first ask them what their thoughts are. Also, if you don’t know the answer to a specific question, learn to say that you don’t know. This will create an opportunity to find the answer together or to encourage your child to try to find the answer on their own. You can call someone who might know the answer, go to the library together or ask Dr. Google.

Read Read Read

Books will allow your child to access all kinds of new and interesting information in the comfort of their own room. Make sure to give your child the opportunity to choose his own books.

Ask Your Child Questions That Require In-Depth Answers

Start to ask your child questions that can’t simply be answered by a “yes” or a “no”. “Tell me how you feel about…”, “What was the holiday like for you…”, “Why do you like your friends so much…”. These types of questions will encourage your child’s ideas and thoughts and will also give you a glimpse into their inner life.

Make Your Baby’s Environment Pretty And Stimulating

Babies are quite curious about their surroundings. By putting shiny stars on the roof or hanging some interesting toys above them will definitely keep them interested and encourage them to explore. Click here for more ideas on how to make the baby’s room fun and stimulating.

Try Not To Discourage Your Child’s Interests

After figuring out or noticing that your child is interested in something, try to create an acceptable and safe way for them to enjoy their interest. Let’s say your toddler wants to touch the roof-paint – instead of ending up with a big mess and quite a bit of expense, rather create a safe environment and get your kid some child-friendly paint and let him explore in the backyard. This will also teach your child acceptable and creative ways to do what they are interested in.

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