3 ways to prepare your home for a new dog

Bringing a new dog home is an exciting experience for both you and the animal. While it can be tempting to rush and integrate the dog as quickly as possible, taking things more slowly and being careful is important. There will be anxiety on both sides, but preparation is key for getting the first few days right.

#1 Buy everything you need in advance

It’s natural that you’ll want to spend as much time with your new pet as possible. New homes are unfamiliar territory for dogs, and leaving them alone when they’ve just moved in is extremely stressful. That stress can, in turn, lead to excessive chewing, destructive behavior, and, if you leave them in a garden, digging or even tunneling under fences to escape. As such, it’s vitally important that you take a few days off work and devote your time to getting your dog settled in.

That, of course, means buying supplies in advance. A dog bed, food, a lead, and a collar are all essentials, but you’ll want toys and treats too. Buying supplies can be daunting if you’re a first-time owner, but dedicated pet search tools like Exceptional Pets make the process easier. They list everything you need in one place (including vets, grooming services, and more) so that you can easily track down services in advance of the pet coming home.

#2 Dog proof your home

No matter how safe you think your home is, dogs will find a way to cause trouble! That can involve chewing on wires, injuring themselves on sharp edges, or dislodging low-lying ornaments. Before you bring the dog home, undertake a quick survey of your living space. Look for exposed wires that could be chewed through and sharp edges that might injure the dog if it’s running. Dangerous chemicals like bleach should be moved to a high place or locked away.

The same applies to ornaments. A wagging tail is always a happy sight, but it can be (accidentally) destructive. Tails will sweep ornaments off coffee tables and even low shelves, so beware and move items accordingly. If there are some rooms that simply aren’t suitable for a dog, be sure to install a child gate to keep that area out of bounds.

#3 Give the dog some space

Dogs are people-orientated animals, but they also need space and time to get accustomed to a new environment. Dedicating a specific space to your dog is extremely important in the early days. It gives them somewhere to retreat to if they’re feeling stressed and a territory that is clearly identifiable as their own. A dog bed in a secluded corner is sometimes enough; other owners swear by crates. In the end, it comes down to the preferences of both you and the dog.

It’s useful to find a space that’s accident-proof, though. Even house-trained dogs can have issues when they move to a new home. A tiled floor is much easier to clean than a carpet. A corner in a kitchen is ideal, or anywhere that doesn’t have high footfall throughout the day.


The Effects of Pet Toys on Dogs

We all know how our furry pets love playing with pet toys, but are you aware of the amazing effects it does on dogs?

Here are the reasons why pet toys are important:

  1. It Will Knock ‘Em Out!

All dogs require daily exercise to maintain their health and stamina. Not only will they benefit from the daily walks but providing them pet toys will give them the additional exercise they need. This is important especially if you’re a busy pet owner.

Plus, it will knock their energy out after all the mental stimulation and physical effort they put into playing with their toys. They will spend their energy wisely and won’t feel as frustrated, keeping them from getting into trouble.

Think of it this way, if you were stuck at home with no form of mental stimulation, you’ll get bored and frustrated as well! We all need activity in our daily lives, and that includes dogs.

  1. It Builds Independence

Dogs aren’t built to spend long periods of time by themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to spend every waking moment with them, with work and other life commitments.

Toys would affect your dogs in a way that can lessen their separation anxiety, building independence when you aren’t around. Dogs can work out all the nervous energy and frustration felt so they are happier and easier to handle.

The right toys will keep your dogs entertained when alone, so they learn how to have fun on their own. With added independence, they won’t be barking for you as much, nor would they be bothering you too often when you’re busy doing chores.

  1. Build a Relationship

Many pet toys allow you and your dog to play together, whether it’s tossing a frisbee or playing tug of war. Since you are giving them new pet toys and playing together when you have the time, your dog will associate you with all the fun and excitement during playtime. This will help build a more positive relationship between you and your pet, which is something all pet owners want to achieve.

While you aren’t home, toys affect your dog’s sense of companionship. Beloved toys can become your dog’s source of comfort, like how children see their security blanket. This lessens their anxiety and relaxes them, not only at home but when in places they get scared of, such as the vet or when traveling.

  1. Hone Their Learning

There are enrichment pet toys that will enhance your dog’s ability to learn and develop new skills, which you can find from stores like Peggasus Pets. Toys can also promote their natural behavior in the wild, like exploring, foraging, and playing with their pack.

Besides honing their learning, toys can prevent problem behaviors like excessive barking or chewing. You can find chew toys that help stop dogs from looking for other things to chew, like your couch or shoes!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a few (or all) pet toys you can and help your dog hone his skills while having the time of his (and your) lives!


The Benefits of Dog Car Seats

Many dogs absolutely love car rides! We see them enjoying the trip with the windows down, the wind blowing through their faces and we think it’s absolutely adorable. But did you know that both short and long car rides can be dangerous without the proper pet protection for you and your furry one?

Regardless of how long or short the car trip, whether your big or small dog loves car rides or not, making the car pet-friendly will always be the best way to go. It all begins with a good dog car seat

But why bother investing in dog car seats anyway? Read on to find out.

The Importance of Dog Car Seats

Yes, there are such things as car seats for dogs for their safety, just like there are amazing pet inventions that make our pets’ lives better, like the calming pet bed and mind stimulation toys.

These car seats are dedicated carriers for your pet, attaching them to your car’s seatbelt so it won’t slide away during slightly bumpy car rides. The car seat also consists of two tethers which would keep your dog secured.

While the car seats may be a bit disadvantageous for bigger pets and those who love the sights and open windows, this adds to both you and your pet’s safety. It keeps them from roaming around and preventing accidents, such as trying to jump out the window, accidentally opening the door, or even making a ruckus that has you distracted from driving.

Besides this, it will also help both of you in the event of a car accident or collision. If your pet is unsecured, then he might end up being a projectile, hurting not only himself but you and other passengers. Even if unsecured pets would survive the accident, he may make it more difficult for rescuers to get both of you, or he may end up being hurt on the road after you all exit the vehicle.

Lastly, dog car seats come with different accessories and features. They have small pockets for you to store some pet supplies, such as treats, leash, small toys, and the like. Accessories like dog car seat covers can be invested in from stores like PetSwag for your dog’s comfort, safety, and for the dog car seat’s lifespan.

Upon installing these dog car seats, make sure that you know how to use them and train your dog beforehand for this new restraint.

Wrapping It Up

While there are numerous benefits dog car seats offer, you need to make sure that you select the right one. Make sure that you consider these important points:

  • Reputable brand with products that have undergone testing
  • Size and strength suitable for your dog
  • Adjustability and security
  • Comfort with plush pads and fleece-lined cushioning
  • Consider getting combo units that would convert car seats to carriers or strollers
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Your budget

Now that you know more about dog car seats, begin your search for the perfect car seat for your dog and safety today. Good luck!


Is There A Better Way To Put My Dog To Sleep?

While saying goodbye to your beloved pet can be painful, at times it is inevitable. Even then, most pet owners want their pet to be put to sleep in the most painless way possible. One of the most common ways that is done is through dog euthanasia at Dr. Ray Spragley’s clinic. During euthanasia, the vet will administer medication that renders the pet unconscious. as it quickly shuts down the heart and brain functioning within minutes.

When this time comes, you may want to search for a holistic vet near me such as Zen Dog Veterinary Care who are licensed to administer euthanasia. Mostly, vets prefer doing euthanasia in the pet shelter however they also do consider the pet owner’s wishes.

What’s Best For Your Pet

Every pet owner wants their pet’s last moments to be spent where they feel comfortable and that’s at home. However, getting a vet to come to your home to administer the euthanasia may be a hustle. For best care for your pet be sure to search for a veterinarian care giver who offers in-home dog euthanasia.

Choosing The Right Vet

However, there are veterinarians who are committed to meeting their clients’ wishes. There are no two ways about it, euthanasia is by far the best and most humane was to put your dog out of pain. That said, the real task comes in making the last few moments of your pet as sweet and memorable as possible. You can do this by getting in touch with an in-home vet, one who will be gentle with the process.

Seek Family Support

You can call in other family members who are dear to your dog to say their goodbyes. This way, everyone can get closure. Unlike natural death which may come any time even when you aren’t around, dog euthanasia gives you a chance to experience the last moments with your pet.

Making The Decision

However, not everyone may be comfortable with dog euthanasia (mercy killing). Some may even prefer to wait for their pets’ natural passing. This may be with the greatest and most pure intentions but in some situations the pet may have a poor quality of life. What is more, you may incur more cost of treatment and medication because unlike human beings, pets are not covered by health insurance. Treatment for a pet’s terminal illness will prolong their life by only a few weeks or months. Even with medication,  an animal quality of life might not improve greatly and naturally you will want to make your pet’s life more comfortable. So what can you do to improve your pet’s life quality? Is your pet in pain?

By considering some of these factors, you’ll have a better understanding of what is best for your beloved pet. And if end up opting for euthanasia, get in touch with a holistic vet who will conduct the procedure in your home. Additionally, call in other members of your family to say goodbye to your pets. As hard as it may be, dog euthanasia may be the best solution for you and your dog. You’ll get closure and end your pet’s pain and suffering.


How to Plan a Family Road Trip with Your Dog?

If you have ever been on a road trip before, you will know how much fun it can be. Just driving from place to place, stopping when you see something interesting and eating at restaurants along the way. Although planning a road trip is fun, what about if you have a dog? You can put them in boarding kennels while you are away, although this might not be so fun for them. Why not plan your road trip with your dog as well?

Take them for a Check-Up

Before you go away on your road trip, it is important to take your dog to the vet to make sure they are ok to travel. They need to have all their vaccinations and other medicines before they go. Also, if they take medication, make sure you have enough supply to last until you get back home. Your vet can also advise you on anything you need to do for your dog while on the trip.

Plan Your Trip

Just as you would for your family, you also need to plan your trip for your dog. They will need regular rest stops, so you need to find places that you can stop for a while. You can’t leave your dog in a hot car while you are having a rest, so make sure to find somewhere that has shade for them to use.

Restaurants and Diners

You will want to eat while you are on your trip, and so will your dog. Make sure you have packed their food and that it can be easily found while you are traveling. Take their regular food with you to avoid stomach upsets, but remember to pack some treats to reward them for being good traveling companions, click here! Look up pet-friendly diners along your route. It will make things easier if you can take your dog in there with you and it will be more comfortable for them.


As with the restaurants and diners, you need to make sure that any hotels you have reservations in are pet-friendly. If you don’t, then you may find that you need to seek other accommodation. The same might apply if you are going camping, as some sites have animal restrictions. You can normally find out from their websites if they accept animals.

Driving Safely with Your Dog

For your safety and that of your dog, you need to ensure that your pet is safely secured in your car while driving. You can buy dog seatbelts and harnesses that allow you to strap your dog into the back seat, or you can buy a specially designed dog crate that is crash proof.

Taking your dog on a road trip will be an amazing experience and one that will be all the better if you plan everything in advance. It will also prevent any complications or delays while you are on the trip.


How to Care for Your Dog’s Health

It goes without saying you will want your pet to live a long, happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, a dog’s lifestyle can often determine his or her lifespan. To ensure your pet lives his or her life to the full, we are offering some top tips on how to care for your dog’s health.

A Nutritional Diet

A nutritional diet is essential for keeping your pet pooch healthy. Obesity can lead to serious medical conditions for your pet, such as diabetes or arthritis. Not only will the food your pet consumes determine his or her weight, but it will also affect your canine’s skin, coat, energy and gastrointestinal function.

It is advisable to buy a premium dog food that contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. However, it is important to remember that a sudden change in food can result in your pet vomiting or experiencing diarrhoea. We, therefore, recommend gradually changing their food over time.

Regular Exercise

Combine a nutritional diet with regular exercise to ensure your dog lives a longer, healthier and happier life. Many pet owners often misjudge how much exercise their pet needs each day, or they may not realise that their behavioral problems are caused by an energy surplus. Most dogs should enjoy between one to two hours of exercise each day, depending on their size, age and breed. Discuss your pet’s exercise requirements with a veterinarian.

Dental Hygiene

Don’t allow your dog’s dental health to fall by the wayside, as a build-up of plaque and tartar could lead to serious health problems, such as gum disease or infection. Care for your dog’s dental hygiene by regularly brushing your pet’s teeth, using an oral rinse or providing him or her with dental treats. It may also be beneficial to opt for a professional cleaning from a veterinarian once or twice per year.

Flea Treatment

Fleas can often bite away at your pet’s skin, which can be both itchy and painful. Don’t allow your pet pooch to be tormented by those pesky bugs and instead opt for the best flea treatment for dogs on the market. This will ensure your pet enjoys a flea-free life, which also will not infest your home.

Dog Grooming

Every dog needs to enjoy some basic grooming to improve their appearance and hygiene, while preventing health conditions such as allergies. Shorthaired dogs should enjoy a regular nail trim, bath and brushing. While long-haired dogs must be brushed each day. The level of pampering your pooch needs will be determined by his or her hair growth.

Routine Examinations

Book a wellness examination for your dog twice per year, so you can quickly identify your pet’s health problems, such as an illness or chronic medical condition. Remember, dogs will age at a faster rate than you, so they are susceptible to change over a six-month period. A routine visit will allow you to monitor your dog’s health to prevent a health condition from spiralling out of control.


Great Expectations: Giving Your Dog a Name to Live Up to

When we were small, picking a pet’s name was easy. Not allowed to have a dog, at 11-years-old I named my pet parakeet Perdita (Perdy for short) after the mama Dalmatian in 101 Dalmatians, it was the best I could do with what I was given. Now as an I adult I realize that I could have done better by that pet bird, and shouldn’t have named her after something I wanted to have instead.

The Name Game

We all make fun of people who name their pets (and even their children) ridiculous names. Do we understand ourselves why some names work and some don’t? Think about it, does the name Brutus serve a muscular and stout pit bull very well in the real world? No, it doesn’t. Pit bulls already have to fight the negative stigma of being cold-blooded killers, naming him after a literal backstabber isn’t going to help the cause. Here’s a list of 30 dog names that’ll look good on a dog collar with name plate and expound the true, beautiful spirit of your pup.

  1. Cosmo: Used to describe the world and universe.
  1. Cricket: Always offering a pleasant chirp, crickets play lovely nature songs. If your pup communicates through sound and there is a constant state of noise, he’s a little cricket!
  1. Crockett: Derivative of the French croquet meaning ‘to hook.’
  1. Cy: As defined by the Urban Dictionary, Cy is the meaning of someone who is “one-of-a-kind.”
  1. Dante: Named for the great Italian poet, Dante is a name befitting the smart adventurer.
  1. Davey: Playful take on the name David, meaning “king.”
  1. Davos: After the reformed smuggler turned Hand of the King in Game of Thrones.
  1. Devo: Named for the popular rock group Devo. If your pup is an energetic ball of fur, Devo is his name-o.
  1. Dingo: A wild dog that roams Australia. Cute but fierce when they need to be Dingos protect the pack.
  1. Dino: Named for the loveable purple fictional snorkasaurus, Dino welcomed his master with gusto and love every time he walked through the door.
  1. Dobby: Named for the loyal and brave fictional house elf Dobby of the Harry Potter series, Dobby would be a dog who loves his human family wholly and unconditionally.
  1. Doc: Short for ‘doctor.’
  1. Dottie: Nickname to Dorothea or Dorothy.
  1. Emmett: A popular British surname, Emmett means ‘Entire.’
  1. Evie: Hebrew, meaning life, living, lovely.
  1. Fergus: Strong Scottish name meaning choice, vigor and force.
  1. Fleur: French for ‘flower.’
  1. Flint: Material used to start fire. Flint is a dog with a spark for life!
  1. Floyd: To mean ‘gray’ or ‘’gray-haired.’ If your pup has an old soul, the name Floyd will help to express his maturity.
  1. Ford: The shallow, safe area to cross a river. Ford is reliable.
  1. Freya: From the Old Norse meaning ‘Lady.’
  1. Frieda: From the Old Norse meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘beloved.’
  1. Gale: A forceful wind.
  1. Gilly: An attendant of athletic hunting. Gilly would be an ideal name for the Labrador hunting dog.
  1. Greta: Swedish for ‘Pearl.’
  1. Godot: The name off an important (but off-stage) character from Samuel Beckett’s world-renowned play “Waiting for Godot.”
  1. Gromit: Of Wallace and Gromit fame, the name Gromit is associated with a sweet, hard-working and endearing pet dog.
  1. Guinness: Enjoy rabble rousing with your pup? Name him after the deliciously bubbly Guinness drink.
  1. Hans: German for ‘Gift from God.’
  1. Harlow: A common English surname meaning ‘Army.’

Naming your newest family member is a privilege, and should be treated as such. Give the pooch a name to proud of and one he’ll be remembered for.