Great Expectations: Giving Your Dog a Name to Live Up to

When we were small, picking a pet’s name was easy. Not allowed to have a dog, at 11-years-old I named my pet parakeet Perdita (Perdy for short) after the mama Dalmatian in 101 Dalmatians, it was the best I could do with what I was given. Now as an I adult I realize that I could have done better by that pet bird, and shouldn’t have named her after something I wanted to have instead.

The Name Game

We all make fun of people who name their pets (and even their children) ridiculous names. Do we understand ourselves why some names work and some don’t? Think about it, does the name Brutus serve a muscular and stout pit bull very well in the real world? No, it doesn’t. Pit bulls already have to fight the negative stigma of being cold-blooded killers, naming him after a literal backstabber isn’t going to help the cause. Here’s a list of 30 dog names that’ll look good on a dog collar with name plate and expound the true, beautiful spirit of your pup.

  1. Cosmo: Used to describe the world and universe.
  1. Cricket: Always offering a pleasant chirp, crickets play lovely nature songs. If your pup communicates through sound and there is a constant state of noise, he’s a little cricket!
  1. Crockett: Derivative of the French croquet meaning ‘to hook.’
  1. Cy: As defined by the Urban Dictionary, Cy is the meaning of someone who is “one-of-a-kind.”
  1. Dante: Named for the great Italian poet, Dante is a name befitting the smart adventurer.
  1. Davey: Playful take on the name David, meaning “king.”
  1. Davos: After the reformed smuggler turned Hand of the King in Game of Thrones.
  1. Devo: Named for the popular rock group Devo. If your pup is an energetic ball of fur, Devo is his name-o.
  1. Dingo: A wild dog that roams Australia. Cute but fierce when they need to be Dingos protect the pack.
  1. Dino: Named for the loveable purple fictional snorkasaurus, Dino welcomed his master with gusto and love every time he walked through the door.
  1. Dobby: Named for the loyal and brave fictional house elf Dobby of the Harry Potter series, Dobby would be a dog who loves his human family wholly and unconditionally.
  1. Doc: Short for ‘doctor.’
  1. Dottie: Nickname to Dorothea or Dorothy.
  1. Emmett: A popular British surname, Emmett means ‘Entire.’
  1. Evie: Hebrew, meaning life, living, lovely.
  1. Fergus: Strong Scottish name meaning choice, vigor and force.
  1. Fleur: French for ‘flower.’
  1. Flint: Material used to start fire. Flint is a dog with a spark for life!
  1. Floyd: To mean ‘gray’ or ‘’gray-haired.’ If your pup has an old soul, the name Floyd will help to express his maturity.
  1. Ford: The shallow, safe area to cross a river. Ford is reliable.
  1. Freya: From the Old Norse meaning ‘Lady.’
  1. Frieda: From the Old Norse meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘beloved.’
  1. Gale: A forceful wind.
  1. Gilly: An attendant of athletic hunting. Gilly would be an ideal name for the Labrador hunting dog.
  1. Greta: Swedish for ‘Pearl.’
  1. Godot: The name off an important (but off-stage) character from Samuel Beckett’s world-renowned play “Waiting for Godot.”
  1. Gromit: Of Wallace and Gromit fame, the name Gromit is associated with a sweet, hard-working and endearing pet dog.
  1. Guinness: Enjoy rabble rousing with your pup? Name him after the deliciously bubbly Guinness drink.
  1. Hans: German for ‘Gift from God.’
  1. Harlow: A common English surname meaning ‘Army.’

Naming your newest family member is a privilege, and should be treated as such. Give the pooch a name to proud of and one he’ll be remembered for.

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