Preventative Pet Care Activities the Whole Family Can Do

Getting a new pet can be one of the most defining moments in a family’s life. For young children especially, the arrival of a new dog, cat, goldfish, or hamster can be thrilling, to say the least! But just as we need to take care of ourselves and each other, pets require a great deal of care to keep them healthy.

While there are many preventative pet care activities you need to do, below are a select few that the whole family can pitch in and help with.

Feed Them a Healthy Diet

This is an obvious point, but it can sometimes be easy to let your pet’s diet be at the mercy of convenience, rather than common sense. While it can be tempting to pick up any old food at the shop because it’s readily available, it’s a good idea to manage what your pet regularly eats. The reality is that a lot of big-name brands tend to be full of additives, indigestible grains,or cheap cuts of meat and fish.

To ensure your pet gets the best nutrition it needs, do a bit of research and find out what types of food are best for their breed. These days, healthy options are everywhere, so try to avoid the usual supermarket brands and opt for natural versions instead. Or, better yet, cook food from scratch as a family if you have time.

Get Regular Vaccinations

Getting regular vaccinations, for a cat and dog especially, is vitally important for preventing diseases and maintaining their health. If you’re pressed for time and find appointments difficult to keep, places like easyvetclinicin Texas provide walk-in services for pet owners looking for a Little Elm vet. Their vaccines are also inexpensive for those who are budget-conscious and looking for convenience.

If you want to get the kids involved, bring them along to the appointments for an educational experience about the vaccination process.

Ensure They Receive Exercise and Stimulation

It goes without saying that walking a dog regularly is a must to keep them healthy and drain any excess energy. Cats, on the other hand, will normally not be caught dead on a lead, but they still require stimulating activities. Depending on what kind of cat you have, providing balls, catnip toys, string, or climbing apparatuses can be great for keeping them entertained. Whichever pet you have, ensuring they receive regular stimulation is important for maintaining health and happiness.

Get Them Micro-chipped

Losing a pet can be incredibly worrisome. Many people are getting their cat or dog microchipped so that they can be tracked and returned, should they stray from home and not come back. Ensuring they have ID tags on their collars is also essential when you first get your pet as they can be easily identified.

Keep Them Well-Groomed

Keeping a dog or cat well-groomed isn’t just about aesthetics and appearances. Regular fur brushing for both cats and dogs is necessary for preventing hairballs, reducing shedding, and providing an opportunity for you to check the health of their skin. Washing them every 4-6 weeks and trimming their nails are also some of the things you can do to keep your pet healthy and well-groomed. It’s also a good bonding exercise as you can take turns with your family members brushing or washing your pet. Taking care of a pet is no small affair. It takes patience, hard work, and a lot of love. Try the above activities with your family to keep them healthy and happy long into the future.

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