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Keeping the Family Dog Healthy and Active – How the Whole Family Can Help

Your family dog is a very special member of the family. Each person has their own special bond with the dog and of course no-one can imagine life without them in the house. What this means is that it’s up to you to ensure that your dog stays healthy so that he/she can have a long and happy life. While there are plenty of things that go into keeping them healthy, one of the most important is keeping them active.

An active dog will maintain a healthy body weight, have strong muscles and joints, will be able to work off all that energy, and take joy in the various activities. But keeping the dog active isn’t just up to mom or dad; in fact, the whole family can take part. Here are some tips that you can use.

Encourage the Kids to Play Ball or Frisbee with the Dog

One of the most basic and simple exercises to engage in with your dog is playing ball (fetch), or fly disc/Frisbee. Depending on how much space you have in your home, you can play indoors or outdoors. Not only is this a fabulous physical activity for kids to play with the dog, it’s also a good mental exercise for dogs – which helps to keep them sharp.

Keep in mind that some training will need to be done to ensure the dog drops the ball or fly disc or hands it over to you without any thought.

Family Walks Around the Neighborhood

If you have a hard time getting the kids out of the house and in the fresh air, a family walk with the dog can be a great excuse. You can explore your own neighborhood, and if kids are old enough they can even hold the leash. Walks can be done a couple of times a day if you like and depending on your dog’s breed and needs.

Just remember, if it is particularly hot or cold, walks should be kept shorter so that the dog stays comfortable.

Visit the Dog Park with the Kids

If you have a nearby dog park, this is the perfect family outing, as the kids will get to see how their dog interacts with others. These parks tend to be off-leash parks and fenced in, giving your pet an opportunity to run around free, socialize with others, and get all the exercise they need.

Teach Them Some New Tricks

Did you know that teaching your dog new tricks also helps to exercise them? Instead of exercising their body, you will be exercising their mind, which is just as important. And what’s the best way to train a dog a new trick?By using treats or food as an incentive. Diamond Pet says it’s important to always find the best food for your pet – which is a combination of great taste, high-quality ingredients, and all the needed nutrition.

A Happy Healthy Dog and Family

Each of these tips will help get the whole family involved in keeping the family dog healthy and happy.

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