Going Back to Work After Lockdown? How to Keep Your Dog Calm

Over the past few months, dog owners have been able to spend much more time with their pets as a result of either having to work from home or being stuck in lockdown. While this has meant that many people have been able to give their dogs more time and affection, it can prove a nightmare when the time comes to go back to work and leave your dog alone.

Vets have already voiced their concerns that a large percentage of dogs are likely to suffer from separation disorder as a result of the major life adjustment over the last few months, therefore, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible and put the necessary strategies in place to reduce any negative long-term effects. The pointers below should come in useful:

1. Start re-introducing their old routine

Now that lockdown restrictions have started to lift, it’s important to try and get your dog back into their usual routine. Aim to leave the house for short periods to begin with and build on the time until they get used to being alone for a full day. Also, ensure that you’re re-introducing their typical routine of walks and meals into the daily schedule.

2. Desensitize your dog to triggers

There may be certain sounds or actions that your dog has grown accustomed to, which indicate that you’re leaving the house; such as the rattle of car keys or putting your coat on in the morning. A few days before going back to work, it’s important to try and condition your canine friend to these triggers to lessen the risk of triggering their anxiety.

3. CBD treats

If your dog has a long-term anxiety disorder and you believe that going back to work would cause them to become even more distressed, one idea to think about would be purchasing CBD treats from The hemp oils contained within the treats can reduce shaking, paw biting and pacing which are all common signs of an extremely anxious pooch.

4. Ask a family member to come over

If you believe your dog simply wouldn’t be able to cope alone, another option would be to ask a family member or friend (who they’re not too familiar with) to come and stay with your dog while you go out. Most dogs suffering from separation anxiety tend to settle when someone is with them due to the fact that they like company. Alternatively, you could take your dog to a daycare center so that they learn to be around other people and dogs.

5. Keep your dog stimulated

One of the main triggers of anxiety is boredom, therefore, it’s important to try and keep your dog stimulated in as many ways as possible so they don’t think too much about where you are.  It would be advised to try and give your dog at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to get them into a relaxed state when you’re gone. Also, place lots of treats and toys in their surroundings so they have something else to focus on.

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